The BEST Diet For Fat Loss (IF? Keto? Carb Cycling? Paleo?)

What's going on, guys? Sean Nalewanyj on wwwSeanNal

com And in today's video I want to talk about the subject of eating for fatloss And how there are just so many different diets out there nowadays with each one claiming to be the absolute best way to get lean because it has some specific characteristic about it that's going to speed up the fat burning process Whether that's by increasing certain fatloss hormones, reducing fat storing hormones, controlling insulin, or whatever else it might be So the main idea behind one particular diet might be to restrict certain macronutrients like with a low carb diet or a ketogenic diet or a low fat diet or fasting for a specific portion of the day and eating all of your calories within a shorter feeding window like people do with intermittent fasting

It could be spacing your carbohydrate intake out in a certain way like with carb cycling or with carb backloading or removing certain types of foods and focusing on others like with a Paleo diet or certain variations of different gluten-free diets And for each of these different fat-burning diets you'll always have a certain group of people who are using it successfully and who were able to lean down on that diet when maybe their previous way of eating wasn't working And then because of that they will just swear by that specific way of eating and pretty much argue to the death that carbs make you fat or that eating earlier or later on in the day prevents fatloss, or that sugars or grains or animal products are the sole cause of obesity They'll hone in on the specific macronutrient or the specific food group that was removed, or the specific meal spacing or a meal frequency guideline and point to that as being the reason for their success without realizing one very crucial thing And that is that virtually all of these different diets have one major thing in common and that's that in one way or another they're all forms of caloric control

In other words, they all contain a different strategy that potentially allows the dieter to more easily maintain a calorie deficit which is the ultimate bottom line when it comes to losing fat And everyone is a bit different in terms of their food preferences and their macronutrient preferences and in how they like to lay up their meals for the day, and the effect that that has on their energy levels and their appetite, and so each of these different diets might work better or worse depending on the person For example, if you eat a low-carb diet and you lose fat, it doesn't necessarily mean that carbohydrates themselves were the problem Take a person who regularly consumes moderate to high amounts of calorie dense refined carbs sources, like muffins and bagels and pastries and granola bars and sugary juices and things like that, and then replaces those with lean protein and vegetables, and it's no surprise that the weight is going to start falling off People who swear by low carb diets are usually confusing correlation with causation

Meaning, they lost fat because they decrease their overall calories and were able to better control their appetite Not because carbs are inherently fat storing in and of themselves Another example would be if you're following something like intermittent fasting Where you don't eat any food for the first sixteen hours of the day and then you can dense all of your calories down into a shorter eight hour feeding window That type of approach can work really well for some people when it comes to preventing overeating since they're not regularly snacking throughout the day and they can probably only eat so much within that eight hour feeding window to begin with since it usually just involves two larger meals

And so if you're able to tolerate that sixteen hour fasting window and your appetite adapts to it there's a good chance that you'll end up eating fewer calories for the day in total Again, it's probably not because intermittent fasting has some huge positive effect on growth hormone levels or insulin levels like a lot of people will talk about But for some people it's just a more effective way of adhering to their diet and not going overboard on total calories in the big picture And these are just a couple examples of many You could say the same thing about a Paleo diet where certain food groups are restricted, or a carb cycling or carb backloading where carbohydrates and total calories are more concentrated during certain periods of the day, or you could even say about something like a vegan diet that focuses on less calorie dense, plant-based sources

It's possible that some of these different approaches to eating might have a slightly better fat-burning effect when individual differences are taken into account I mean, we can't completely remove that possibility We obviously don't know everything about nutrition and it is a very complicated topic with new research coming out all the time But there's just no way around the simple fact that losing fat and getting lean primarily comes down to maintaining a calorie deficit over time by burning more calories than you consume And there are an endless number of different ways that people can go about this successfully

But the calorie deficit is always the one common denominator in the overall picture You can cut out certain foods all you want, you can space your calories and your macronutrients out in whatever way you want, you can eat as healthy as you want, but if you aren't being mindful of your total nett energy intake versus your total nett energy expenditure then none of that is really going to make any difference at all And a lot of people will insist that, no, it's not about the calories because my calorie intake on this diet is the same as it was on that diet But in over a decade of fitness coaching and personal experience, and in looking at the research on the subject of dietary adherence, and I'll link a few studies in the description box if you want to check that out, the reality is that the average dieter is notoriously bad at accurately reporting their calorie intake And very often they are off by a pretty big margin

And this happens either because they're not really tracking their food intake that closely to begin with, even though they might say they are Maybe they have like a rough eating plan in place and they're just estimating it throughout the day, or they are tracking their diet but they're just making errors with their measurements Which is actually a really easy thing to do, especially if you're on the go and you're having to estimate certain things throughout the day Or, the other possibility, is that they're not taking into account all of the extra little snacks and cheat meals that get added in throughout the week and month Because keep in mind that it's not about your specific calorie intake from day to day necessarily but more so about your average calorie intake for the week as a whole

So I'm not saying that any of these individual fatloss diets are necessarily bad That's not the point here If you've been using, let's say intermittent fasting, and you enjoy it and you're getting results then you should by all means continue Or if you're eating a lower carb approach and you feel fine with that sort of macro breakdown and that's working for you Or, let's say, you're cycling your calories and the results are coming and you feel good both physically and mentally and your workouts are going well then by all means, again, keep doing it

But what I am saying is that it's probably not because that diet has some special inherent fat-burning benefit and that you couldn't lose fats by using a different method, but it's probably just because that specific diet is helping you control your appetite more effectively And so you're maintaining a calorie deficit more effectively as a result of that Because the truth is that, it really doesn't take much in terms of margin for error for you to go from maintaining your weight each week and not getting any results whatsoever to losing fat consistently every single week A typical calorie deficit for fatloss is going to be usually somewhere between about three hundred and fifty to five hundred calories below maintenance, and so all it really takes is a couple small portions here and there for your deficit to be either significantly minimized or even erased altogether And so that brings me to the main point, which is something I've discussed many times before in previous videos, but that is that there is no single definitive best fatloss diet

Now, the best fatloss diet for you is likely just going to be whatever structure of eating allows you to maintain a nett calorie deficit over time while meeting your macronutrient and your micronutrient needs So that means three square meals a day then that's fine Six small meals a day fine If you want to use intermittent fasting or Paleo or some other method of calorie cycling, or even a vegan diet, that's fine Just know what your daily calorie needs are for fatloss and then lay out your foods and your meals in whatever way is most enjoyable for you and in whatever way lets you hit that calorie target in the most accurate and the most effortless way possible

If you’re weight training consistently and you're eating enough protein and you’re remaining in a moderate sized calorie deficit that isn't too large then you will lose fat and you will maintain or possibly even gain muscle at the same time regardless of what specific type of diet you're following There's no single macronutrient or single food group that's going to just cause you to magically pile on a bunch of fat as long as the total calories are being accounted for And even if some highly specific way of eating did give you a small direct improvement in fatloss because it did have some inherent fat-burning benefit, it's likely going to be minor anyway And it doesn't even necessarily mean that that way of eating is going to be more successful for you in the long term Because if that diet is more restrictive and you really don't enjoy it you'll probably end up burning out and quitting anyway

So, an alternative diet, even if it was slightly less effective in terms of pure fatloss, would still likely be a better option simply because you're going to be more likely to stick to it Remember that getting lean and being in great shape isn't a temporary fix It's an ongoing way of life And so if the diet that you're following right now isn't something that you'd reasonably want to continue on for the long term and you couldn't see yourself eating that way for months or even years on end and be totally fine with it then something is eventually going to have to change anyway So, I'll leave it there

Thanks for watching, guys If you do want to get a complete step-by-step roadmap in terms of training, nutrition and supplementation for losing fat while also showing you how to customize that plan to your exact needs, along with one-on-one coaching then you can check out my complete Body Transformation Blueprint by clicking the icon at the top of the screen here or by heading over to wwwBTBluePrintcom The link for that is in the description box

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com Thanks for watching, guys And I'll talk to you again soon

Keto In The UK 🥓 Keto Recipes 🍳 Low Carb Lifestyle, and Keto Weight Loss Tips (Channel Trailer) 🥑

Hi, I'm Ginger and welcome to Keto in the UK I started the ketogenic diet in 2013 to reverse my symptoms of pre-diabetes and that worked quite well! In six months my blood works become stellar and I also lost weight I started this channel to share my knowledge of recipes and of science behind the Keto diet to prove that just because we have limitations it doesn't mean that we can't enjoy all the good foods that there are around, because there's nothing that we cannot Ketofy! so come join me on my journey to Keto and to the discovery of all the possible foods we can have and more!

[Preview] The latest science behind a keto diet

I'm watching with interest the new data, new science that's controversial The treatment of Alzheimer's, and cancer and all these things that look really promising

But they're not at the level of the FDA approval for a drug So I watch this and it's a little frustrating I don't know the right word, but we have all of these data saying diabetes and obesity

"Do it, use low-carb, use keto, it's safe, it's effective" But some people, their first introduction is the use of low-carb or keto with one of these less established diseases And there's this desire to have controversy and all that

In fact we've worked hard to keep low-carb out of the news, because it's not news that treats diabetes And yet now you have the newsworthy new treatment, but the level of evidence isn't merely the same Does that make sense? Absolutely, low-carb is being brought open in particularly controversial topics, which isn't ideal Well, it's not controversial for diabetes and obesity and yet that spills over, doesn't it

[Preview] How the keto diet became popular as a treatment for epilepsy

And so in the early 1990s we in the ketogenic diet for epilepsy world were not in a great place The diet was really seen as a therapy of last resort only in children and for the most part even in the early 90s only in the United States

If you went to the American Epilepsy Society meeting, a great conference, you'd be hard-pressed to find anything about the ketogenic diet there in the early 90s Maybe a poster here and there, but no sessions, no lectures, really very little at that time Articles written about the ketogenic diet would put it into alternative medicine We now consider it more non-pharmacologic, that's often where it ends up But at the time it was perceived as alternative and we really came a long way to say it's actually not alternative, it's just different

Now today it is everywhere, it is all over the place You've seen some great screenshots in the Wall Street Journal this morning Amazing But this is from Time magazine, New York Times, they love to show bacon all the time I think the photograph is well

I think that maybe what it is We always kid around about it But the parents see this and the parents are interested and they're looking for other ideas for their children with epilepsy and it's great that this is coming out in the popular media

Keto Connect: The top keto YouTube channel in the world

KetoConnect is the largest and the most popular keto YouTube channel in the world Today we're going to meet Matt and Megha who started it and hear how they inspire people to live a keto lifestyle

I am Andreas Eenfeldt from DietDoctorcom and I'm here with Megha Barot and Matt Gaedke from KetoConnect -Thank you for being here -Thanks for having us -So much fun to meet you finally

-Yes, great meeting you too So I thought we just could started talking about your story You've built this quite amazing YouTube channel super popular, 200,000+ subscribers and I don't know how many people watch it every day How many? I don't really know, but a lot I think we have over 10 million total views on our channel So you started this channel 2 years ago Two years ago So how did this all start for you? So the original idea was starting a food blog so we could give out all our recipes because we cooked all the time, so why not share them for free and see where it goes

And so then we created the YouTube channel simultaneously to drive traffic to the food blog, but we found out that a lot of people also liked watching us, watching what Matt eats, what Megha eats, and how we go about our day to day on a ketogenic diet So they both took off separately and so now we maintain both Yeah, we expanded the content for sure on our YouTube channel Those were originally just like recipes, basic stuff, but now we do more crazy stuff We do like challenges, we do N of two, since there's two of us, experiments and we really do like a whole range of stuff as opposed to just recipe cooking related

Let's get back to that, I'm just curious how did you get started Why do you eat keto and how did you get into this whole thing? It started I've always been pretty health conscious

I played college basketball and at that time I was not at all health-conscious I was, you know, like drinking Coca-Cola, a two liter every single night after practice -That's not keto -No So then I was just going down the general path of nutrition like I was eating a vegetarian diet for a while and just trying to tone in on what really worked for me

And then the real event that led me to keto was watching that sugar film -I don't know if you've seen that -Sure, it was fun

And not necessarily that it advocates for keto but it points out how much sugar we eat on a daily basis in healthy foods, like yogurt, orange juice, things like that, like whole grain bread And I really calculated and I was like, "I'm eating 200 g of sugar a day, this is crazy" So if I cut out this one chemical that I'm eating so much of, how different will I feel? So we did that together We kind of did it as a challenge, we have just started dating at the time And we felt great

I had a desk job at the time, I was a computer engineer, just like typing all day So you really notice the difference when you are in that kind of profession where you are focused and the big thing is just the 2 o'clock crash that was going That was the worst part of the day because you know, without lunch you couldn't get any work done -So no more crash, huh? -Yeah So since then I've just basically been sticking to it, by definitely improving and like fine-tuning it along the way

-Bio hacking -Yeah I was always like fantasizing myself as kind of a bio hacker, like Dave Asprey bulletproof guy So you've just started dating when you both started this So how was it for you? So we were three months dating and I was like, "I'll just jump on board

I love carbs, but I will impress him" So I started doing it The first thing I noticed aside from the focus was the change in my menstrual cycle

It got a lot better, no cramping, no bloating, no like cravings, you know the, "I need to eat everything", and then the guilt of eating everything So all this went away in the first month of doing the keto diet So that for me was enough to stick to it I felt just more balanced hormonally That's great

So KetoConnect, I heard there was a story behind this name How did you come up with it? Okay, funny story We've never really told this story much, but I came up with that I think Yes -You approved of it

-Yes But in the context of like if you're going to sell drugs but don't sell drugs

But if you're going to sell drugs you need to have a connect, like the person who gives you the drugs to sell -A connection -A connection, a connect

So we're the keto connect Like you're having trouble with your diet, you come to us, you get the recipes -We're the connect -We hook you up That's going to be the official story? -I think so

-Now that it's out there But it has a dual meaning to– So you cannot come up with another story because now it's out there Yeah, that's true But also we just connect, we're a good community, so it's that too Yeah, the keto community is incredible

So now you put out a lot of long YouTube videos now where you tried to I guess people can just to get to know you Yeah, we do like "a day in the life", "hanging out with us", "day of eating"

We show you behind the scenes of running a YouTube channel, running a food blog and then what we eat, our workouts So we want to show everything that goes into our day-to-day so people can see that it's not just the eating, but it's all the habits that's around that You can't just eat well and then not go to the gym or not walk, not to be active and expect to have a good lifestyle So we just showcase everything Yes, so much of the content out there is like telling you how to do things, like "You should do this because of this", and very little of it is like the practical application, which is what we do and we document on our channel and I think that is just something that really helps a lot

And then being relatable, making it approachable Because a lot of people look at the keto diet as very restrictive, but it's not There's so many things you can eat and enjoy and make And we want to bring that to people So what is the hardest thing you think with a keto diet and how can it be made more practical and simple? It's such a drastic departure from the standard diet we eat nowadays, you know, as modern Americans

You're breaking an addiction Yeah -Addiction to

? -To sugar, to carbs To eating conveniently, eating tons of fast food That's a big one, the convenience

Because keto foods generally aren't as convenient, they're not shelf stable, you can't just grab them and go to the movie So that's one big hurdle, the social aspect of it is a big one too We're all about like pizza parties at work, things like that And that's kind of just the toughest It's an extreme diet in essence, you have to be more extreme about it

You have to take it seriously and that's intimidating to a lot of people And I think one of the biggest attributes we have is like making it more approachable What are the most common questions you get when you try to help? We get a lot of questions that are pretty common Like, "I've been doing keto for a few weeks How do I break through a stall?" A stall after two weeks! And that's very common, because you know you lose a ton of water weight the first week or two

-And you expect it to keep going -Yeah, exactly So that's one

Fasting is a big topic Everybody is obsessed with, "Does bulletproof coffee break my fast? Does black coffee break my fast?" Just like all of those intricacies which we generally just say like, "Why are you fasting? "What benefits are you trying to obtain from fasting? And then we can maybe better answer your question

" What else do we get? A lot of the questions are, "Can I eat this?" just so specific And our response is, "If you want

" I mean you should make a decision for yourself And they expect, the youtubers, to tell them exactly what to do And it's hard to work around that, because you want people to make the decisions for themselves and better their lives, but I mean they just look to us as telling them exactly what to do People want to be given fish rather than learning how to fish for themselves, it's kind of what we're learning But yeah, a lot of it is just wanting specific details on certain things

And then cholesterol is huge Cholesterol, which we've just learned a lot We saw the speech by Dave Feldman which was great so we have a little bit more information on that and now we can share But yeah, those are the big ones Yeah, we're learning every day too

What is a day in the life of YouTube stars like you? I mean maybe you're not the biggest stars on YouTube yet, but you've only just started two years ago and you are pretty big already So how do you do it? How do you build this fame? So to build anything consistency

So make laws So our laws at the start were three videos and three recipes every single week, no matter what If there is like a medical emergency, we don't care, we're going to do it

That's how we approached it But let's talk about a day we would wake up and vlog of the day So that's like camera in our faces all times of day Yeah, basically wake up Usually we like to do a glucose ketone test at some point throughout the day People like to see where we are at with that Where are you usually? Lately we're doing something pretty strict right now where we're really reducing the carb and doing a higher percentage of fat So we've been like 3

5 ketones and pretty low glucose like high 50s, low 60s most of the time -Do you think you need to be that high? -No So I can tell you a little secret I was at a dinner with a lot of famous keto or low-carb people and someone brought out a keto meter to test it and it ended up everybody had between 05 and 1

So nobody was really high, including me Is that okay, do you think? I think is okay, I mean everything is okay It's mainly about how you feel and what goals you're going after I will say me personally, if my ketones are a little bit higher I definitely feel a little bit better, like more just stable and just energetic, but you don't need to be higher on that Actually listening to some of the speeches at this conference, the general rule that everyone will say on the Internet is like 0

5 or above and you are in ketosis But a lot of people are saying like 02, 03 at this conference We don't really know yet, we're still kind of learning all about that

Sorry, I got you a little bit sidetracks Because we talked about a day in your life and you wake up and you test your glucose and ketones and show it and then what? Then we do this thing every morning where we do nine minutes of Instagram live at 9 AM, people just ask questions, interaction every day, and then we go to the gym Yes, we go to the gym, we always have a bulletproof coffee though before We mostly consume fats until our first meal, which is probably at noon, one, depending on the day That's something we've been doing for the past month or two and we find it really beneficial

Just fat fasting in the morning until you have the first meal around one Yeah, it allows us to be more productive And then basically we are like filming all of our meals, we're showing our meals, we're talking about them, kind of breaking down the macros, talking about our strategy in a sense for the day And trying to get some good shots, we have to go out of our way to get shots of things, like some B-rolls You can't just be boring sitting in your house all day So that actually does make us get out and do some stuff A day in your life and you are just sitting on the couch That would not be great

But we do a lot of grocery shopping, sometimes we go three, four times a day And just recipes, like I will do three or four recipes in a day and then we will do food photography, because we do everything for that -So you do everything yourselves? -Yes Every single thing that's ever been done for KetoConnect has basically been done by us two, yeah, building the website and all that stuff No two days are really the same so some days it's mainly

We like to categorize our days if we can So some days we will just test a lot of recipes and have it all written down and the next day maybe we will film those, the good ones that the came away with Some days I'll just sit at the computer the entire day editing videos, editing photos, she will write blog posts

We kind of have segregated jobs where she does blog posts and podcasts and I do like photo– So you have a podcast as well, not just YouTube and a blog -So you're busy -We are very busy Tell me about the podcast So Keto for Normies is the podcast we have And we started it just out of the idea, because we wanted to get ourselves out

The real goal was, "Let's do a podcast, It'd be fun to sit around, drink coffee and talk", but then we realized that that's the best part of KetoConnect, because we're able to bring on individuals like yourself or Dr Sarah Hallberg and interview them We don't have that knowledge, so we can bring knowledge to the table and share that with our listeners and you know, just spread the message, spread the good word It's the only thing we do where we get outside people in for like added information Everything else is just us creating and putting it out, but this is really nice because we actually learn and we're having you on in the future

-I hope so -Absolutely So what's your most popular thing, recipes or videos? What really has resonated with people, sort of? Coming to this conference, we didn't know this but every person, at least 90% of the people that recognized us and walked up to us said the Sweetener video we've done Which is where we tested, I think it was 8 or 10 different low-carb sweeteners So it was like allulose, erythritol, stevia, aspartame, sucralose, xylitol

We tested blood glucose and ketones before and after basically just to kind of see what's going on And we had some pretty cool takeaways from it I would say The big one was xylitol has a pretty high impact on your blood glucose and allulose we wanted to know about, because that's a new one that's in a lot of products It's pretty safe, it doesn't really mess with your glucose much A lot of people were like, "We threw out our xylitol after watching your video

" And I was like, "That's good, right?" You're learning and you are able to apply it or you can test for yourself And I think that's what will encourage people to do Like, "I'm drinking an energy drink with sucralose or erythritol everyday I should test that and see if it impacts my body" And another cool thing is maltitol, everyone knows it's bad

But just how bad it is it was interesting to learn It's the exact same thing as sugar basically It had about 80% of the response as sugar So I'm going to have to watch that video We'll try to put a link to it below this one

It sounds interesting Then our recipe videos do the best, like our chocolate chip cookies or our butter chicken So I think people like that because it makes it doable A lot of people can't cook and so then they go, "I don't want to have to do a diet where I have to cook a lot" That's another thing I'm realizing, a lot of people can't cook

Which we kind of take for granted because we cook every single day, like nonstop, but like thinking back to college maybe one or two of my friends cooked actively and like kids, our generation, we really are not cooking They're going out and getting– So how do you eat keto if you're not cooking? It's tough But in the US there are some good take-out options you can get Do you have anything to recommend? Yeah, like Chipotle is probably the most healthy one I would say You can get a salad bowl, they put some meat on there, some guacamole

We go barbecue a lot, we have a good barbecue spot by our house, it doesn't have sugar in the rub And a cool tip you can do is if you go in the barbecue joint, you can check out the back, they usually sell the rub, so you can check out the back of it and see if it has sugar in it Most of them do, some of them don't And then just like bunless burgers Yeah, so if you're not able to cook, don't focus so much on being perfect and like eating grass fed or organic

Just focus on staying low-carb and doing the best you can I think that's the best advice we give because people see us and they are like, "Wait, is that grass fed meat? Do we need that?" And I'm like, "No, you don't need that" Do the best you can on the budget you have and make it work for you Dr Westman yesterday had a cool quote which was like, "Lowering carb intake is the first priority

Food quality should be the second" And we couldn't agree more So any final words for the viewers Who should check out your channel? Who is it for? I think it's for pretty much anyone We just basically are doing all of these experiments on ourselves So you can go out there and get the information of like, "This is how it should work but if you want to see us putting it to the test, maybe more like first-hand information, come check us out" Anyone who doesn't really know how to cook that well and is looking to start keto, we have a really good four-video series on how to start a keto diet, which I would say if you're like super new, check that out And then every single day we do Instagram live and we do YouTube live and Facebook live, so we're constantly engaging

So if you shoot us an email and we don't respond, definitely check out our "lives" and we hit every question we can Fantastic So it's KetoConnect on YouTube, it's KetoConnectnet blog Yes And you have Keto for Normies, the podcast, Instagram and Facebook and so on as well So a lot of stuff to check out -Thank you for the interview

-Thank you for having us Yes, thanks so much

The Feldman Protocol | Eating Fat to Lower Cholesterol | Keto Vlog

This week I'm gonna attempt to hack my cholesterol results, using something called the Feldman protocol, and it's starting right now Hey, guys

Welcome to AD Keto My name is Aaron This is the channel where you can watch a weird dad do the ketogenic diet

I do some keto food vlogs, I talk a little bit about keto science, and I do some keto product reviews If this is your first time here, please consider subscribing, and if you do, be sure to click the bell icon, so you get a notification whenever I upload new content I'm going to do the Feldman protocol this week If you're not familiar with the Feldman protocol, it is a way of kind of "hacking" your cholesterol results, over the course of just as few as three days And it was created by this guy named Dave Feldman, who is not a scientist, he's not a medical professional

Dude's an engineer, and put his engineer's brain into figuring out what was going on with his cholesterol He, like me, is a hyper- responder, and you can read all about this stuff over at his website which is cholesterolcodecom You can also check out some of his presentations that he's given, talking about this stuff Really fascinating, especially for someone like me, who's kind of always had high cholesterol, but saw it go even higher when he started a low carb / keto diet

CholesterolCode goes into a lot of the different things he's found, but the thing that I'm most interested in, and the thing I'm gonna try this week, and that I'm going to document here in this video, is called the Feldman protocol And the premise is this: your lipid system is a dynamic system that is used to deliver energy to your body, and for people on low carb diets, that usually means that LDL goes way up, like it did for me And the basic theory behind it is that for the three days prior to your blood draw, the higher your fat the more fat you eat, the lower your cholesterol will be The purpose of this experiment is basically to hopefully stop my doctors from pushing statins on me I'm hopeful that at the end of these three days, the results that I get will kind of ease their minds So I'll show you right here my numbers from before I started keto These were my cholesterol numbers when I was on atorvastatin

20 milligrams of atorvastatin My total cholesterol was under 200, HDL was about 50, and LDL was around 119 Triglycerides were about 138 These numbers really pleased my doctor, but I felt miserable I really felt bad

I had a lot of muscle aches and a lot of foggyheadedness I chalked it up to just getting old, and didn't really realize that they were side effects of the statins that I was on I've got a whole video up here about my history with statins and high cholesterol that you can check out, but I'll show you I'll show you again, here is my most recent blood panel This is after going off my statin medications This is about afterabout 10 months of keto The most striking number is that total cholesterol of 373, which a lot of people look at and sort ofdon't know what to make of it

But you can see that my HDL has gone up, my triglycerides have plummeted I'm gonna bring these numbers back at the end of this experiment, and see where things end up But for now, I'm going to just eat over 4,000 calories a day for the next three days, keeping everything keto as much as I can I'm going to vlog that, and it should be interesting So I will see you guys tomorrow morning

Top of the morning! Tuesday morning I'm gonna start packing in the food here in just a minute There's a couple things I have to avoid Coconut oil and MCT oil have been shown to confound this experiment a little bit, as well as coffee So for the next three days, I'm gonna be draggin' Draggin' butt

I stepped on the scale this morning to see where I was at the beginning of this, and I was at 218, which is pretty high About as highabout as much as I have weighed for the last couple months But I wanted to just track where I ended up after this thing, so I'm probably gonna be well over 220 by the time this thing's over I've got all my food pre logged I like spent the last couple days, like, trying to figure out exactly what I was gonna eat, to try to make it a little bit easier There it is Six sausages, six eggs, with some EBTB I also had four tablespoons of peanut butter, three tablespoons of Kerrygold butter with cinnamon

Off to a fatty, fatty start Lunchtime! I have got in this bag two hard-boiled eggs, beautifully colored from Easter This used to have a half a cup of macadamia nuts in it, and now it doesn't I've been nibbling on them most of the morning I also have Trader Joe's oven-baked cheese bites

These are really good And this bag of pork rinds Kind of slumming it today on this first day for lunch But it's gonna pack in some calories, and it's gonna get me where I want to be Time for dinner

Gonna reverse- sear a steak I feel like I can eat it I'm not feeling too crazy-bad So all signs point to yes So I'm wrapping up the first day

I don't feel too terrible I had a ton of stuff to eat today I had a big old New York strip steak for dinner, and this is the last bit of food that I'm having today It is Keto Connect's cookie dough recipe, that they just put out Timing couldn't have been better, because I was looking all around for a fat bomb recipe that did not have coconut oil

This is just butter, cream cheese, almond flour, stevia, and erythritol I'll put a link to it right up here But so good When I finish this, I will be sitting at 4,674 calories on the day Here are my macros

Everything looks pretty good I'm feeling okay I feel like I could do this two more days in a row, so that's I'm gonna do See you tomorrow morning! All right, so day two I'm doing up some pork belly! All right, guys

So it is day two I'm back for lunchtime in my favorite parking lot once again I'm gonna have me my cheese cheese bites, a half a bag of pork rinds today, and then I have two hard-boiled eggs And there's a little less than half a cup of macadamias, because I just can't help myself All right, so I just hammered those items Couple of eggs, my pork rinds, and my cheese bites The plan for dinner tonight is some 80/20 ground beef

I'm going to make four patties — two for tonight's dinner, and um I think two for lunch tomorrow But tonight, definitely ground beef and some more of that cookie dough

I was so excited to eat the rest of that cookie dough when I got home that I just didn't even think to shoot it But I'm about to put burgers in the oven for my dinner It'll put me at around forty seven hundred calories for the day Okay, so dinner is in front of me it is 1

2 pounds of 80/20 ground beef, which I made into two burgers that sort of fell apart a little bit So I've got a couple of patties, and then just a mound of little employee burgers So just a little bit of AlternaSweets with it, and then I'm gonna be done, and it's gonna put me at about 4,600 calories today God! 4,600 That's a lot of calories

Hey guys, so it's the end of the second day of this protocol I had a decent day I didn't sleep well last night A lot of restlessness I didn't

I probably got like 4 hours of sleep, a lot of tossing and turning Don't know why Might have been just been because I had so much food in me, but I'm feeling pretty tired right now

I got through the day, managed to pack away four thousand seven hundred and seventy nine calories There you can see my macros — almost perfect keto macros But man, I ate a lot Tomorrow I'm planning to eat even more I'm gonna crack 5,000 calories for the last day of this thing, and then blood work on Friday

So I'll see you guys in the morning I'm going to bed early Good night I'll see you in the morning Top of the mornin'

Okay, third day Day number three Day three Sooooo Not feeling too terrible I slept a little bit better last night, but I gotta say, I'm excited to be done after today So I'm home for lunch I'm gonna do up two of the last hard-boiled eggs from Easter, half a cup of macadamias, and six servings of the KC cookie dough

(I made another batch) I'm done eating! I came home from work, and I was so excited to dig into the rest of that cookie dough that I ate it, and I ate a hamburger patty without documenting any of it — no photos, no video, and then after that, I ate two more burger patties, bringing my total number of calories for this third and final day of the protocol to five thousand two hundred and seventy seven Here you can see my macros It's a whole lot of fat, which is good And so I stopped eating at 7:30 tonight

By the time I go for my blood work tomorrow morning, I will have been fasting for thirteen hours, which is perfect — right between the twelve and fourteen that the protocol kind of calls for So I'm very excited tomorrow morning to get my blood work I'm most excited to be done eating so much I have felt okay I've

but I've felt tired the last few days, I think mostly because I have had zero coffee Normally I have a least two cups a day, but I've been taking that down to zero So I've been a little fatigued, but I'm very excited to see what my numbers look like

I won't know for a few days after the blood work is drawn, but I can't wait to see So I'll see you tomorrow morning I'm gonna weigh myself and see how I did on the scale I can't imagine it went down, but we'll see So see you in the morning

Okay, so I'm here I'm gonna get my blood work done this morning When I woke up this morning, I was I weighed in at about 220 point 8 pounds, but then, you know what? I took a shower, and I got out, and I weighed myself again, and it scales said 2188 I'm not too worried about the weight I knew I would crack into the 220s, but not worried about it So I'm gonna go get my blood drawn, and then the next time I see you we'll be talking about the results! All right, guys

So it's been a few days since I've finished up the protocol, and I wanted to share with you my results First, let's take a look at what I ate this week A review of all those calories I packed away I started day 1 at 4,600 calories, and just ramped it up from there And again, here are my numbers from November 2017

And then after this 3-day protocol, here are my new numbers My cholesterol actually went up, which was confusing I expected it to go way down, and I was initially disappointed But then I looked at a couple other of these results, a couple other of these changes My triglycerides are as low as they've ever been in my entire life

Remnant cholesterol is at eight Single digits, which is very good I tweeted to Dave Feldman, and I was like, "What do you make of this? Like, why didn't my cholesterol drop? And he replied with this You know, he said that my triglycerides and HDL, plus my LDL, definitely puts me in lean mass hyper responder territory And he said that if I am a lean and athletic low carber, you know, I do run

I don't know how exactly lean I would consider myself, but I do run quite a bit, between 12 and 15 miles a week right now He said that these numbers, as far as he is concerned, make a perfect mechanistic sense So there's that All in all, it was a very interesting experiment I think at some point, I'd love to do the next tier of this protocol, which is eating very low calories for three days, followed by blood test number one, then three very high-calorie days, followed by blood test number two

Those results would actually be very, very interesting, compared to what I had this time, where all I had to go on was blood work from six months ago My goal when I started was to have my doctor lay off with the pushing the statins And I went in to discuss these results, and he never once mentioned statins, which is a major victory, as far as I'm concerned I think he saw my triglycerides, saw that my HDL was really high, and everything was those were two markers that are pretty important, so no mention of statins, which was nice So I hope you guys enjoyed this video Do check out Dave Feldman's website It's cholesterolcode

com There's all kinds of fascinating research going on over there, and that's gonna wrap it up for this video, guys! Hope you enjoyed it I hope you have a fantastic da,y and I will see you next time

The DEFINITIVE Guide to the Keto Diet… for Entrepreneurs (or REALLY ambitious people)

Hey guys, so let's go Here is every single important thing that you need to know about the keto diet Now, just a quick preface, I'm passionate about keto for so many reasons other than just weight loss

Although ideal body composition is definitely part of the equation In an average day, I do three hours of walking on a treadmill, two hours of salsa, one hour of gym training and upwards of 12 hours of work; and so my reasons, and my perspective on keto are all based on optimizing all of that I also care about my insides, and I want to live to a very old age, and so, for all of that and more, not only do I do keto, but I truly don't see any other viable option if I want to be performing at the highest level possible So if you're interested in keto from just a purely look good, lose weight, type perspective, this video probably isn't for you If you're interested in a healthy ketogenic diet from the perspective of optimizing all aspects of your well-being keep watching

Now, I've spent hundreds of hours reviewing every book, video, podcast, lab tests; I'm an obsessive kind of person And what I'm about to give you is all of the important key takeaways So let's get into it So first the basics; A keto diet is one that consists of roughly 75% fats, 20% protein, and I could say 5% carbs, but really you just want to keep your net daily carbs below approximately 30 grams That's going to vary based on the individual

So how it works is this: when you heavily restrict carbs, again less than roughly 30 net carbs per day, and you consume about 75% fats, your body will actually switch from using carbs for fuel to using fat for fuel Now to put that into perspective, on average, we eat somewhere in the range of 250 to 450 grams of carbs per day Now, it's called the ketogenic diet because by using fat for energy, what's happening is that your body is converting fat into what are called ketones, through a process called ketosis Just think of ketones as the energy source So, if your body has carbs present, it's going to prefer to use that for energy since that energy can be used the fastest So when you restrict carbs, again, less than 30 net carbs per day, and you up your fats, your body will actually shift to using fat as a fuel source

And, whereas carbs are broken down into glucose for energy, fat is broken down into ketones for energy Now, here's the thing about ketones: they are a much more efficient and plentiful form of energy So when you're in a state of ketosis, it's almost like you have superpowers A lot of people like to describe this as it's like running on jet fuel, instead of just regular gasoline Your body loves ketones

So let's talk about all the benefits of a keto diet Now first off is mental clarity This one is a big one For as much as your body loves ketones, your brain also loves ketones as a fuel source So the improved mental clarity and focus that I feel personally while in ketosis is like night and day, and for me that's actually the most important aspect of ketosis

Again, I do a lot of stuff, so I need my brain to be firing on all cylinders Improved energy

A ketogenic diet will give you high energy that's consistent throughout the entire day Two reasons why First, on a traditional diet when you eat a meal with carbs, what happens is your insulin goes up, and when it comes down you feel tired You could even say that there's a bit of a crash You know what I'm talking about

Now, when you eat something that has an extremely high glycemic load, like cake, your insulin goes up even more and then you crash even harder Now, fat, on the other hand, doesn't spike insulin, so that means no crash and consistent energy Reason two: Fats, specifically ketones, are just a more efficient source of energy In fact according to some studies, it's almost two times as efficient as glucose So again, it's like using jet fuel instead of just regular gasoline

Weight loss and weight maintenance Now, the big thing to understand when it comes to the ketogenic diet and weight loss is Insulin, aka the fat storage hormone And now, I don't want to over complicate this, so just understand this

When you eat carbs, your body produces insulin as a response, which basically tells your body to store fat When you eat fat, your body doesn't produce insulin, and so you don't store fat Guys, there's obviously more to it than that but bear with me, I'm trying to keep things as simple as possible here and that's as simple as it gets Again, eat carbs, body produces insulin, store fats Eat fat, don't produce insulin, don't store fats

Now, if you're like me, you've probably gone your whole life believing, without a shred of a doubt that calories in equals calories out if you want to lose weight, you just have to eat less or not eat And, believe it or not, there's more and more scientific evidence that refutes that, Using the insulin argument as the cornerstone There are actually a bunch of people on youtube that are on low-carb diets that have tested the whole calories in-calories out theory by massively increasing their calorie intake to as much as four to five thousand calories per day and they've actually in most cases either maintained or lost weight

so to put that into perspective, 4000 calories is the equivalent of, like 55 eggs There's actually a book "Why we get fat" written by Gary Taubes This talks all about insulin, calories in-calories out, and basically this is an argument against that My personal experience has absolutely been the same I always used to count calories, I always used to restrict eating, even when I first started the keto diet I stopped counting calories months ago, so some days I eat more, some days i eat a lot less

And my weight has roughly stayed the same What it comes down to is that how much I eat just depends on what my body is telling me I used to fight cravings and now i embrace them and that's another thing too On a carb diet, I think your body can and does lie to you

It'll tell you to eat more when you definitely shouldn't On a keto diet, I feel like my body is actually honest with me So if I'm more active, i tend to be more hungry If I'm less active I tend to be less hungry Now what I'm about, to say is gonna sound absolute batshit crazy, but for the last month or so, I've actually started eating a lot more, and I've actually put on muscle and lost fat, and overall I'm actually down one pound, despite eating a lot more, a lot more I'll talk about that in another video

Anyway, point is that I don't count my calories, I just listen to my body and I'm the leanest that i've ever been and it's seriously effortless I just make sure that every meal is roughly 3/4 fat, 1/4 of protein and as low-carb as possible it's not that hard Also another reason why people lose weight so fast when they first go onto ketogenic diet; this is a big one, when you're in ketosis, your appetite actually declines big-time So when I ate carbs, I used to think about food all the time, like all the time

which that in itself, I think can make you fat, because that creates stress, which spikes cortisol, which also makes your body produce insulin Anyway, now that I'm using the ketogenic diet, i'd literally have to remind myself sometimes to eat Improved body composition

So, when you eat carbs, you're ging to retain more water weight, and on keto you're actually gonna shed that water weight and you also avoid bloating In fact, that's the main reason that, for the first week or two, people in ketosis often report huge weight losses They're shedding all that water weight And that's not a knock on the weight loss I mean if you're holding less water weight, you're going to look leaner, you're going to feel less bloated, and who doesn't want that? Me personally, I used to always feel bloated whenever I ate carbs

The ketogenic diet is also what's called a protein sparing diet, which in non-scientific terms, basically means two things: First thing: You have less muscle breakdown, meaning that if you lose weight you're going to lose more fat and less muscle Second thing: You have better protein synthesis, which means you actually need much less protein to build muscle Again on a keto diet, protein is going to be about 20 to 25 percent of your daily consumption So, if you work out a lot, you want to try to keep the protein a little higher, so maybe closer to 25 percent, and if you don't, you can keep things closer to 20 percent or even 15 You can play around with this one for yourself

Now in my personal experience, it really doesn't matter that much This was extremely hard for me to wrap my head around, since I've always been told that i needed massive quantities of protein to put on muscle In fact, one of the biggest mistakes that people make on the keto diet, and this is a mistake that I was definitely guilty of when i first started keto, is that if you eat too much protein, your body will actually start to use protein for energy through a process called gluconeogenesis Which will actually kick you out of ketosis and also make you feel a complete shit Curative benefits

So ketogenic diets are good for your heart, they decrease inflammation they improve digestion and kidney function, and they can prevent and cure diabetes, obesity, cancer, and various neurological diseases Now, me personally, before I started keto I suffered from some body inflammation, I had body aches, I had low testosterone and sex drive And I had horrible digestion I'm very happy to report that all of those are now not only non issues, but have dramatically improved I just feel much better There's also a ton of warranted speculation as to the longetivity benefits of keto

I say warranted speculation because, well there aren't a lot of clinical studies testing this specifically just yet, Just look at the blood test, or all of the diseases that keto can not only prevent but cure, and also just look at guys like Dom D'Agostino, and Jeff Bullock Right, these are two of the most formed up, these are two of the foremost keto researchers who remain in nutritional ketosis for most of the year They look like they haven't aged in the last 10 years Jacob Wilson is another one He's 38 now and he literally looks like he's 15

What to eat and what not to eat So, here's where people have the most questions on keto, and again, I'm going to keep this real simple I'm also going to describe a healthy keto diet so, technically there's a lot of artificially sweetened, low-carb ice cream-type crap that you can squeeze into the diet, but that stuff is garbage So if you want that information just go somewhere else So let's start with the stuff that you have to completely avoid, starting with the obvious

Grains So, that includes bread, pasta, quinoa, oatmeal, cookies; You've got to avoid these things at all costs Now, the less obvious Starchy vegetables, so those are things like potatoes, yams, off-the-menu milk

So not only is milk generally not healthy, but it's also surprisingly high in carbs One exception here is full fat milk, which if you are going to drink, just do it in small quantities Legumes This includes all beans, chickpeas, lentils, Not only are they high in carbs, but they're also notoriously very bad for digestion So what about fruits? Guys, I hate to tell you, but those are off the menu as well

So no bananas, apples, mangos, nada One exception here is berries, which are moderate carbs, so if you do eat them, very small quantities Beer, wine, cocktails Notice that I didn't say alcohol, because technically, hard alcohol is empty calories, meaning there's no carbs, no fat, no protein; so you can get away with it, but in moderation When I go out, my go-to is a mojito without sugar or just a straight whiskey

Also worth noting that when you're in keto, you're going to catch a buzz much faster I don't drink a lot, but when I do, if I have two drinks in one or two hours I'm pretty intoxicated Beer and wine are very high carb, and 99% of cocktails are- they're just garbage, but they're also loaded with sugar, they're high carb as well, so you just have to avoid them Now, the following foods are not going to knock you out of ketosis, but again, my focus is healthy ketosis so you should just try to avoid them Artificial sweeteners So you will never kick your sweet tooth if you're loading up on garbage like splenda, which is just loaded with chemical bullshit If you need a sweetener just stick to something natural like stevia, or monkfruit

Now, you should also avoid refined fats, so these are mostly oils, like sunflower, corn, canola, soybean and grapeseed oils Also margarine To avoid these, just generally speaking avoid fast-food Ok, so what should you eat First up remember, once again, every meal you want to be aiming for roughly 3/4 healthy fats,1/4 protein and as few carbs as possible

So let's start with the healthy fats My absolute favorites for cooking are coconut oil, grass-fed butter, and ghee, and sometimes leftover grease from cooking certain meats like bacon For salads, definitely olive oil And for my coffee, I like to add MCT oil, which is actually a more refined version of coconut oil, and again ghee Adding healthy fats to your coffee on a keto diet is not only normal, but it's delicious

It something called bulletproof coffee, you probably heard of it before We'll talk more about that in another video Now when it comes to vegetables, you actually have to be careful here as well You want to focus on leafy, non starchy, above the ground type vegetables My personal favorites are spinach, lettuce, kale, radishes, squash, zucchini, cauliflower, broccoli, tomatoes, asparagus, bell peppers, bean sprouts, and arugula I also love carrots and onions, but those are actually higher carb and so if you do eat them you have to eat them in small quantities

When it comes to protein, what you want to do is you want to focus on higher-fat type meats and fish Some of my favorite includes salmon, steak and ground beef Now, with ground beef make sure not to go lean here, I usually go with the 80/20 which has about a 50/50 fat-to-protein ratio Now, you can also eat things like chicken and pork chops, I certainly do, but just keep in mind that they're very low in fat and so if you do eat somethign like that, you want to eat it with more fat in conjunction So if I'm eating chicken, I'll just eat more avocado or some macadamia nuts to compensate

As for my favorite protein on keto, definitely eggs They are delicious, nutrient-dense and very, very, very convenient Also if you like to count macros, eggs are just going to make your life so much easier; because they're roughly six grams of fat and six grams of protein it's pretty easy to add up When selecting your proteins, I always try to buy stuff that's free-range, grass-fed, hormone-free, cage-free, in the case of eggs, just try to buy as natural as you can

It makes a huge difference Alright so, now let's talk about The avocado This is an absolute must on a keto diet It's also technically a fruit, but I didn't mention it earlier because, like, come on, Who thinks of an avocado as a fruit? So when I order my groceries, I literally order like 15 at a time and I pretty much eat an avocado, sometimes even two, with every single meal Good thing I live in Colombia, because avocados are aplenty here So a bunch of reasons that I feel like avocado is not only something that you should eat, but it's actually essential So the most obvious is, it's just delicious

And it mixes so well with any protein The second reason is micronutrients And this is probably the most important reason The keto diet is notorious for being deficient in three key minerals: sodium, potassium, and magnesium So when people say that they feel like crap on keto, it's usually because they're deficient in one of those three things

So as fate would have it, avocados are actually rich in magnesium and potassium, and to get around the sodium issue, just make sure to sprinkle a little colored salt I like Himalayan pink salt onto everything, not just the avocado I sprinkle it onto everything And not only does salt make the avocado more delicious, but when you eat an avocado with colored salt you're going to cover those three most important micronutrient bases right there Last up, let's talk nuts

Nuts are keto friendly, although not all nuts are created equal Now the absolute best nuts on keto are the ones that are highest in fats and lowest in carbs, obviously, which are going to include macadamia pecan brazil and walnuts Almonds are moderate carbs, so you can eat them but you want to try to limit them My favorite overall thing to eat on keto is almond butter, which I recommend you make yourself since when you get it in a store it's really hard to find sugar-free almond butter and also they tend to use low-grade oil So, it's super easy to make at home

All you have to do is just roast some almonds, blend them in a high-power blender with coconut oil and you have a delicious snack Now, nuts to avoid Pistachio, cashew, that's a big one, and chestnuts, are all very high in carbs and so, you want to avoid these pretty much at all costs Generally speaking, also try not to go crazy with nuts I had a bad habit of overeating nuts just because they're so tasty and they're so convenient, but, like, a big handful of nuts can be as much as 700 calories, so

– Overeating nuts will definitely make you fat, and not to mention nuts have a lot of omega-6, which is highly inflammatory when consumed in excess I eat nuts every day, but I definitely feel my best when I limit the amount of nuts that I eat to roughly a small handful per day How to measure your food

If you're just starting out, you've got to measure your food My recommendation for measuring your food is to use myfitnesspalcom Don't focus on calories, instead just focus on making sure that your meals are roughly following that 3/4 fat 1/4 protein formula Now, here's an example of a typical breakfast for me: one tablespoon of coconut oil, 50 grams of cauliflower rice, 50 grams of zucchini, three eggs 125 grams of avocado Now, as you can see on the screen, when you put that all into myfitsnesspal, my ratios of fat-to-protein are roughly 3 to 1, Perfect

Now if you paid attention to what you just show on the screen, you may have noticed that the total carbs looks pretty high It's 24 grams And that 125 grams of avocado looks to be loaded with carbs However, when it comes to carbs, you actually only want to count net carbs So net carbs is total carbs minus dietary fiber minus sugar alcohols

So that 125 grams of avocado actually has about 10 grams of dietary fiber, so just subtract that from 15, and you get roughly five net carbs Thankfully, myfitnesspal actually does this for you Pretty much all vegetables are going to have a good amount of fiber As for sugar alcohols, if you look at most of the keto snacks on the market, they tend to be loaded with sugar alcohols, which is how they get away with being so sweet while also being keto friendly Again, i just avoid most of that stuff, because it's crap

And I just love myself too much How to get into ketosis So when you first start a ketogenic diet, there is an initial adaptation phase, which is going to last an average of one to two weeks During this time your body is really confused because it suddenly isn't getting carbs for fuel, and so a lot of people report what's called the keto flu, or you're basically going to feel tired, exhausted, until your body fully switches over to using fats for fuel Now, people like to freak out about this, don't

You're going to feel a little tired, just drink some coffee Mark Sossin recommends you start out with something like a paleo diet, which is moderate in carbs, and then switch over to keto, instead of just going straight into keto, but I think that's completely unnecessary Now if you do want to speed up the adaptation phase, there are a few little tricks, a few things that you can do Full body exercise Without getting too technical, your muscles store what's called the glycogen and when you deplete that glycogen and you don't replenish it with more carbs, you're going to speed up the process of your body having to find a new fuel source, i

e fats Number 2, fasting You can choose to do intermittent fasting or full-day fasts to speed things up a bit, putting your body into a fasted state will naturally result in your body having to produce ketones for energy on any diet So it makes sense that this would help speed up an adaptation when switching to a ketogenic diet Tim Ferriss recommends full day fasts, and then also going for long walks, which, again, is going to help you to deplete glycogen

He also recommends supplementing with what are called exogenous ketones, which sounds fancy and technical, but basically these are just ketones that are produced exogenously, like, outside of your body, like in a laboratory So you can actually buy these on amazon, and with the recent popularity of the keto diet, there's basically a new exogenous ketone supplement every day Eat More Fat, so while you're fat adapting, I would even recommend eating closer to 85 or 90% fats It will definitely speed things up, and then you can always just shift back to your normal macro ratios once you're on the other side Personally, when I went through my keto adaptation, I did not fast, I did not test exogenous ketones, but i was already relatively low-carb, and I did eat closer to 90% fats

My initial adaptation took around five days Yeah, I was tired, but again, I just drank some coffee How to test if you're in ketosis So when you're ketosis, you're generally speaking you're going to feel it But the easiest way to test is pee strips

There are different types of ketones and the pee strips test for acetoacetate, which is less accurate, especially if you're keto adapted, since your body is gonna become more efficient at using acetoacetate And those trips are gonna show lower levels Now, I do still recommend this method, as it's very cheap and it's very, very, very easy, and at the very least it'll just tell you if you're in ketosis or not You just pee into some kind of container, you dip the strip in very quickly, you wait about 60 seconds, that strips gonna change color, and depending on the color intensity, in most cases, that's going to indicate how deep you are to ketosis Again, it's not super accurate, so I wouldn't rely too much on using the strip's just to tell you how deep you are into ketosis But they can at least just tell you if you're in ketosis

If you want a much more accurate way of testing your ketone levels, no doubt that you'd want to use a blood meter So where pee strips test for acetoacetate, blood tests tests for beta-hydroxybutyrate Now, me personally, I use a precision extra from abbott labs This is considered the gold standard when it comes to testing your blood's ketone levels This will run you 40 bucks on Amazon

You'll see a lot of videos talking about how expensive the strips are When I first started buying them, they were about five to six bucks each, but very recently, they've become much cheaper I find them on Amazon for close to a buck each depending on how many you buy I think that's it probably in response to so many new keto blood test products coming on to the market And this is also actually extremely easy to test You just put the strip in, prick your finger with a lancet that comes with any ketone blood testing device, put some blood on the strip, wait about 10 seconds, and then you'll see your ketone level

What should your ketone levels be? Ketone levels are measured in milimolar, and nutritional ketosis is considered anywhere from 05, to 15 mmol Now, your ketone levels are going to fluctuate throughout the day, so don't worry too much about trying to have the highest possible ketone levels The important thing is that you're in that range

If you're not, you screwed up somewhere, so maybe you had too many carbs, or too much protein, and you need to figure out what happened and fix it Now, a lot of people fixate on trying to get their ketone levels as high as possible i do personally, definitely notice that I'm much sharper mentally and overall I just feel much better at higher levels, but seriously, don't worry about this too much Just make sure that you're in that nutritional ketosis range of 05, to 15

So what else do you need to know? There's a couple of other things I'm going to address here very, very, very quickly First up is cheat meals I think that cheat meals on keto are very, very stupid, although some people do do them the initial adaptation, like i said, takes about a week to two weeks, however if you look at pioneers in ketogenic diet research, like Stephen Phinney and Jeff Bullock, these guys have published studies showing that our bodies are still making adaptations to the ketogenic diet as far as six months and longer I'm seven months in, personally, and i still feel like my body is adapting

So I don't recommend cheat meals because they kick you out of ketosis and you're not gonna get that long term adaptation benefit Eating out So eating out could definitely be challenging, you have to be very careful with the sort of sauces and crap that comes with your food My personal go-to's if I eat out, a cheese burger without the bun, without any sauces, bacon, bacon cheeseburger Also, if it's available, I'll just grab a salad with some sort of protein and lots of avocado, eggs, bacon, just get creative here

And guys, the last thing I want to say keto is- i said keto diet, ketogenic diet many times in this video but, Keto is definitely a lifestyle It is a lifestyle

And so, if you want to just use keto to lose weight, and then you go back to a carb based diet, you're going to gain that weight back If you want to use keto, try to use it for the right reasons I listed out all the health benefits, Of course, the body stuff is fantastic, I love it Who doesn't want to walk around with a six-pack all day? i was never- I've always been pretty strict, and a carb diet for me honestly was just it was torturous I was always thinking about food, my weight levels would always fluctuate, my energy levels would always fluctuate, and my blood tests weren't that great as I mentioned my test levels were low, my sex drive was low The keto diet, the keto lifestyle has completely fixed all of these things for me

i feel incredible I'm able to, I can have a very active life I'm a very ambitious person And without this ketogenic lifestyle, I just definitely wouldn't be able to accomplish what I am now able to accomplish So if you're going to go keto, it's a commitment

Think about it a lot before you make the decision, and when you do make the decision, stay for a minute Good luck guys, I really hope this video was helpful I put a lot of thought and time into making it as informational as possible, without going too extreme in any particular individual theme, and yeah I hope this was just really, really, really helpful Also one more thing

If you did enjoy this video, please give me a like And I highly encourage you to subscribe to my channel Not only am I making a lot of keto videos from the perspective of just a really ambitious person So if you're an ambitious person, definitely subscribe to my stuff But I also have a vlog that we're doing right now we're doing two episodes a week? ketogenic diet is definitely a focus in addition to my occupational stuff, my workout stuff, my expressive salsa stuff

I got a lot going on, I think it's pretty interesting I think you guys will enjoy it, and If you want to check it out, please do, and definitely give me a subscribe I would love if you did that Thanks and I'll see you guys in the next video

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The Keto Diet: Can Eating Mostly Fat Help You Lose Weight?

Can eating mostly fat help you lose weight? On paper, the ketogenic diet sounds great The keto diet originated as a treatment for epileptic children in the 1920s

The diet requires getting 80-90 percent of daily calories from fat and proteins—almost none from carbohydrates But don't we need carbs? Breaking down carbs into smaller molecules is how the body fuels itself The average American gets 46-56 percent of their calories from carbs The keto diet forces the body into a state of mild starvation Your body is deprived of fuel—or carbs—and burns fat instead

The body enters ketosis—a process that turns fat stores into keto bodies They act as substitutes for molecules like glucose that you'd normally get from carbs Does the diet work? Weight loss on the keto diet might just be from a reduction in total calories Thinking about what you eat typically leads to decreased food consumption Initial losses are also probably due to shedding water weight

Is the diet good for you? Eating 90 percent fat isn't good for your heart health It's hard to get the nutrients of a "balanced" diet when you're limiting most of your fiber sources Low-carb diets can be dangerous to people with cardiovascular disease or diabetes Especially people prone to high lipid levels Your entire body is designed to run on carbs

The benefits of decreasing body fat won't necessarily outweigh the downside of eating mostly fats

FULL DAY OF EATING KETO + The Life Market Unboxing

good morning guys I haven't seen you guys in my kitchen and what seems to be forever I'm pretty sure by now you know what this means we're doing you what I eat in a day it's you one I have been back on keto since Coachella and I've lost all the five pounds that I gained +2 and it's that time in the month so I'm just on a whole nother happy vibe guys when I figured I'd show you what I eat lately I've been eating breakfast I think it's because I've been working out a lot more I want to show you my breakfast lunch dinner and snacks so let's go ahead and get into breakfast because I've been obsessed with this meal and not for breakfast time I've been actually eating it for dinner because it's super easy it's so these are the ingredients that I'm gonna be using I'm going to be putting everything on the cut the carb flatbread you can use a low-carb tortilla but I had this on hand I really like this it crisp up really nice when you cook it with butter and I'm super lazy I don't feel like making bacon and I had these in the fridge so I just sprinkle this in it and it's just as good one egg and I have some tell them up cheese and Swiss I'm not sure which one I'm gonna use or I might use both I don't know you'll have to find out these are my go-to seasonings for breakfast I'm obsessed with this everything but the bagel seasoning I'm actually gonna make some bagels and put this on it and black pepper and salt you actually don't need that much salt because this is pretty salty but I like to put a little salt on you know just for good measure so I'm gonna walk you guys through how I cook it and my thought process when I'm adding fat and stuff so I put a little less than a tablespoon of butter because I'm going to be using a little bit of butter to crisp up the flatbread and I'm gonna be adding a lot of cheese so I'm saving my fat for that so I added one slice of this slit at the bottom and just broke it up just just evenly distribute it so I added about two tablespoons of the real crumbled bacon this is honestly just because I'm lazy you can cook up one or two huge strips of bacon and break it up in here next I'm adding the cooked egg that I made scrambled and about 1/2 tablespoon of butter I added the seasonings and now I'm gonna probably add maybe a tablespoon of cheeses and honestly just so the other side can be glued together and it never hurts to add a little more cheese you know I have maybe two tablespoons okay so this is what it looks like I'm just gonna crisp up both sides get the cheese nice and melty look how crisp that guy oh I'm gonna be so good I'm also warming up tea I'm gonna have some chai tea today you guys know how obsessed I am with tea today I'm having vanilla chai tea with a little bit of swerve sweetener and there's probably like a tablespoon and a half of half-and-half bacon gives me a reason to get out of bed does anyone know where I got this from comment down below if you do mmm I love vanilla chai tea with half-and-half and a little bit of syrup so good so I'm starting off my morning with some good fat because I want to work out hard at the gym and it's that time of the month I know I might be TMI but I figured getting a good meal on my system would help with cramps and feeling motivated to go to the gym so I'm gonna eat this hmm I'm gonna eat this and I actually have to go and find a Mother's Day gift for my mom that's gonna come in late because she's all died in Japan but I want her to know we're still thinking about her oh my goodness this it tastes like remember those Hot Pockets the breakfast hot pocket it's like the ham and cheese sorry that's what this tastes like and you can definitely do this with a low carb tortilla you can get that at your local market mmm so good I'm in heaven so it's a couple hours later I'm changed into my workout clothes and I'm about to hit the road but before I do I'm going to be snacking on some blueberries I was supposed to eat this doing light or doing breakfast but I forgot about them so they're perfect snack I'm just gonna pack them up and probably just eat them as I'm driving you guys I've been obsessed with blueberries lately I don't know I used to hate blueberries as a kid so I don't know why I love them now but they're just so sweet I think it's probably because I don't have sugar anymore so these taste like candy to me and I don't measure out my fruit I just honestly do like the hand like a handful of it I do the handful measurement I do that with all my fruit so like strawberries blueberries I just take a handful wash it I don't eat mm-hmm you're so good you know what I'm gonna get just a little bit more just a couple more now anyone starting to you know um definitely weigh and measure I actually did start weighing everything but now mmm anything's you're gonna make it into the car now I kind of know how much I should be eating for my body so good so I think I'm going to do arms today and then maybe get on the stale upstairs about 15 20 minutes I'm having a really bad cramp so we'll see but I still want a good workout oh you're so good so I just checked my mail box on my peel box and I don't think I've ever put my peel box there soft down below and you all must write anything I just got poquito made easy buck by keto connect they look so beautiful oh this is so oh my goodness this looks so pretty look at it guys ah so I'm so happy for you guys I'm ready to try literally all of these you know I've been in a funk on what to cook it's like I'm a proud mom right now so I just finished the gym and I'm just running errands now and I am gonna be snacking on this pizza in a bag if you guys watched my Walmart grocery haul I bought it then and the nutritional facts are pretty good for one ounce it is two grams of carbs there's two servings in here so I'm just gonna kind of guesstimate how much I should have and just hopefully only have serving someone commented and said that this literally does taste like a pizza and a bag so I figured I would just go ahead in case test it for you guys oh it smells good Wow sweater looks like the big old pepperoni with like a whole bunch of seasoning on it mmm oh my goodness oh this is this is legit mmm I wish I had my mozzarella sticks oh my goodness hmm I definitely recommend this so bad has got me wanting to like add flavors to the pepperonis I buy this is so web and great job guys um I'm not sure where else you can get I think right now only Walmart so there's a Walmart here you definitely turn it out I would definitely repurchase this all right time to head home update so I definitely ate more than her serving so I think I'm just gonna go ahead and eat two servings of this and kind of make it my lunch I have some pistachios I'm not probably gonna eat when I get home so yeah and I do that actually often my snacks I just make into meals which I feel like a lot of people do that this is so Graham I'm not kind of annoyed that I discovered that this is so good it's like four bucks oh my gosh I'm actually at Trader Joe's now because my mom she likes a couple of things from Trader Joe's so I forgot to put that in her mother's day care package I literally ate this whole bag I'm like trying to get the crumbs now so I just got home and actually got a box from the life market this is one of my Instagram friends that actually started a business that has low-carb snack options she sent me a little note which is so nice she said hi Kayla hope you enjoy these goodies from the life market it has been amazing to be a part of your journey from the beginning and I hope the life market can be a part of it going forward please feel free to share code Kayla TLM for 20% off of your order so this isn't sponsored but I'll leave the information down below and if you guys want 20% off and to give this a try she's a startup company so I love supporting you know people that are really she found her passion and it was through her getting her I believe she started keto because of her diabetes I think she has type 1 diabetes so I just wanted to open it on camera and show her that I do appreciate it this is so cute has a little sticker oh I've heard all about this this is the Kido crane beef jerkey it is 90 calories per serving zero carbs so this is like perfect on-the-go food I like putting stuff like this in my purse so I can have a snack ready to take if I'm craving anything you also got some nosh coffee and birthday cake flavored MCT oil huh I'm excited to give these a try oh I think I might try this now these are from bald Baker and it's sugar conscious desserts these are dairy-free vegan and grain free I have the sweet and salty one here's the sweet and salty one the nutty crisper what has it amount of those I actually want to try one now for one cookie the nutritional facts are 270 calories carbs is 17 grams but there's 5 grams of fiber and 4 grams of the sugar alcohol I'm so that's I got so many of these so many oh my god I think I'm gonna try one now just to see because and honestly my lunch I guess is just gonna be a whole bunch of snacks because what I just ate was about I think 200 calories and this is about 270 to 90 mm-hmm this reminds me of like granola mmm it's kind of melted cuz it's been in my car for a little bit mmm yes yes this is the chocolate chip walnut cookie so I think the base is walnut mmm I wish I knew how to make cookies this good next is the matcha vanilla green tea powder oh my gosh if you guys know me you know I'm obsessed with matcha green tea I've been craving it for so long and I actually found a place close to me that has um unsweetened matcha powder so I'm excited to this tribe I'll probably try it in the next couple of days so check on my Instagram I'll let you guys know if I like it my coworker actually started keto and she swears by the pilla net so this is the nut butter version of it so that's exciting hmm I wonder how this tastes has anyone tried this before let me know in the comments down below whoa another matcha one this is the ginger green tea powder yes oh my gosh this box alone is just for this this is the matcha green tea powder oh my gosh I've been wanting to find a green tea powder for so long and the ingredients is a hundred percent organic Japanese matcha green tea powder so no added sugars nothing oh this is so perfect I'm so excited to give this a try thank you so much for sending this to me and if you guys want to check them out it's a startup company they have good products mmm so good I'll leave the link down below as well as the discount code if you want to give it a try you guys I seriously cannot stop eating these gosh I was online in a habitation and it's the REE hunt and it's 200 or 90 calories from so if I eat this and then I had the whole pepperoni pizza in a bag and that was 200 so we're looking at 490 for my lunch because a lot of people don't see these things as like a lot of calories and stuff like that but this is really dense and packed with a whole bunch of good fat like this is there's a whole bunch of walnuts and stuff in this and the same at the pepperonis um it's it's a lot of fat so it doesn't seem like I would eat a lot of it it's a fuel in my body this is so good I haven't had a good cookie like this that I didn't have to feel bad for and I can tell you mmm oh my goodness I wish I knew how to make cookies like this this is amazing so I did something that I don't normally do I took a nap whoo and I guess I needed it cuz I feel so refreshed but that means I don't have time to cook a recipe and keto connects book but I think I'm gonna do like a standalone video like a cook with me so give this video a thumbs up if you guys want me to make it a recipe out of this but that's okay because I actually have some chili that I made this week in the fridge waiting for me don't you just love when like you have something you have to worry about you just warm up I'm just gonna warm this up add some cheese and just eat I'm so excited ooh look at all that now chili is something I never get tired of so I usually cook it once or twice a month it stores so well tastes good you can add sour cream chips I just don't like sour cream but sour cream would be perfect this green onions I actually have a recipe of this in my last meal prep video so I'll link it up here if you guys want to check it out it's super easy that's why I make it so often sorry I'm in my sports bra but it is so hot here in California I swear it's like summer already but oh I'm so excited to give this a try all right no it's good because I've literally had it every day for the past 3-4 days and I'm still not tired of it hmm okay I also want to give this diet coke the zesty blood orange this was in my last grocery haul the Walmart one I want to give this to tribe to see how it is it's okay honestly I like the flavor of Coke Zero better than this it doesn't taste like orange to me I don't really purchase direct soda that's often so I'm kind of sad that this isn't as good as I hoped it would be I mean it's still good enough for me to drink don't get me wrong I'm and drink all that I have in there but it's like really really sweet and it doesn't taste like orange at all but I mean some people are used to the Diet Coke flavor and I think that's what it is I'm just not used to Diet Coke cuz I never really drink diet coke but it definitely tastes like Diet kind of sad now this is a day that hmm now this is a day that I wish I would've got more veggies and and trust I have those days I have days where you know I get a salad a day and I feel so healthy and then I get just a you know a day where you know I have pepperonis in a bag and cookies as my lunch it's kind of cool that you know on keto I can still have meals like that and it satisfies my cravings but I'm still able to lose weight so that's why I love showing you guys kind of like what I eat and having them not be normal and not be perfect nope you guys check me on my Instagram Kayla Kido you know I have my salads and now I have my chicken with my Brussels sprouts and chicken with veggies so I definitely do have those days but I think it's important to show these days as well I'm gonna finish this thank you guys so much for watching this video as always if you guys do like these what I didn't it is and want me to continue making them you know it's do give this video thumbs up comment down below and let me know what your favorite keto find has been because I'm on the hunt for new keto food I'll see you guys in the next one