The BEST Diet For Fat Loss (IF? Keto? Carb Cycling? Paleo?)

What's going on, guys? Sean Nalewanyj on wwwSeanNal

com And in today's video I want to talk about the subject of eating for fatloss And how there are just so many different diets out there nowadays with each one claiming to be the absolute best way to get lean because it has some specific characteristic about it that's going to speed up the fat burning process Whether that's by increasing certain fatloss hormones, reducing fat storing hormones, controlling insulin, or whatever else it might be So the main idea behind one particular diet might be to restrict certain macronutrients like with a low carb diet or a ketogenic diet or a low fat diet or fasting for a specific portion of the day and eating all of your calories within a shorter feeding window like people do with intermittent fasting

It could be spacing your carbohydrate intake out in a certain way like with carb cycling or with carb backloading or removing certain types of foods and focusing on others like with a Paleo diet or certain variations of different gluten-free diets And for each of these different fat-burning diets you'll always have a certain group of people who are using it successfully and who were able to lean down on that diet when maybe their previous way of eating wasn't working And then because of that they will just swear by that specific way of eating and pretty much argue to the death that carbs make you fat or that eating earlier or later on in the day prevents fatloss, or that sugars or grains or animal products are the sole cause of obesity They'll hone in on the specific macronutrient or the specific food group that was removed, or the specific meal spacing or a meal frequency guideline and point to that as being the reason for their success without realizing one very crucial thing And that is that virtually all of these different diets have one major thing in common and that's that in one way or another they're all forms of caloric control

In other words, they all contain a different strategy that potentially allows the dieter to more easily maintain a calorie deficit which is the ultimate bottom line when it comes to losing fat And everyone is a bit different in terms of their food preferences and their macronutrient preferences and in how they like to lay up their meals for the day, and the effect that that has on their energy levels and their appetite, and so each of these different diets might work better or worse depending on the person For example, if you eat a low-carb diet and you lose fat, it doesn't necessarily mean that carbohydrates themselves were the problem Take a person who regularly consumes moderate to high amounts of calorie dense refined carbs sources, like muffins and bagels and pastries and granola bars and sugary juices and things like that, and then replaces those with lean protein and vegetables, and it's no surprise that the weight is going to start falling off People who swear by low carb diets are usually confusing correlation with causation

Meaning, they lost fat because they decrease their overall calories and were able to better control their appetite Not because carbs are inherently fat storing in and of themselves Another example would be if you're following something like intermittent fasting Where you don't eat any food for the first sixteen hours of the day and then you can dense all of your calories down into a shorter eight hour feeding window That type of approach can work really well for some people when it comes to preventing overeating since they're not regularly snacking throughout the day and they can probably only eat so much within that eight hour feeding window to begin with since it usually just involves two larger meals

And so if you're able to tolerate that sixteen hour fasting window and your appetite adapts to it there's a good chance that you'll end up eating fewer calories for the day in total Again, it's probably not because intermittent fasting has some huge positive effect on growth hormone levels or insulin levels like a lot of people will talk about But for some people it's just a more effective way of adhering to their diet and not going overboard on total calories in the big picture And these are just a couple examples of many You could say the same thing about a Paleo diet where certain food groups are restricted, or a carb cycling or carb backloading where carbohydrates and total calories are more concentrated during certain periods of the day, or you could even say about something like a vegan diet that focuses on less calorie dense, plant-based sources

It's possible that some of these different approaches to eating might have a slightly better fat-burning effect when individual differences are taken into account I mean, we can't completely remove that possibility We obviously don't know everything about nutrition and it is a very complicated topic with new research coming out all the time But there's just no way around the simple fact that losing fat and getting lean primarily comes down to maintaining a calorie deficit over time by burning more calories than you consume And there are an endless number of different ways that people can go about this successfully

But the calorie deficit is always the one common denominator in the overall picture You can cut out certain foods all you want, you can space your calories and your macronutrients out in whatever way you want, you can eat as healthy as you want, but if you aren't being mindful of your total nett energy intake versus your total nett energy expenditure then none of that is really going to make any difference at all And a lot of people will insist that, no, it's not about the calories because my calorie intake on this diet is the same as it was on that diet But in over a decade of fitness coaching and personal experience, and in looking at the research on the subject of dietary adherence, and I'll link a few studies in the description box if you want to check that out, the reality is that the average dieter is notoriously bad at accurately reporting their calorie intake And very often they are off by a pretty big margin

And this happens either because they're not really tracking their food intake that closely to begin with, even though they might say they are Maybe they have like a rough eating plan in place and they're just estimating it throughout the day, or they are tracking their diet but they're just making errors with their measurements Which is actually a really easy thing to do, especially if you're on the go and you're having to estimate certain things throughout the day Or, the other possibility, is that they're not taking into account all of the extra little snacks and cheat meals that get added in throughout the week and month Because keep in mind that it's not about your specific calorie intake from day to day necessarily but more so about your average calorie intake for the week as a whole

So I'm not saying that any of these individual fatloss diets are necessarily bad That's not the point here If you've been using, let's say intermittent fasting, and you enjoy it and you're getting results then you should by all means continue Or if you're eating a lower carb approach and you feel fine with that sort of macro breakdown and that's working for you Or, let's say, you're cycling your calories and the results are coming and you feel good both physically and mentally and your workouts are going well then by all means, again, keep doing it

But what I am saying is that it's probably not because that diet has some special inherent fat-burning benefit and that you couldn't lose fats by using a different method, but it's probably just because that specific diet is helping you control your appetite more effectively And so you're maintaining a calorie deficit more effectively as a result of that Because the truth is that, it really doesn't take much in terms of margin for error for you to go from maintaining your weight each week and not getting any results whatsoever to losing fat consistently every single week A typical calorie deficit for fatloss is going to be usually somewhere between about three hundred and fifty to five hundred calories below maintenance, and so all it really takes is a couple small portions here and there for your deficit to be either significantly minimized or even erased altogether And so that brings me to the main point, which is something I've discussed many times before in previous videos, but that is that there is no single definitive best fatloss diet

Now, the best fatloss diet for you is likely just going to be whatever structure of eating allows you to maintain a nett calorie deficit over time while meeting your macronutrient and your micronutrient needs So that means three square meals a day then that's fine Six small meals a day fine If you want to use intermittent fasting or Paleo or some other method of calorie cycling, or even a vegan diet, that's fine Just know what your daily calorie needs are for fatloss and then lay out your foods and your meals in whatever way is most enjoyable for you and in whatever way lets you hit that calorie target in the most accurate and the most effortless way possible

If you’re weight training consistently and you're eating enough protein and you’re remaining in a moderate sized calorie deficit that isn't too large then you will lose fat and you will maintain or possibly even gain muscle at the same time regardless of what specific type of diet you're following There's no single macronutrient or single food group that's going to just cause you to magically pile on a bunch of fat as long as the total calories are being accounted for And even if some highly specific way of eating did give you a small direct improvement in fatloss because it did have some inherent fat-burning benefit, it's likely going to be minor anyway And it doesn't even necessarily mean that that way of eating is going to be more successful for you in the long term Because if that diet is more restrictive and you really don't enjoy it you'll probably end up burning out and quitting anyway

So, an alternative diet, even if it was slightly less effective in terms of pure fatloss, would still likely be a better option simply because you're going to be more likely to stick to it Remember that getting lean and being in great shape isn't a temporary fix It's an ongoing way of life And so if the diet that you're following right now isn't something that you'd reasonably want to continue on for the long term and you couldn't see yourself eating that way for months or even years on end and be totally fine with it then something is eventually going to have to change anyway So, I'll leave it there

Thanks for watching, guys If you do want to get a complete step-by-step roadmap in terms of training, nutrition and supplementation for losing fat while also showing you how to customize that plan to your exact needs, along with one-on-one coaching then you can check out my complete Body Transformation Blueprint by clicking the icon at the top of the screen here or by heading over to wwwBTBluePrintcom The link for that is in the description box

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I really do not feel like putting this up now but hi guys it's Keila (Kay-La) first of all illness apologize because I'm probably gonna be sniffling in this video I'm actually sick but I went to Costco and got a pretty good amount of things so I wanted to show you guys so if you had any questions on what type of things you want to get our Costco hopefully this will help first and foremost pick it up you can't go to Costco without getting some toilet paper just honestly will last you for like six months next I'm frozen green beans actually don't cook with green beans often that which is sad you but I really do love green beans and the only reason I picked these up is because they didn't have frozen broccoli so I definitely like to get um vegetables that are frozen because I like fresh um vegetables but frozen is easy and you always have them on deck so this is probably last me for a while can't go to top without some eggs these are the organic eggs yeah we some strawberries now I usually don't get fruit from Costco just because I never eat all the fruit and half of it goes bad but I love strawberries and they were actually a really good price so I think I'm gonna try to eat as much as I can and whatever I don't eat I'm just gonna chop up and throw the freezer next this is more stuff for my sister but I do indulge in these too these aren't the nut bars we actually started opening them they have almond cashews and walnuts in it with a cocoa drizzle and sea salt this is a great replacement for a candy bar the total net carbs for one of these is seven that carb so if you can fit it into your macros I would HIGHLY advise checking these out I have a sweet tooth sometimes it's not that bad but every now and then I want something that I can you know just grab and neither think about and not cook anything so these are perfect they're amazing I'm telling you if you can put these in your macros I'll make your life so much easier all right next is some macadamia nuts my sister actually went to Hawaii a couple of weeks ago and she brought back a whole bunch of macadamia nuts and I realized I have a slight obsession for macadamia nuts I think I've got them earlier in my ketogenic lifestyle and I really didn't like them because I got them like plain it wasn't salted I like eating these without some of the Lily's chocolate and it just tastes so good since they didn't have frozen broccoli I got some fresh broccoli I love broccoli I rock and cheese with this I put it in casseroles honestly broccoli is like my BFF just sauteing that up with some butter tips and I got a big thing of spinach I love cooking spinach down a little bit of butter also I'm going to be making a back spinach feta chicken cream sauce thing I'll link it down below a lot of people have been commenting and I think tried it and that they loved it and I forgot all about it so that's why I picked up some spinach and that's why I picked up some cauliflower rice now I usually don't get cauliflower rice from Costco because I feel like half of it goes bad but I'm gonna use half of it now and I'm gonna try to freeze the other half and see how that goes hopefully it works out can't go to Costco without getting some bacon they know this cut bacon so hopefully this cooks well I like cooking a whole container in the oven it makes BLT wraps easy you know makes my mornings easy right now I still have a package of pre-cooked bacon so I don't use that yet I also got some cheese snacks I'm not sure what it's that's why I got it this one organics doesn't you know what it was the same price but I'm gonna go ahead and get this one so I'll probably eat this with like pepperonis or lunch me or whatever I have one deck or fight so I'm gonna roll by itself cheese person so you shouldn't have to have one so kind of neat or I like with my flat crisp so we'll see I already have butter but I can't go to hospital without getting some Kerrygold butter I've missed Kerrygold the last couple of grocery shops I haven't gotten caracals because they either were out or the store didn't carry it so I got my love back odd me next I got some some sheep milk feta so I'm going to be like I said before with me making that spinach feta cream sauce chicken thing so I needed to feta I'm gonna see how I can like cuz I don't need all this but do you want to save it does anyone know how to like preserve cheese can you put this in the freezer I don't know I'm gonna do some research on it and we're almost at the end laughs I got some organic ground beef now this is this is 85% lean and 15% fat normally you'd want to go 84 or 80 for lean 24 fat but honestly this doesn't mean well add a couple tablespoons of olive oil and you can add your fat back in and then cop the whole time get shut up Chelsea okay and last but not least I got some chicken thighs I went ahead and got the organic but most skinless literally it was double the price of the other one that's almost telling me Kayla don't get the organic because you ve eaten chicken a lot one of these for sure I'm gonna be cooking up in the next day or two and the other I'm just going to put in the freezer but yeah this is my grocery haul hopefully got you guys liked it if you guys do you like these types of videos don't forget to give this video a thumbs up comment down below the type of food that you get at Costco because I'm always interested and actually watch a couple of videos before I went to Pasco to remind me of some things to get and yeah I'll see you guys in the next video bye put this up for me I'll cook for you


hi guys it's Keila (Kay-la) I am back with another video today is a long awaited Mill prep I've gotten so many messages saying you guys want another Mill prep and lately I'm not even gonna lie I have been lazy with my male preps so I wanted to show you some easy meals that honestly anyone can do the first meal is going to be a chili if you guys want to know the four recipes I'll make sure to leave them in the description box below that way you can easily screenshot it before going to the grocery store first before we make the chili I am going to be making a dried chili seasoning mix that you can use whenever you want and this isn't specifically for chili you can use this as your taco seasoning you can use it to flavor chicken whatever you want to use it for feel free to use it I use it for chili just because it's easy and I don't have to buy the package I'm starting off with some chili powder then we have cayenne pepper paprika onion powder garlic powder pepper and cumin add some salt the secret ingredient is about 1/4 of a teaspoon of cinnamon I'm telling you guys if you remember eating cinnamon rolls with chili it kind of is that concept so it just is perfect I'm actually using the cul sri pressure-cooker hopefully i'm saying that right i'll leave all the information down below they were nice enough to send it to me so I wanted to give it a try and the reason why I wanted to do this with Chile because I usually cook Chile in a slow cooker and it's so annoying having to brown the ground be first before adding it into the slow cooker so with a pressure cooker you can do literally all the steps in one so it just made my life so much easier I need all the easy I can get usually I use the 90 percent lean ground beef and ten percent fat and add my own oil and because I like using avocado oil but this is all that I had at the time so I just used what I had and it worked perfectly I'm cooking this off and I'm adding a big spoonful of garlic I'm obsessed with garlic so you can add as much or as little as you'd like and once it's cooked completely I'm adding in the veggies I'm using one whole green bell pepper and half of a medium onion both of these are chopped once all that is combined you are going to add about two tablespoons of your seasoning that you made earlier once you add the seasoning make sure you combine it and then we are going to be using one can of chopped tomatoes now I normally use a can of tomato sauce but I wanted to actually see how it would be using water in place of the tomato sauce because I wanted it to be as little harm as possible because I do know people here are on a strict strict keto diet I'm not as strict as I used to be because I am close to my goal but I do want to have good keto meals that are great on macros for you guys and honestly adding the can of water I couldn't even tell that I'd add the can of tomato sauce so I think I'm gonna start doing that more often anyway because if I can put up some cards without even realizing it i'ma do it another secret ingredient is black soy beans I promise you you won't be able to tell that you don't have black beans in this chili but it will still have a hearty it feeling I can't have my chili without beans I'm so happy that I found a replacement that has one net carb per serving this is around the time that I added a third tablespoon of the chili seasoning now for this recipe I actually only used half the amount of salt that they recommended and I wish I would have used the full amount but I ended up just adding salt into the final product while I was cooking so you can do that a few what but I highly advise to use I believe hose a full tablespoon I only used half because I got lazy with grinding it I know and I actually had some trouble with my pressure cooker I'm not sure if I just didn't know how to use it but it was acting up I had to keep unplugging it and plugging it back I don't know if that was me and not knowing how to use it or the actual product I ended up using the chili setting which had it cooked I believe for 20 and 30 minutes and it came out perfectly so it turned out completely finished how to unplug it and plug it back in a couple of times so I think that was an error in my inability to figure out electronics apparently or it's not even an electronic appliance that's an appliance yeah so once your chili is cooled slightly I put it in containers and I'm actually using glass containers for chili because chili and the oil gets seeped into the plastic so that's just a little tip for you guys don't make the same mistake that I make all the time get some glass containers for your chili and I'm just going to be adding a serving of cheese and this chili I was actually going to eat after I filmed so that's why that one already has some cheese in it I'm next moving on to our salads I try I'm really trying to have a salad a day which means I make sure to try to meal prep salads so that way I'm kind of forced to eat them so for me sometimes I don't feel like a salad so I actually have two different types of salads that I'm going to be eating this week the first one will be the traditional cold salad so for this salad we're gonna go ahead and start with the chickens and that's gonna take the longest to cook I just have some boneless skinless chicken thighs and you can always have the bone-in skin-on that is great for extra flavor extra flap packed but for me I'm too lazy to deal with all that so I just get the boneless skinless it's cheap easy and readily available for me I'm just seasoning this with you know my seasonings of choice I have some garlic powder salt pepper cayenne pepper you can use any seasonings that you have on deck anything work for this salad and I'm just placing this in a 375-degree oven for 15 minutes to start and then I'm going to flip it and then cook it for an additional 15 minutes once that's cooled I just put that in a separate container I like to assemble my salads when I actually eat it so that is why I'm not actually cutting up all the ingredients and putting it in the salad I feel like that helps it taste better and it preserves the freshness of the greens a lot longer if you do that look at this spring mix that will have all the toppings on it I have some cucumbers I have tomatoes avocados some cheese crisps these ones are the parmesan I also boiled some eggs for the salads as well as just a grabbing those snack or just the start of a breakfast the cooked chicken that you saw earlier and bacon bits you can't have a salad without bacon bits and my dressing of choice for this one was the Marie's chipotle ranch it actually is not my favorite so if you guys have any suggestions for ranches I just can't get it right all the ranches that I've been buying lately I have not been liking so please help you girl out let me know your favorites in the comments down below so for the second salad it's not really a salad it's kind of like a saute I have spinach and this is a quick way to make sure you have something easy to throw in the skillet I'm actually just picking this up with about a tablespoon of butter and a little bit of garlic and then I'm adding my spinach in it we'll turn that down adding my seasonings of choice and I just kept it simple with some salt and pepper once that's finished salt painting I added the chicken into it and kind of just mixed it up just to warm up the chicken since I did take it out from the fridge I usually alternate between these three sauces today I was actually feeling like barbecue sauce and this barbecue sauce is actually a little bit higher in carbs but I actually do not like the sugar-free ones that I've tried and I'm not willing to sacrifice flavor over carbs so I just a lot of the grams of carbs in there and I usually only use half of the serving so I believe it's only three grams of carbs for the barbecue sauce that I'm using also if you guys know any good barbecue sauces you know what to do leave them down below because I really need it but honestly I just been making this work sometimes if I want a little bit of spice I add sriracha or some hot sauce and that is a simple quick easy meal um if you want a little bit more fat in this meal since it is kind of low in fat because there's only a tablespoon you can add some avocado you can also add cheese to this I load up on the cheese for the chili yeah I mean so I make sure to get my fat in there this saute I got to be a little skimpy on my fat yeah I mean and there you have it simple easy meals that you can use in whatever you want I hope you guys liked this wheel if you guys do like this video and want me to make more of them you know what to do it gives that thumbs up comment what you want me to try to recreate and make more low-carb friendly and I will see you guys in the next one bidding would you like it is look good you play when to move back at up to stop what what what

Keto In The UK 🥓 Keto Recipes 🍳 Low Carb Lifestyle, and Keto Weight Loss Tips (Channel Trailer) 🥑

Hi, I'm Ginger and welcome to Keto in the UK I started the ketogenic diet in 2013 to reverse my symptoms of pre-diabetes and that worked quite well! In six months my blood works become stellar and I also lost weight I started this channel to share my knowledge of recipes and of science behind the Keto diet to prove that just because we have limitations it doesn't mean that we can't enjoy all the good foods that there are around, because there's nothing that we cannot Ketofy! so come join me on my journey to Keto and to the discovery of all the possible foods we can have and more!


hi guys it's Keila (Kay-la) and back with another weight loss update last video I was very emotional I'm sorry guys like I have been just going through a lot of things like it's crazy that even though I'm almost let go I'm still trying to like not feel like the fact person I still feel inside that I am like the fat person yeah so I've just been going through that a lot Coachella is coming up so my goal was to be at a normal weight by Coachella and normal as in my BMI for my height normal weight for me is 174 pounds and I'm so close like I don't know if I can do it but you know what I feel like I'm at a normal weight right now obviously I want to tone more and that's what I'm more self-conscious of more than those the weight on the scale which is a crazy different type of feeling I've never experienced that like I'm totally okay with my weight fluctuating 5 pounds now like it doesn't bother me I am more so focused on like toning my arms you know trying to get you know getting this but filler so I've been just really focusing on the gym and I think that has allowed me to trust less about you know hitting goal and it's like I'm so close to it now that I'm just I'm just excited about being excited to it in the gym but last week I think I was at I don't remember one eighty one point something and today I am at one hundred and eighty point six I have like I'm so close like I'm touching I'm like I see the 170s just right over there I can already almost guarantee you I'm gonna hit into the 170s like right before Coachella and then BAM we're gonna go to Coachella and just eat whatever I want cuz at Coachella like you're walking a lot and it's hot so I tried being low carb at Coachella and I was able to do it for like a day or two but by day three last year I was like I was like weak weak like fainty like I wanted to faint every two seconds buzzing you know what Kayla take a break so I think what I'm gonna do is in the mornings just make sure I get a whole bunch of veggies in my system and by evening I'm just gonna eat whatever I want because I'm gonna be living my best life at Coachella I'm gonna take you guys along with me you don't worry of who would want to see like a what I eat in a day festival Coachella it's probably like a blog style you'll see you know a little bit of music some of my outfits and some food let me know if this video thumbs up or a comment down below that you want to see that the main thing that I'm so excited to tell you guys is I've actually been in the gym this week alone I went Saturday Sunday my Wednesday and I'm gonna post this either tomorrow or Friday so I'm supposed to go on Thursday so I'm usually the I usually go on Thursday with my coworker so check my tenses story if I went to check if I went because I'll post there but I've been consistently going and there's just one class called body pump that I have been obsessed with it's got me so much more comfortable with the barbell weight and like I don't know I think I'm obsessed with this class but I wanted to show you a couple of clips of me working out we have I'm really proud that I've been able to you know find some motivation of myself to go because it's so hard going and being committed to going and I'm not gonna lie every time I go to the gym it's not always a good workout but I love that I'm still making it part of my routine to go just so that way I can get used to being there this may be TMI but it is got time in a month for me and I think the first time on that time of the month that I've consistently been going to the gym still because I usually use that as an excuse or it's like I just wanna relax I'm cramping it and it's like now I'm not letting any of those excuses dictate me from going because every time I go to the gym I always feel so good getting a workout and after so if you guys are having a struggle getting to the gym sometimes just walking your butt in there not doing anything but being there is that they let you need to break through and like want to go to the gym I don't know it's like a crazy thing and I'm starting to love the gym I never thought I would say that I think it's more so to that like I'm more interested in toning my body now before I was just so focused on them and wait and wait and now like I like learning new workouts also let me know you guys want a workout like type of videos on my channel I've been really interested because I think you know even though I'm a beginner I want to show you guys what I'm doing because I get so many questions of like what I do and I kind of like just go how I feel but I started doing structured workout which you guys want to see that let me know comment down below or give this video a thumbs up or you can do both if you want you know I'm gonna stop you from you know doing all of it but I think I want to start adding workouts but I just want to make sure that you guys would be interested in watching them before I build them for you guys but yeah this is actually a pretty chatty update sorry but I had a lot I wanted to share with you guys Coachella is t-minus a week like literally this time next week I'll be hopefully finished packing but yeah thank you guys so much for watching as always if you guys like these types of videos I didn't want me to make more updates I think I'm slowly gonna transition them and to more work out style way and update things let me know if you would like that I'm thinking of only doing weigh-ins like bi-weekly and then having like a workout video I don't know I'm trying to do some different things on my channel so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated I love you guys I'll see you guys in the next video


hey guys today I'm gonna film for you another day of eating keto diet it's about one o'clock so for me it's time to break my fast and I want to make something simple for lunch I've been craving a little bit potatoes I am a big potato lover and you can't have those on keto diet so I read that actually some substitute for potatoes on keto diet would be a radishes and I happen to have some in my fridge so I'm gonna try to boil them and try these mock potatoes today so I got one Brad for some radishes I'm gonna have one hard ball equity and some sauerkraut and mustard I'm gonna start with boiling – you're a t-shirt I'm gonna peel my egg I always keep some hard-boiled eggs in my fridge just to snack on throughout the week and I hate peeling them do you have some tricks how to peel those leave me a comment down below I would love to hear that I tried putting salt in the water vinegar in the water putting them in an ice cold bath after cocaine but nothing helps I'm still having and it's a nightmare to peel it look at that by the time I'm done I'm gonna be eating just egg yolk last time at Walmart we saw this thing you would like crack the egg inside of it and cook it like already cracked in and when it's done you just like pop it out and the acts like perfectly nice boiled and no shell I don't know did you guys tried it that's the thing work it was like 20 bucks so I don't want to spend money on that without having some reviews so if you did try it let me know because this is literally my everyday nightmare I'm gonna fry it the sausage today I would grill it but I didn't want to start a girl just for myself so on the pan it goes I did some butter and old radishes as I would normally do if I had potatoes so I'm gonna give it a try I'm pretty curious so they say this tastes like a potato Wow it kind of does it differently take down all the like the spiciness from it they took the color for sugar and yeah I think it is pretty good I'm gonna enjoy it I do like yeah right option guys you should try and boil two radishes or you can also bake them but I think boiled will more remind you of potato this meal has 400 calories and about 56 net carbs so it's pretty good I think today it's pretty hard even ginger doesn't want to run around I'm still down I'm gonna go home and come out later I think I'm ready for afternoon coffee and I'm gonna have probably my keto chocolates I made the other day I made a video how to make those I'm just gonna link it over here and down below if you wanna check that out it's really simple four ingredients done in 10 minutes let's go home I decided to make an iced coffee so I'm just gonna I pour an iced coffee and I'm gonna put 1 servings of the whipping cream soda chock with guys as I said that believe you the recipe so I'm gonna have two of these and that's 120 calories to net carbs and almost 10 grams of fat are you also fascinated with this thing how beautiful that is when you pour your whipping cream into a coffee it's it's an art guys I love it guys for today snacks I'm just gonna have half of an tomato 1 ounce actually not even like 0

7 hands of mozzarella cheese 5 slices of her salami and point 7 ounce of nuts those are oven baked almonds for really good I'm also having a big glass of water with apple cider vinegar and lemon and I'm taking a minute to sit down and write down all ideas for a next week meal plan so this home has about 230 calories so it leaves me in calories for today's dinner and today is a taco night so I'm gonna start preparing the taco shells I got ma cheese here and there is a plenty of ways how you can do it you can either fry it on the pan you can pre-heat your oven and do it in the oven or you can also use a microwave today I'm gonna use the pan because I don't have a parchment paper or silicon mat and I don't wanna burn it and I also want to do more than one so I don't want to use a microwave so you wanna go ahead and spread your cheese and I got my setup here ready I know I use two glasses and a night you're gonna want to take the cheese out when it's still hot and put it over it and that's how you formed a nice taco shell of shape while I'm cooking this one's taking the spin here say hello say hello ginger you think guys that this is about what you want this is how you want to do it you place it like that and let it cool down for about a minute it's gonna form and cool down and it will be nice and crispy and I'm gonna do one more this is how it looks like when it's all cooled down very creep see cripsy I'm very crispy beautiful taco shell can't wait for the dinner guys it's time to prepare the dinner I got my taco shells ready and now I want to prepare the fillings so I've got my taco shells I already did I have about 8 ounces of ground beef this is the 80/20 fat to protein then I have some sour cream I'll be using some obviously chili pepper I have some tomato some onion and avocado to make my own vaca more and unfortunately I'm a Don lemons and limes so gonna eat it fast that it doesn't get brown then I have a lettuce of course and I have some cheddar here I'm not gonna use it it's for rap as my taco shells are already made from cheese and that would just be too much I'm gonna cook the meat with some taco seasoning and frying up on the pan and set up the table this is a lot of chili pepper I just licked my fingers after I cut it and well ciao we cannot have a taco night now as I told you I already preferred at all you can check it out so raps having a corn tortillas or corn taco shells and I'm having the cheese one so I'm gonna fill up myself a taco and give it a try how does a game-changer hallelujah kiddo I thought it's gonna break cuz they're really crunchy so do you enjoy our taco night mm-hmm well it's not a Tuesday by doesn't matter right it's so much better homemade my god I'm out of homemade taco and like it's been years I never had a homemade taco actually I never had a hard taco in my entire life it's not a big thing in check so it was my premium was it good hmm well I did shovel down the other taco come on move so I think and we're gonna check out for today so if you did enjoy this video please give it a thumbs up as usual and don't forget to subscribe and I'm gonna see you tomorrow bye


hey guys welcome to my channel it's Iva Scelfo it's summer and sometimes I just don't feel like cooking or eating a hot meal on already hot day so in today's video I would like to show you one of my to go kiddo cauliflower salad what is your favorite keto summer salad please let me know in comments down below I would love to get some more inspiration thank you for watching this video and if you did like it please give it a thumbs up and Oh ginger wants to say hello and sorry guys I just can't say no to this cute face so where was I ah and subscribe to my channel for more videos and I'm gonna see you again soon bye


hey guys welcome back to my channel another day of eating ketogenic diet I just got that of shower and put my makeup on and it's 12 o'clock and I'm officially starving today so I will go ahead and fix myself some lunch we had a taco night last night so I have some leftover of the fried beef so I'm gonna have that and probably scrambled like two eggs and cargo of butter and throw a bunch of veggies on the plate just keep it simple and most importantly quick I'm hungry so I'm checking my handy in the suede scale here so I can measure exactly what I'm eating so I can count my macros well I would like to put it all on the plate and it comes down to two ounces then I'm gonna use a Kerrygold butter to fry up the egg I want 14 I want one tablespoon I'll pop it in hot pan I got my 2x ready so I will scramble them up and I'm gonna chop some tomato and I'm gonna use some little of romaine lettuce so this is what I'm having for lunch today just the ground beef 2x some romaine lettuce and tomato and to bump the fats even more I'm gonna add teaspoon of sour cream onto my beef that was really filling you guys it had 418 calories it had 27 grams of protein for grams of net carb and 32 grams of fat so I'm gonna go along with my day and I will check with you around snack time I made myself a coffee it's about four o'clock and I'm pretty hungry so I'm gonna make some snack I'm thinking about making these pieces of ham and drop a cheese inside of them and fry them up I think I saw it on a keto vlog of Catherine Michelle on YouTube so I'm gonna try those out and see how they turned out so I have some black forest ham and some monster cheese I'm gonna take six slices of that and two slices of the cheese see there let's go good idea I usually have it just cold about anything so a little more butter so actually it's up more fat oh okay you know I always like something green on my plate cool idea Katrin I love it yummy and this night all together has 280 calories I like that school idea so guys I'm gonna keep snacking and have my coffee and I'll check with you again by dinnertime well I do have a taste for something salty before dinner so I'm gonna have one serving six slices of this hard salami which is 110 calories 9 grams of fat and one gram of carbohydrates we're gonna edit into my macros I've decided to make for tonight's dinner mashed cauliflower and some Salman kilo patties so I'm gonna be using a small head of cauliflower I'm gonna boil it in the water then add some butter some salt pepper and some nutritional yeast so for the salmon patties you're gonna need kind of pink Selman I have about 15 ounces I'm gonna chop some red onion in it I've all seasoned it with black pepper some salt cayenne pepper garlic powder you're gonna need to use something to thicken the dough up and make it a little dry that it's not gonna stick to your homes in this case we're gonna be using pork rinds these are classic ones I'm gonna use about half a cup I'm gonna blend it into flour like texture in my blender so if you are on keto or on low carb diet this is the alternative to flour or bread crumbs and lastly you would want to fry it up in some olive oil you can also use avocado oil so I'm just gonna blend it in the blender with little butter salt pepper onion powder and some nutritional yeast just make it taste like mashed potato I'm gonna mash the cauliflower first manually and then I'm gonna put it in my blender I'm gonna put it back in the pot so I drained Salman you want to get rid of as much water as you can then I chopped about two tablespoons of red onion I'm gonna add it in I'm gonna add some pepper some cayenne pepper to give it a little kick you like it spicy some garlic powder and some salt and now you want to use your pork rinds so I blend it in a blender it's about a roughly half a cup that's gonna replace the breadcrumbs if your low-carb like me let's get dirty so I made four patties two for me and two for wrap and it's time to fry them up in some olive oil so the salmon cakes are a success we did enjoyed it we liked it I'm probably gonna be making it again as Rob did really love it and now it's time to wrap up this daily vlog I'm gonna enjoy Friday night so if you did like this video please give it a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel and I'm gonna see you again in another video good night


Hello Friends! Welcome to 5-Minute Kitchen with Shraddha Ketogenic Diet also known as Keto diet Very low-carb diet We have very limited low carbs options in vegetarian recipes Today I have a very low carb and high protein recipe for you which is quick to make & Tasty as well BROCCOLI FRITTERS Firstly, we will wash Broccoli and chop it finely Broccoli aids digestion which is very necessary in low-carbohydrate diets Broccoli is finely chopped We can use the Broccoli stems in soup Ingredients : 1 cup chopped Broccoli contains 3 grams Protein and 6 grams Carbohydrate 1/2 cup grated Paneer You can also use cheese contains 18 grams Protein and less than 1 gram carbohydrate 1/4 cup Almond flour for binding This is one of the best flour option for low-carbohydrate diets Olive-Oil, this is optional Salt as per taste Put all these ingredients in a big bowl Mix well You can also mix these in a food processor Make small balls out of the mixture patiently and with light hands Grease the pan with olive oil This is optional because Almond Flour is oily Now place these balls in the pan by gently pressing them with the help of palm Let these roast in the medium flame until they are golden brown in color Flip-over and let them roast from other side as well Low-Carb Broccoli Fritters for weight loss are ready Made with only 4 ingredients Serve this with Greek Yogurt and Guacamole LOW CARB INDIAN KETO RECIPE FOR WEIGHT LOSS Subscribe us for more such Healthy & Quick recipes

Keto for Women: Hormones, Fat Loss Wooshing, Pregnancy, Breastfeeding, and more

today we're going to talk about the ketogenic diet for women and what we need to take into account which is not complicated you can handle it and also why we're gonna get different results than men who are eating the exact same thing exact same starting weight exact same maintaining calories all of that we're just going to get different results so that's what we're going to talk about today and the first thing that I want to talk about is the actual results thing is a lot of men will go on the ketogenic diet and they'll drop like 30 pounds in 30 days we're not going to get that result like our body our hormones are different our body is designed to not get to as low of a body fat as man and we don't pack on muscle mass like they do so muscle burns calories like crazy and we just were not going to pack on muscle mass like men which is something that how our body is designed and I know this can be frustrating that we have to do things for four or five six times longer to get the same results as the men in our lives but just try to remember and be thankful that biology chose us to be the carers and the carriers of our very little babies and so even if you don't want to be pregnant and you're not planning on being pregnant later just try to be thankful that biology thought that we are more capable and gave us the different chemical and hormonal profiles to be able to take care of young young children so that's an enormous responsibility and with that responsibility becomes a body that does not shed fat as quickly and so that's something that don't be discouraged it's not that it's not working for you it's that we just don't drop fat as quickly as men do so the second thing we're going to talk about is water retention and this can come with our hormone cycles and even if you've entered menopause you're still gonna get some of the hormone fluctuations it's just how life goes and so we might actually be losing fat and then those fat cells just they decided to fill with water instead and so you can kind of tell if you're like really meticulously looking at little spots of fat on your body you can tell that it becomes a little bit more squishy and then a lot of times we will be on a calorie deficit so we'll have lower calories taking in and you're burning through our daily living activities and so we've been on this for like four weeks and we're not seeing the scale move at all and then suddenly like something will come up and suddenly we go down four pounds you didn't just burn four pounds yesterday even if you did go for a really long walk it's just that your body decided to stop storing water in those fat cells and this is kinda I'm not sure I couldn't find on PubMed any documented research of this but this is kind of like what we think happened so I'm going to lose weight is we lose the fat we burn the fat so it comes out and it has an energy in it and then it turns into co2 which is what we breathe out and it turns into water which we pee out so when we're losing fat we usually have to go to the bathroom a lot more often and then you'll wake up with a lower reading on the scale and so that's just kind of how fat loss work that works for men too but women we seem to be a little more hyper vigilant about it and looking a little bit more carefully it's just something that we do and that's to be expected you're gonna see whooshes which is the very official term for it and not just a losing like 1/4 or 1/8 or 1/10 of a pound every day even if you're keeping the exact same calorie deficit every day and your exercise is similar so that's something that we see and a lot of times we will retain water around our cycles and so if you're gonna be if you're expecting your period and like the next week or you just started you'll kind of get to know your own body and know like three days after I start my period is when my weight will decide to just chill out and stop holding all that water and so if you aren't seen the numbers move on the scale don't assume it's not working it is working it's just taking a second for your body to actually finish getting rid of all the stuff that's in those cells and so then just click a quick reminder we do want to count calories I'm just doing a spot check I wouldn't count calories every day that's kind of tedious you do definitely want to count carbs to make sure you're staying in ketosis and that includes weighing your food to make sure you're not either over or under estimating like you might i usually underestimate meat and i overestimate nuts and greens that's just kind of how it goes so having a scale and I show you I'll show link to it at the end of this video on how to use a scale it's a way probably simpler than you think and scales are like 7 or 9 bucks on Amazon doing your card counts making sure you're getting enough protein so that as you are building muscles even if you're just going for a walk or you're doing kettlebells or you're or you're doing some mild weight training you want to make sure your body has the amino acids needed to repair the muscles that you are straining breaking and rebuilding stronger bigger faster better and then carbs are a max don't go over that max and then fat is something that you eat until you're full and so that you are getting energy from fat but then most of us can also get energy from the fat that is in our body you do want to make sure that you are eating different healthy fats I like coconut oil olive oil avocado oil all in your diet and then like fatty cheeses like full fat dairy half and half if you guys do dairy avocados are great if you don't do dairy coconut oil like coconut cream is great if you don't do dairy so make sure you are getting that fat you can't be fat phobic and do the ketogenic diet and if you don't have weight to lose if you're doing the ketogenic diet for another reason to maintain your hormones like PCOS is something that is so hard for so many women and causes infertility it causes like all sorts of problems with your metabolism it causes hair problems it causes lots of different things and it's really painful for women to go through both like psychologically and just in their bodies and so if the ketogenic diet works really well for PCOS and so a lot of women that have been trying to control their weight or they've been trying to control their PCOS symptoms or they've been trying to get pregnant go on keto and then they are able to reverse the symptoms of PCOS and have success for the first time in their life so that is something that does happen to women and while we're on the subject of what happens to women your cyclist are gonna go wonky like when you are losing weight estrogen is stored in your toe in your fat cells and so it's almost like putting yourself on the pill and don't you let this deter you just assume that your cycles are like if you're late or you're early or you're bleeding too heavy or you're bleeding super light or you don't have cramps it's going to pass it's because you're actually shedding fat which is usually what we want to do and when you're shedding your body fat with it is being released the estrogen that was stored in there and so no you don't want to keep that estrogen stored in your fat because I know a lot of people are just like the whole I don't want to do that that doesn't sound healthy it's not healthy to haul it around with you all the time either so go ahead and do that just be aware that your cycles are gonna be funky and this is if you are burning body fat and so if you're just maintaining on the ketogenic diet for a healthy weight and you're eating the amount of calories that you burn every day to get the help the mental health benefits or the pee PCOS benefit then that's something that you probably won't notice that wonkiness with your cycles it's just for people that want to burn fat are going to notice that their cycles get all funky and do weird things and that's because the estrogen is being released and as an aside if you are high in estrogen try to avoid flax flax is actually super high in estrogen you probably already know that soy is high in estrogen but flax is as well and on opposite spectrum if you find that you are low in estrogen you might want to increase flax in your diet so okay we talked about fat we talked about carbs keto and pregnancy and so like I just said it does work well for infertility I personally would be perfectly fine if I had already been in ketosis and I was already doing the ketogenic diet I would be perfectly fine and think it's probably very good for my baby to go through pregnancy on the ketogenic diet I would not enter into ketosis because it is kind of a strain to your system to have to go into that and to become fat adapted I would not do that while I am pregnant I might do it while I'm breastfeeding but then with pregnancy and breastfeeding what comes up and this is for women that need to be eating a lot of calories that maybe don't have extra body fat is it's really hard especially once your baby's born and you need that 500 extra calories a day from nursing and you're taking care of a newborn it's really hard to get the amount of calories needed with the because it does suppress your hunger mechanism so you don't feel as hungry and then you have less time because you're taking care of an infant so that's just something to be aware of if keto is working great for you if you're using it to control a chronic condition I definitely would discuss it with your care provider and tell them you are planning on keeping on with it and maybe they can do an electrolyte panel more often for you and make sure you're getting the electrolytes that both you and your baby need and they can probably provide some support for some foods to include that you might not have thought of to keep your calories up to grow everyone involved so that's what I would do for pregnancy and breastfeeding I am perfectly happy going on the ketogenic diet I probably wouldn't do something like the gapps intro because it is such a detoxifying thing but the ketogenic diet if you're used to it already or even gaps intro if you're used to it already is something I personally would be comfortable with check with your care provider but it's not something that I think they would have a super hard time with so again I'm Kara from health I'm and Happiness we are doing a whole series on the ketogenic diet thank you for joining me for our women's ketogenic diets part of this series if you want to click over there I'd love to have you subscribe and I will link to some other videos and I think you will find helpful and useful and always I love to hear from you in the comments so drop me a comment below thanks and I'll see you again soon