How to Lose Weight Fast on Keto Diet

So you've heard about the keto diet and now you're looking for the fastest, and safest way to lose weight I'm going to be giving you my top tips in this video

Hi guys, Anne here from Think Natural Health We are all about natural wellness here If you haven't already then consider subscribing but for today let's just jump right into the video Did you know that there is no such thing as an essential carbohydrate unlike essential fats, proteins and fibre that your body literally needs The idea of Ketosis is to change the form that your body is running on fuel from glucose, which is basically sugar, to a much cleaner fuel which is Ketones

What this basically does is switch on the ability to have your body start running off of the fat that you already have stored If you are considering Ketosis then make sure and do your research before you begin but a great starting point would be to cut your carbohydrate intake to 20 grams at most, the lower the better cut out any excess sugars you're having, and yes that includes fruit and third, increase the amount of fats and veggies you have with each meal The fats will help keep you full inbetween meals and the veggies will help to give you that much needed potassium that gets rid of those sugar cravings That's the reason you've failed almost every other diet you've ever tried

Potassium Once you've got these basics down, and getting into the swing of things can be difficult because it usually means a complete overhaul of your diet, I've got some more advanced techniques including intermittent fasting and why potassium is so vital to Ketosis But that is for a later video The final thing to remember is do not overdo your protein Just because you've given up carbs doesn't mean you can go all meat feast

Make sure that you're only having about 6oz of protein with each meal and no more than that If you overdo your protein you will spike insulin and that is the exact reason we gave us carbs and sugar Instead focus on those essential veggies and salad to fill you up and if you need to, increase the fats as well, because that will keep you fuller for longer So there's the basics on successful fast weight loss the Keto diet Subscribe to our channel to see more on our Ketosis series where I cannot wait to share more of my tips on Keto

See you in the next video Bye

Dr. Stephen Phinney: How do keto and Virta affect heart health and cardiovascular risk?

This is a very relevant question because we just had a new publication come out today in Cardiovascular Diabetology that really focused on this So we had published maybe two months ago now, we had published the one year Type II diabetes outcomes

We showed that A1c improved We showed that glycemic control was better, insulin resistance was better, weight improved And in this paper we really focused on all the different risk factors around cardiovascular disease – And that's important because in the diabetes paper published two months ago in Diabetes Therapy, we noted that although a whole group of diabetes-associated risk factors got better, one of the more controversial changes is that the LDL cholesterol level in our patient group as a whole rose slightly but statistically significantly We felt it was important to take a much closer look at the full range of heart disease risk factors

And that is what's encompassed in the peer-reviewed paper that we had published just today and can be accessed through our website – Yeah, so to give kind of a brief overview of what we've showed in that paper, Steve mentioned the rise in LDL and LDLc in the group on average, but there are a few markers that some researchers believe might be a better predictor of cardiovascular risk or at least equal to LDLc So those are LDL particle number and apo B Those two markers statistically were unchanged at one year in our cohort of patients And then, we also looked at the particle size

Some believe that small, dense LDL particles might be more atherogenic than the larger particles And our small dense LDL particle number actually significantly decreased at one year And the whole, the particle size of all the LDL particles increased at one year So in terms of looking at the whole picture of risk, we certainly saw that increase in LDL that a lot of people get concerned about But when you put all of the markers together and consider the whole risk profile, we're definitely getting an improvement in a lot of different risk factors

And we still are concerned about LDL, but we see a lot of improvements in other ways – Understand that the test that we use to measure LDL particle size and number is a new test, it's not universally available It's a predominantly a research-based test And there are a couple of different ways that these can be analyzed, and the medical practice community has not arrived at a, kind of a uniform recommendation for these values So this is a research test that we did

And it may not be available to the average person through their primary care physician For instance, I saw my physician a few weeks ago and asked, and I get my health care through Kaiser Permanente here in California, and I asked if they could run a LDL particle size and number for me and they said "no, we don't do that" But, it's important that other factors that we did look at, such as HDL cholesterol, which is so-called good cholesterol and triglyceride values, then those are part of a standard lipid panel When the ratio of HDL to triglycerides goes up, that is, you have more HDL relative, proportionately to triglyceride, that is correlated with an improvement in LDL particle size and number So, again, we've looked at, I think we had 18 different cardiovascular risk factors in this current paper, and those were included in that

So the point is, this is a very complex area, it's an area of active research But what we want to provide is a broader perspective of all the parameters, rather than focusing in on what we have with the cholesterol-diet-heart hypothesis where the focus for a couple of decades has been just on the LDL The true picture is much more complex than that and we want to get into some of those details – Sure And there's evidence even to say that the picture is more complex from that, from the Imbarac trial, because they put people on STLT2s

They saw LDL go up but they saw cardiovascular mortality decrease – Dramatically, yes – 38% I think, maybe So, there's definitely something to say where there are other factors at play, and it's not all about one lipid marker in terms of cardiovascular risk So we'll find out someday

– So before we get into specific questions, do we wanna talk about the range of risk factors? – Sure – That we looked at, responses such as hypertension, inflammation – Yeah I think also when we're talking about different risk factors and looking at the whole risk profile, inflammation is also an independent risk factor for cardiovascular disease Many consider it or hypothesize it be an under, potentially an underlying cause

So we looked at a few broad markers of inflammation in this study, we looked at high-sensitivity C-reactive protein and white blood cell count And both of those dramatically improved The CRP response especially was pretty astonishing at one year And then blood pressure as well, blood pressure significantly increased, and the really cool thing– – No, it actually decreased – Sorry thanks, improved, decreased

So blood pressure decreased, so it improved And because of this we actually had to de-prescribe medications for the patients because they didn't need the medication anymore So that's a really unique finding too – So a lot of patients moved from the hypertension, borderline hypertension area to normal blood pressure with a reduced total medication use in the population Which is a very unusual finding, 'cause usually the way with standard medication treatment for hypertension you have to give more medications to get better control

– Sure – We got better control because nutritional ketosis and the Virta treatment that embraces and supports that is such a powerful metabolic tool – So, that's a little bit of a recap on our cardiovascular risk factor paper that just came out today in Cardiovascular Diabetology You can go to our website virtahealthcom/research and you'll find a link to that paper there

And then we'll have certainly more information coming out from Virta tomorrow about that

[Preview] How the keto diet became popular as a treatment for epilepsy

And so in the early 1990s we in the ketogenic diet for epilepsy world were not in a great place The diet was really seen as a therapy of last resort only in children and for the most part even in the early 90s only in the United States

If you went to the American Epilepsy Society meeting, a great conference, you'd be hard-pressed to find anything about the ketogenic diet there in the early 90s Maybe a poster here and there, but no sessions, no lectures, really very little at that time Articles written about the ketogenic diet would put it into alternative medicine We now consider it more non-pharmacologic, that's often where it ends up But at the time it was perceived as alternative and we really came a long way to say it's actually not alternative, it's just different

Now today it is everywhere, it is all over the place You've seen some great screenshots in the Wall Street Journal this morning Amazing But this is from Time magazine, New York Times, they love to show bacon all the time I think the photograph is well

I think that maybe what it is We always kid around about it But the parents see this and the parents are interested and they're looking for other ideas for their children with epilepsy and it's great that this is coming out in the popular media

How to Start Keto Diet for BEGINNERS ✅ (2018)

what's up guys, this is Los and I am your Keto Superhero! On today's episode of Keto Thoughts we talk about Keto for beginners – how do we get started? I'm gonna take this – and you know what I'm gonna keep it on Eff it

I'm here to save the day, and talk to you about Keto for beginners A lot of people want to start on Keto because as Google says, it is trending up People are like, "oh man I want to jump on the bandwagon!" Sir or madam – first off don't do that, because you're going to fail, if you look at it as some, like, trend or you look at it as some, like, fad you're essentially going into it with the thought like, "Yeah I'm gonna do for a little bit then I'm not not gonna do it" It's gonna suck, you're not gonna like it so if you want to do Keto for starters – you beginners – you noobs – you need to do it as a lifestyle Okay? It's got to become a lifestyle because there's a chance you're not gonna love it at first

So fair, that's a fair thing to say You've got to give it a shot The easiest way to do keto – I'm gonna – I'm gonna – I'm gonna blow your mind ,and I'm gonna say gradually start to do Keto, rather than jump into it You don't jump into the pool when it's really really cold cuz it's freezing you're like, "Oh my god" and then like someone else is like, "Go in there!" you're like, "I don't want to go!" Then, you jump in the pool, put your legs in,and then you sit down kinda, like, kick the water and you're like, "Yeah it's kind of hot, like, I'm gonna go ahead I'm gonna go ahead!" And then you go in, you're playing ball, it's the SAME thing with KETO Same exact explanation

Insanely good analogy that I just gave you because jumping into Keto is more than likely gonna get you to jump right back out – because it's quote-unquote "freezing" It's like that analogy that I said So what I would do is, I would first start removing carbohydrates Let's just say you have to get about 75 grams – err 75 percent of your food should be fats, right? Let's just say 10 to 15 percent should be carbs and the rest is gonna be proteins

Okay, the first thing you do if you're a beginner is, I would start making that switch, and slowly doing it – let's say, normally, you eat about a hundred grams of carbs You measure it with, like, MyFitnessPal You go, "Man like I need about 150 grams of carbs a day! Well I wonder why I'm always tired?" But anyways – I'm no doctor I'm just a man in a cape The way you would do that, is you would start to, like, remove some stuff so say like, "All right I'm gonna take 50 grams off by, like, not having these potatoes, or, like ,not having this oatmeal will take 30 grams off!" And slowly start to move it, slowly start to up your fat and take down your protein just a little bit

When you start to gradually do it it becomes a little bit easier of a habit It becomes a little bit easier to manage, to maintain, and then you get everything started Now you're kind of jumping into keto as a beginner I would always try to, like, create, like, cheats It's like playing a game and then, like, having the codes

You want to have the codes so you can win I used to be obsessed with cookies Still am Honestly, I'm not gonna lie – like pretty much, like, I'm addicted to cookies That's why I don't eat them, because it's like, I gotta eat all of them

So I found this delicious treat – full disclosure – I am an affiliate and I've advised this company before so don't come at me, like, "Oh, like, hey man?" What do you want me to do They're called fat bombs They taste like a better, more delicious peanut butter They've got macadamia nut butter, they've got chocolate hazelnut, the flavors are insane right? So I eat one of those packets It increases my fat, it makes me satiated, that means full

So, like, as a beginner, I used to eat more of those and put that on top of stuff I would find like a super low carb thing, put some stuff on top of that – Get some more calories in So try to find easy and fun ways to do this I'm gonna say this again – Like, this is the channel where we say normal shit I'm not trying to like, change your life forever and be like, :This is the most strict thing!" if you're super EXTREME crazy strict on stuff, you're more than likely gonna fail

So if you jump off the bandwagon, get back on the bandwagon It is a strict thing because you've got to get into a ketogenic state, but don't kill yourself and freak out My kid wanted to eat a pancake and she was like, "Can we have a pancake? You never eat with me! because you're super keto!" I had a pancake with her I'm not a b*stard My diets gonna be fine

I'm not a fitness model yet I could have been p*ssed off but I was like, "You know what? I'm a super dad like the Cape says

" She's happy, I'm happy I'll be keto in like two days Don't stress out if something happens You're in a business situation and ,like, you're not used to it -just just do it man! You've got to be comfortable with you and your strategy and how you do things Okay? So don't sweat the small stuff – but always be aware and be cognizant that you do have to hit a certain amount of fat and a low amount of carbs so you can be in ketosis, all right? Test your ketones with a bunch of keto strips The precision Extra is a great way to test your Ketones, and that's it! It's super simple – It's a beginner's guide The biggest part of a beginner is, like, don't freak out man – because people can be like, "All you've got to do – all these things!" Like, listen

You're not the keto police Leave me alone I'm gonna get keto in my own way, I'm gonna get into ketosis, and I'm gonna be fine Once you're good with it, you develop your own relationship with the foods you want to eat, the way that you want to do keto – make it your own I see too many people being like, "You can't have white monsters! You can't have too many Brussels sprouts! You can't have too many steaks because it's got protein!" Hey

Hey Keto Cop take it the F down! Chill I'm gonna make mistakes, and I'm gonna have brussels sprouts, and I'm gonna have a white monster – and I'm gonna be in ketosis If you don't like it, do keto your way

That's what you guys need to realize – you're not fighting anyone else's battle but your own Find the basis, the best way to do keto I'm actually gonna make a guide Guide made now it's down there

One is our Keeping It Keto group it's on Facebook Click the link in the description There's a lot of great information It's a super positive group – people are always there to help

we're there to help we'll give you great information, and try to help you in your keto journey too We're gonna make a keto guide on the beginner's guide to keto That'll be available for you as a download for free as well As always, I am Los, this is Keto Thoughts

Subscribe and press the little bell That'll give you notifications, because it helps me become more famous and more popular in the world of keto Thank you guys! I'll see you soon I want to thank you for watching this video, but I need a favor I need you to subscribe, I think that's down here

I will show up in your life Join the notification crew, and if you want to watch more videos go here, here, or there Okay? See ya

WEEK 1 HOW MUCH DID I LOSE? | 7 Days KETO DIET Results and Thoughts

hey guys welcome to my channel it's Iva Scelfo so yesterday it's marked seven days since I went onto a ketogenic diet and I would like to share with you my opinion and overall results I feel really good I did not experience any keto flu yet so when you are on a ketogenic diet or any type of low carb diet you have to watch out for your electrolytes levels which means you gotta be eating enough sodium potassium and magnesium so I made sure I've been eating plenty of avocados and I've been also taking my multivitamins my thirst increased by a lot the first four to five days but it's back to normal right now I'm still drinking a little more than I used to but not that excessive like I've been the first 4 to 5 days I've been intermitting to support my ketosis I've been following the eating window the 16/8 which means I would break my fast around one o'clock every day and make sure or try to not snack after 9 pm

I would not be really strict sometimes on the weekends we would have a breakfast but in general during the weekdays I'm really trying to follow the 16/8 window when my fat macros are low I would typically have a blood proof coffee which is a coffee with MCT oil or coconut oil and the butter or I would eat some pork rinds just to bump up the fat and not increase too much protein I've lost about 5 pounds which is awesome but I know it was mostly water weight which I'm completely fine with I'll keep doing what I'm doing and I know the results will come I haven't been doing any type of exercise the past last week besides everyday walking with the dogs overall I feel very good I am energized my tummy is much flatter which I'm very happy about while I was eating pasta and bread lots of carbs I would always get bloated and my stomach would be like six months 7 months pregnant so I really wake up now and I'm Way flatter which is awesome and I'm really happy about that in my intro in Turkey to lifestyle video I've talked about some mild gluten intolerance I've been experiencing I used to have like a little dry patches all over my arms here and there and for years and I would never pay attention to those until like past month when I actually did some research and I found out that it might be some gluten intolerance so I stopped eating gluten for a little while and it got better well I still do have here and there some little buns but I think it's too early to actually see some results as it takes way longer than a week for the body to detoxify and actually get rid of all the gluten so I think I'm gonna see your results little later on that's the cravings go I don't really have any particular cravings only like two days ago I've been craving a little bit something sweet so I made this amazing keto two ingredients crepes while you can go watch the video I'm gonna link it down below it was awesome so that really hit that spot and I did them bad I really I really don't crave any particular carbs or bread or anything I made keto bread I made Kea pancakes so we had a zucchini so I don't really crave pasta yet so pretty I'm doing pretty good in that department as well so how I typically eat I would try to keep lunch very simple just throw together some some stuff I already have in the fridge from previous night or I make some eggs just something really simple and quick and then I would plant something anew for dinner to experiment and try some new recipes I love cooking if you guys follow me on Instagram or watch my videos you probably by now figure it out that cooking is my hobby I track my macros every day using chronometer app you think I paid about five bucks for that but it was well worth it and I would typically in the mornings think of what I want to make for dinner today and in my head just plan how much I'm gonna eat and what's gonna be in that meal and edit roughly into the chronometer app so I kind of know where I am at and then I plan my lunch and snacks around that meal to actually hit my daily macros as I said if I'm low on fat that day I would throw in some avocados or I would make a bulletproof coffee or eat some pork rinds or something was really high in fat but not too much in protein the only challenge I've been having is really make sure that I don't go over my protein like all the meats cheeses there is protein and lots of stuff I didn't even know and it all adds up very quickly as you know your body if you eat too much of a protein your body will treat it as a glucose so it loses the point and it can kick you out out of ketosis and we don't want that so that's why I think using some kind of micro tracker it's awesome and it helps you even in the beginning when you don't really know how you should be eating so I definitely recommend using that or MyFitnessPal that's for free that's awesome one also what I've experienced is that I'm really not that hungry I don't really know what is it about eggs and avocados but if I throw those two together at lunch time I really have to force myself to snack at like five o'clock sometimes I even skip tonight because I'm just not hungry so I do definitely believe and I know it's truth and now I even tried out and it works eating higher fat satisfy for very longer you're not that much hungry and you actually eat less of a food as fat has more calories per gram than carbohydrates has definitely better for me intermittent fasting with keto diet together well I'm skipping breakfast I don't really have to think about five or six meals a day I eat three times a day so it's way easier to plan ahead it's way easier to meal prep you don't really have to still keep thinking what's the next meal and what for lunch routes for snacks it's very easier and I can control myself way better so for me so far ketogenic diet or ketogenic lifestyle is awesome I love it and I'm gonna keep doing it and I hope you're gonna keep watching my videos and follow my journey with me if you haven't yet please subscribe to my channel and give this video a thumbs up if you enjoyed it and I'm gonna see you again in the next video bye


hey guys today I'm gonna film for you another day of eating keto diet it's about one o'clock so for me it's time to break my fast and I want to make something simple for lunch I've been craving a little bit potatoes I am a big potato lover and you can't have those on keto diet so I read that actually some substitute for potatoes on keto diet would be a radishes and I happen to have some in my fridge so I'm gonna try to boil them and try these mock potatoes today so I got one Brad for some radishes I'm gonna have one hard ball equity and some sauerkraut and mustard I'm gonna start with boiling – you're a t-shirt I'm gonna peel my egg I always keep some hard-boiled eggs in my fridge just to snack on throughout the week and I hate peeling them do you have some tricks how to peel those leave me a comment down below I would love to hear that I tried putting salt in the water vinegar in the water putting them in an ice cold bath after cocaine but nothing helps I'm still having and it's a nightmare to peel it look at that by the time I'm done I'm gonna be eating just egg yolk last time at Walmart we saw this thing you would like crack the egg inside of it and cook it like already cracked in and when it's done you just like pop it out and the acts like perfectly nice boiled and no shell I don't know did you guys tried it that's the thing work it was like 20 bucks so I don't want to spend money on that without having some reviews so if you did try it let me know because this is literally my everyday nightmare I'm gonna fry it the sausage today I would grill it but I didn't want to start a girl just for myself so on the pan it goes I did some butter and old radishes as I would normally do if I had potatoes so I'm gonna give it a try I'm pretty curious so they say this tastes like a potato Wow it kind of does it differently take down all the like the spiciness from it they took the color for sugar and yeah I think it is pretty good I'm gonna enjoy it I do like yeah right option guys you should try and boil two radishes or you can also bake them but I think boiled will more remind you of potato this meal has 400 calories and about 56 net carbs so it's pretty good I think today it's pretty hard even ginger doesn't want to run around I'm still down I'm gonna go home and come out later I think I'm ready for afternoon coffee and I'm gonna have probably my keto chocolates I made the other day I made a video how to make those I'm just gonna link it over here and down below if you wanna check that out it's really simple four ingredients done in 10 minutes let's go home I decided to make an iced coffee so I'm just gonna I pour an iced coffee and I'm gonna put 1 servings of the whipping cream soda chock with guys as I said that believe you the recipe so I'm gonna have two of these and that's 120 calories to net carbs and almost 10 grams of fat are you also fascinated with this thing how beautiful that is when you pour your whipping cream into a coffee it's it's an art guys I love it guys for today snacks I'm just gonna have half of an tomato 1 ounce actually not even like 0

7 hands of mozzarella cheese 5 slices of her salami and point 7 ounce of nuts those are oven baked almonds for really good I'm also having a big glass of water with apple cider vinegar and lemon and I'm taking a minute to sit down and write down all ideas for a next week meal plan so this home has about 230 calories so it leaves me in calories for today's dinner and today is a taco night so I'm gonna start preparing the taco shells I got ma cheese here and there is a plenty of ways how you can do it you can either fry it on the pan you can pre-heat your oven and do it in the oven or you can also use a microwave today I'm gonna use the pan because I don't have a parchment paper or silicon mat and I don't wanna burn it and I also want to do more than one so I don't want to use a microwave so you wanna go ahead and spread your cheese and I got my setup here ready I know I use two glasses and a night you're gonna want to take the cheese out when it's still hot and put it over it and that's how you formed a nice taco shell of shape while I'm cooking this one's taking the spin here say hello say hello ginger you think guys that this is about what you want this is how you want to do it you place it like that and let it cool down for about a minute it's gonna form and cool down and it will be nice and crispy and I'm gonna do one more this is how it looks like when it's all cooled down very creep see cripsy I'm very crispy beautiful taco shell can't wait for the dinner guys it's time to prepare the dinner I got my taco shells ready and now I want to prepare the fillings so I've got my taco shells I already did I have about 8 ounces of ground beef this is the 80/20 fat to protein then I have some sour cream I'll be using some obviously chili pepper I have some tomato some onion and avocado to make my own vaca more and unfortunately I'm a Don lemons and limes so gonna eat it fast that it doesn't get brown then I have a lettuce of course and I have some cheddar here I'm not gonna use it it's for rap as my taco shells are already made from cheese and that would just be too much I'm gonna cook the meat with some taco seasoning and frying up on the pan and set up the table this is a lot of chili pepper I just licked my fingers after I cut it and well ciao we cannot have a taco night now as I told you I already preferred at all you can check it out so raps having a corn tortillas or corn taco shells and I'm having the cheese one so I'm gonna fill up myself a taco and give it a try how does a game-changer hallelujah kiddo I thought it's gonna break cuz they're really crunchy so do you enjoy our taco night mm-hmm well it's not a Tuesday by doesn't matter right it's so much better homemade my god I'm out of homemade taco and like it's been years I never had a homemade taco actually I never had a hard taco in my entire life it's not a big thing in check so it was my premium was it good hmm well I did shovel down the other taco come on move so I think and we're gonna check out for today so if you did enjoy this video please give it a thumbs up as usual and don't forget to subscribe and I'm gonna see you tomorrow bye


hey guys welcome to my channel my name is Iva Scelfo and today i would like to show you the recipe for awesome Kido peanut butter cookies so you would want to go ahead and pre-heat your oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit and the ingredients for the peanut butter cookies are 1 cup of unsweetened peanut butter quarter cup of almond flour sweetener if you're using everything or you would use 2/3 of a cup if you using stevia you would use about half a cup I am using this concentrated stevia so I have two tablespoons and one egg now we're going to mix all the ingredients together now when you have all the ingredients mixed together we're gonna place them on the cooking sheet you would use a parchment paper or silicone mat I don't have either of it so I'm gonna just spray my pain with some coconut oil just to prevent the cookies from sticking now we're gonna make about one-inch big balls out of the dough I'm gonna use a tablespoon just to help me handle the dough better about that big and I'm gonna keep going until I have used all the dough it makes total of 17 boss if you do use a one table spoon to scoop the dough but you wanna do now is take your fork and press off on each of the balls slightly down in both directions to press them down into this little cookie shape press one side another side gently I will keep going till I have done all the cookies all done let's put these cookies into the oven for about 15 minutes guys that's it amazing four ingredients Kido peanut butter cookies are all done I hope you're gonna give this recipe a try if you do so please leave me comments down below and let me know how did you like it if you did like this video please give it a big thumbs up and subscribe to my channel and I'm gonna see you again soon in another video

[Preview] How Matt and Megha became interested in the keto diet

I played college basketball and at that time I was not at all health-conscious I was, you know, like drinking Coca-Cola, a two liter every single night after practice

-That's not keto -No So then I was just going down the general path of nutrition like I was eating a vegetarian diet for a while and just trying to tone in on what really worked for me And then the real event that led me to keto was watching that sugar film -I don't know if you've seen that -Sure, it was fun And not necessarily that it advocates for keto but it points out how much sugar we eat on a daily basis in healthy foods, like yogurt, orange juice, things like that, like whole grain bread And I really calculated and I was like, "I'm eating 200 g of sugar a day, this is crazy

" So if I cut out this one chemical that I'm eating so much of, how different will I feel? So we did that together We kind of did it as a challenge, we have just started dating at the time And we felt great I had a desk job at the time, I was a computer engineer, just like typing all day So you really notice the difference when you are in that kind of profession where you are focused and the big thing is just the 2 o'clock crash that was going

That was the worst part of the day because you know, without lunch you couldn't get any work done -So no more crash, huh? -Yeah So since then I've just basically been sticking to it, by definitely improving and like fine-tuning it along the way -Bio hacking -Yeah

I was always like fantasizing myself as kind of a bio hacker, like Dave Asprey bulletproof guy So you've just started dating when you both started this So how was it for you? So we were three months dating and I was like, "I'll just jump on board I love carbs, but I will impress him" So I started doing it The first thing I noticed aside from the focus was the change in my menstrual cycle It got a lot better, no cramping, no bloating, no like cravings, you know the, "I need to eat everything", and then the guilt of eating everything So all this went away in the first month of doing the keto diet

So that for me was enough to stick to it

How To Make Keto Stir Fry Thai Chicken – British Cook

Hey how are you? Welcome back It's British cook this is gonna be weightloss Wednesday because I need to lose quite a lot of weight, and hopefully you can join me on this journey too MUSIC INTRO Today is a keto recipe, high protein, high fat with quite a lot of vegetables and a good bit of fiber in it Perfect for serving four or five people so this will be my version of a green Thai curry That's quick to make home easy to make and bring free keto diet also And also don't forget about Sunday savers video, I've got a video coming out every sunday Showing you how to make a nice low cost budget meal and feast out Friday's Cheat day, feast out Fridays, this when we don't care about the calories the carbs or the costs

So join me on my journey click that subscribe button now Don't forget Please share this on Facebook on Twitter with family or with your friends Thank you, so ingredients We've got three chicken breasts Coconut milk, that's a whole can of it some green Thai curry paste that saves a lot of time 🙂 Some light soy sauce Apple cider vinegar, 2 red sweet peppers now over here We've got one teaspoon of chilli flakes 1 teaspoon of ginger and Two teaspoons of garlic granules so here we've got around about 3 cups or four hundred grams of mix veg I've got carrots in there I've got cabbage or Pak Choi Got bean sprouts peppers, all sorts of things so first thing they do is chop up the chicken breast and start to marinade that Nice big thick chunks, so There we go nice big chunks

Let's get this into a marinade This is a quick marinade, about 30 minutes to an hour You can leave it longer if you want to Sometimes these herbs and spices stain a Bowl so I will use a plastic bag for this in the plastic bag go see 2 teaspoons of garlic powder 1 teaspoon of ginger ground One teaspoon of red chili flakes I know it's a green Thai curry, but I like to get a bit of extra taste on my chicken Into the bag one tablespoon of vinegar Use a white wine vinegar if you can get one I've got an apple cider vinegar here, anything that's a white light vinegar will be fine One tablespoon of light soy sauce and one good tablespoon of green Thai curry paste Chicken in the bag Make sure you give it a good mix around Then pop it in the fridge for at least half an hour to marinade Give your surface a quick spray and wipe if you'll be using the same surface or nearby Get a clean knife and chop your peppers Obviously you can cut these length ways and take the seeds out I think this seeds are a great source of nutrition and protein so I leave them in there

There's only a few anyway It's no big deal So there We go nice big chunks of red sweet pepper A top tip, for getting coconut milk or anything else it sets in the can out It's a put into boiling water all I do is I get a bowl I've boiled water and I then leave this in the bowl for about 20 minutes or until the water goes cold, so It's liquid and not a solid inside

Get that frying pan nice, and hot I'm gonna be using olive oil I would really suggest using coconut oil for this if you have it get much better taste I thought I had some turns out I don't have raw coconut olive oil going in Okay oils nice and hot chicken goes in LOUD SIZZLING This smells lovely, it's really worth doing a bit of ginger, a bit of chili Just get that taste into the chicken If this type of cooking is a type of thing you enjoy then click that subscribe button down below That's bubbling away nicely , let's get those red peppers in There's an amazing smell coming from this and we've only just started When you see the peppers have started to soften up, and there's a lot of liquid coming out of it all That's when you ought to drop the next lot of veg in In it goes! Pop that on top Don't worry it'll cook down in a few minutes In there we've got cabbage or bok choy We've got bean sprouts We've got peppers We've got carrot We've got a little bit of onion all sorts of things and this little mixture of Veg Here So that's all bubbling away nicely now, and if this is a sort of food that you enjoy to eat

Please click the subscribe button Green thai curry paste, it is up to you How much of this you put in it depends? How hot it is and on your personal preferences I suggest you use at least half a cup More like three quarters I've got here in grams 285 grams which is a small jar I'm going to put all of that in because I like mine with a good kick In goes the curry paste Very fragrant lemongrass, ginger Just let that paste infuse for a few minutes, and then you want to add your coconut milk

In goes the coconut milk I've put half the can of coconut milk in that's around about 200 millimetres half a can you can always add more It's not quite enough, but you can't take it back out, so why so much chili? Well I love chili I think it's good for you I think this health benefits to it, and I think it also helps speed up your metabolism Not too much, so we don't want to speed up that metabolism too much for chili That's not a pleasant thing It's not often I like some to have a green tinge to it, but this delicious green Thai curry Fantastic red peppers bean sprouts, so many other things to eat you can have it with riced cauliflower spiralised carrot However you want I'm gonna eat mine Just like this the coconut milk all these vegetables

It's gonna be delicious So there we go Delicious low carb, high protein, high fat high fiber Thai green curry SIZZLES