TACO BELL MUKBANG with CURLY GIRL CHELS | Chicken Power Bowl, Mexican Pizza, Doritos Loco Tacos

hi guys it's Keila I am back with another video I'm pretty sure you can tell by this big drink we went and got some yeah yes and by popular demand I have my 60 with me hey guys this is curly girl shelf I will have all her links in the description box below definitely check her out she is on back at YouTube camp now so you'll probably be I'll probably be in her videos and she'll probably be in my videos but yeah let's go ahead and get into what we got the guy he was so sweet I look he think he was flirting with me though yeah he gave me all the sauces though look at all that dough girl alright oh she's cook they're everywhere here all right girl let's show them what we got and then we can go ahead and get this done now like what smells good I just got the chicken Powerball or chicken menu ball um they go by two names but I got this with no beans no rice and no sour cream and this is completely Kido it has chicken cheese some avocado ranch pico de gallo and some avocado and I also got a side of nacho cheese because the nacho cheese there is only three grams of carbs and since I did it in a red fasting I can a lot for the three carbs and some chips some homemade low-carb tortilla chips I got the cut to carb if you guys saw my la keto meetup we got these in our little swag bag so I've been testing out different recipes and honestly they're they're amazing they're so handsome yes so you guys having tanks and Chelsea show them what you got all right so get into it so I got these little burritos tacos so nacho ones those used to be my favorite oh I'm so jealous cream so they have a meal where you get three of them so I just did that shoot my ham I mean I haven't had in a while so and I also got Mexican pizza haven't had that in a while either look at the UPS like all the tomatoes are on one side okay you know it was late it's actually late we're coming this late they were a freshie it looks alright so let's go ahead and do that now okay I think we got one good one thanks for letting me use your drink as a prop in a pond okay I am so tired of staring at this food yes let's go ahead and get into it what's your favorite sauce a Taco Bell I really love the hot sauce what about you I like the mild and then sometimes I think that I can't remember what the green one oh the green I'm gonna try the fire I don't know if I tried this one before the model disabled you said all I rock with is the mouth of mine come on Chelsea break out of your shell now I'm just kidding I know it works I don't know why well that hot when I can actually smell smell though show them the top row girls good one thing I can inspire I got the supreme and I think that just put all the sour cream on one side I hate when they do that all right really okay yes I saw some people try this out it's fairly new I think I talked about the first I've really seen a bit so I mean I'll let you guys know if it's good I got it with chicken you could get it with um steak and veggies it's pretty good hmm I've had chips and dip and forever this is amazing I cannot believe I can have talked about now this is like I hope you guys get from these mukbang but you honestly can choose wisely anywhere you go and still have it be keto friendly you just got out tweak some things around you know mmm this little drink is good what is it oh no I thought I was getting like a mountain Dew type the drink I just got what was in there and I think it's like a whether there's last drinks the green one it's pretty good yeah that was a popular one they have that in I think Walmart at one point I remember everyone was long crazy that they can get it I'm just seriously making a mess over here understand Wow sorry I'm not talking so much mm-hmm but we kind of hungry oh yeah what time is it it's like 11:00 something here yeah I haven't eaten all day no it's Saturday night and Taco Bell was just carried by their mama was yeah every right I just got a Lacroix live know me my favorite is the orange but hey the lime worship whoo that's strong oh this probably be good with that like to give extra fizz yeah someone's a little bit sweeter it's kind of sweet mm-hmm have you had to climb of course before yeah yeah yeah I've had it a lot of times actually my favorite is still the orange but mine's not bad because I did love a sprite growing up that was my drink what's your favorite soda so since me and my sister are probably going to be doing a lot more videos together let me know the questions that you want me to ask my boo she knows me the most out of everyone in my life so you know I'm telling you I'm gonna tell you guys the craziest story that happened alright so I'm coming to work and I wasn't at work the day before so I'm coming in and the girls they're my co-workers were like oh my gosh Kayla a girl called in and her name was same as yours spelled the same way kei la she pronounced it Kayla was like oh my gosh that's crazy so I thought thought you know nothing of it I went ahead and set up the information I needed to kind of like put all the information in the computer so I just found that to be kind of strange so you know this thing's kind of already started off pretty strange so the day goes by and nothing else strange happens I get home and my mom space time eating me of course I'm looking like a bum because I'm not thinking anything of it because it's my mom and she doesn't care what I look like but mm-hmm so she's talking to me like normal and then she's randomly just like I have so many what I want you to meet I'm all right whoo I'm think that's what I heard teach your friends here's the story leading up to it my mom was like there's this girl I had to stop her because she reminded me of you that I was like brilliant whoo-hoo she and she's like she's right here she said the crazy thing is her name is Kayla – and I'm like okay now the beginning of the day I I'm filling that named Kayla stalls it the same way as me kei LA and then my mom's on the phone with me and she's like I met this girl reminded me of you and her name is Kayla she literally looked like me so Kayla chambers if you guys if you're watching it come and say hi hey yeah I wrote your name down and everything's I remember it yeah but I I'm saying that because she actually watches my videos so I find that just completely crazy my mom is in Japan right now she's India coat art she was in the ACOTA at the time and I used to live in Yokota so it's like full circle I lived in Yokota and there's literally someone watching me and you Koda so I just want to shout out I just want to shout out Kayla chambers thanks so much for watching and thanks for finding my mom my dad all right and anytime you do want to come to California let me know we can you know hang out or whatever so please tell me this is that it is yeah I think oh hell no good night Lucy I'm not very many maybe hmm these cut the carb I just cut them into like tortilla strips they kind of taste like um crackers I could see this being great like in place of crackers for like a lunchable style meal so like with like salami and cheese or with ham and cheddar they are pretty good I don't think I could ever have enough sauce Yeah right I had to do my own and hot sauce okay I was just switch it out just a little bit you know add a little bit I don't know sometimes I like means sometimes I don't you cut your Mexican piece of like how I cut my my pancakes oh yeah thank you it's nice yeah yeah you want to want it too yeah what is your favorite item at Taco Bell like I went there and I haven't gone there and forever the whole menu looks different I know it's also my role of chicken something they look good that should try the taquitos yeah I wanted you to treasure this charred one I like the cheesy gordita crunch I didn't get that because I just kind of felt like them yeah I haven't had this in a while no but that's usually my go-to if I'm reelin can yeah I used to love the cheesy gordita cracked I love the five layer burrito do they still have those Joe's we're really late I mean those are huge though but they were good all right you followed it and this was back in like fourth grade you were – I'm no longer hmm this is good all right I'm gonna have to go to Taco Bell more often I didn't even know like I could even get key two options there I like trying to find the key to option and making it still taste good like this by itself it's like without the nacho cheese would have been a little bland I mean it so would have been good a taco salad but you can make a taco salad at home you want once the nacho cheese and I have to worry about it you know yeah well I got skinny you can kind of deconstruct anything pretty much yeah and this originally came with the rice and beans I just asked for men of an ask them for the side so message you can have them yeah for later cuz it's like we're paying for that I mean if that's it that's the thing holding you up like oh well it's still the same cops get that aside for the house for somebody else see this fire sauce this is what I'm talking about this is what the best wingman ever alright you can't read it but it says best wings I remember have you tried the Diablo no wait I think I did one time let me try it I'm just going to try on like one piece of chicken I'll put a good amount on it – it's good that's not hot it's good though I like the flavor of it now we know like the heat is like an afterthought you know first initial okay – mass Karl we're definitely two different types of eaters okay I'm just old Mike runs things like that going places right she's a very conservative so the very beginning I dropped it tomato y'all probably see everybody killed me I still hate it but however I got that I'm not so then what's the next meal you want to eat with me I'm already thinking in the next one I do want to try some wings it's been a long time since we did wings I'm going to just a moment oh I can do them any time don't even worry you want Buffalo Wild Wings you've never had it not a wink that Bravo I know what you need to try something different that's honesty so then we're doing we're gonna do buffalo wings I've put there one time and our target I think I've tried to get like a buffalo I think that's a traditional but how I got it I don't know if I got it right because it was it was or maybe the place I went to it wasn't really like the stops wasn't really there like me was just trying to hear something but I was like oh man I'm literally trying to get every last bit of this cheese cuz it's not then I'm done you know I did that I did that Hey whenever you internet fast no pill even less I have no clue whatsoever with our finally this how many depressed excited to read those cars in Cerritos of course you'd like it how good it was I just got it cuz I was like hmm actually one thing I hate about being Kia like a whole bunch of lettuce salad and she's just eating goodness and still not done because I'm a really fast eater and she's a really slow eater I decided to enjoy each bite all the way act that's foreign to me I don't even know what chewing is alright I'm gonna go ahead and let her finish this because I am done if you guys like this video and want me to make more videos with my lovely sister Chelsea please give this video a thumbs up and let me know the questions that you want me to ask ask her or you want her to ask me I think that'd be a little bit exciting in our videos but I will see you guys in the next one ah okay I can't reach it no I got you doc was dead I'm definitely any of that again