Smoothies For Weight Loss Women 50 And Over

Long time no podcast guys
Hello guys I’m Anni. — Hi guys I’m Mazi, skinny Mazi 🙂
Today I want to share my experiences of losing weight over the last two months
He’s wearing the sweater that I tried in my last Uniqlo video
The very first one, it’s a small size!
In our previous vlog we asked you guys if Mazi lost some weight
many of you said yes, and left comments asking him to make a video about how you lost so much weight
I lost a total of 10KG in the last 40 days
using the method of Intermittent Fasting
In particular, One Meal A Day
hahaha you gon scare a lotta people
Eating habits when I was FAT
When you were fat, you were in a constant state of hunger
Every single meal you would eat so much
and during the night you would often have late night snacks (or a burger)
You always wants to eat. — Mazi: well not always?…
Well that’s the impression you gave me
First I’ll share with you my eating habits back then
I always skip breakfast in the morning, so everyday after 9am I’m always starving
with an empty stomach, at 10am at work, we have food delivery
I always get something small to eat straight away at 10am
The bigger meal is for lunch
Everyday after 1:00. — You are hungry again? — nonono
I always have a period of drowsiness
People always feel that after they are full
After a while, I would feel more energized, but it’s simply because the glucose level has dropped
which means I’m close to feeling hungry again
UP and DOWN, UP and DOWN, every single day.
My heaviest was 90KG
Shake it baby
I’m now 77KG. — yeah he is 182cm tall
Why did you want to start losing weight
OK so can I ask you a question
why did you want to start losing weight all of a sudden?
because I didn’t push you or anything, you just started all of a sudden
yeah you only said I was FAT a couple times huh. — yeah
One night I saw this video on YouTube
titled Why I eat one meal a day
It had freaking 11 millions views
3 times our total views for the channel
I first thought this is crazy, so I wanted to check out what this guys wanted to say
after finishing the video, I made up my mind to give it a try next day
On the first day, I was hungry after 10am
The food delivery guy always says: ‘ lunch guys ‘ to us
Everyday I would be the first to go
Skipping the 10am meal was ok,
but when it was 12, my stomach was already empty for a long time
and I was feeling a bit light headed
I knew there’s no food, so I decided to take a walk
and ran out of gas after only two circles
always with this thought in my head: OMG how long has it been since I last ate something?
since dinner at 7pm last night to now midday, it’s been 17 hours
and I’m walking? Ok forget about it I’m taking a nap in the car
I had this slight stomach pain from the hunger
but after the nap it was pretty much gone
not hungry anymore? — Yeah I no longer felt hungry
like the old saying ‘past the hunger time’
Even on the first day, it was clear to me that I no longer had the crash after midday
and I was so clear-headed and quick thinking
On the first day after 4pm, I was at the limit
When I got home and smelt the food that your mum made
my mum was cooking that day? — yeah I guess? — It could be me — oh yeah it could have been you
Oh yes I remember it was definitely you
That first bite of food was an amazing feeling you know
so happy — yeah, because I felt like I earned the right to eat
You know what I mean? Not because the clock said so
After 3 to 4 days it was clear that my hunger was decreasing slowly
to sum up the first week’s experience
It changed my perception of hunger
Definition of Intermittent Fasting
IF doesn’t have specific hours in which you have to follow
It’s the practice of limiting you eating hours into a smaller time window
which gives you a longer period in which you are in a fasting state
my one meal isn’t just eating for 30 mins and I’m done
after dinner I’ll take a walk and I usually have some fruit
I never count calories because I’m doing OMAD — Yeah you’ll never have as much calories as before
If you are still eating 3 meals a day
If you want to lose weight
but you still eat 3 meals a day, it’s gonna be difficult
because every meal you need to count calories
unless you exercise a lot that you are sure you are in caloric deficit everyday
you test yourself 3 times a day, I test myself only once
Not only is it easier, you can also save a lot of money doing this
No breakfast, no lunch — save money, peace of mind, and saves time
About Hunger
I’m curious how you were feeling at the beginning
It must took you a while to get adjusted
Many people think that hunger increases with time in a linear way
But it’s not — the longer you fast, the more hungry you feel, but it’s not
Say a person eats three meals a day
You feel a bit hungry before 7am
lunchtime comes and you feel hungry again
and before dinner you are hungry yet again
Hunger is a signal that your brain sends out, which is conditioned by your daily eating pattern
It’s telling you: it’s time to eat
By changing the frequency of eating in a day, I’m breaking that old pattern that I have in my brain
breaking the habit is always painful at first
but in my second week, that hunger during lunchtime is pretty much gone
everyday when I weigh myself was really something
Oh yes — it was dropping so quickly
everyday you were telling me how much weight you have lost
I think it was about 250 grams everyday
so it was really motivating, because I have never succeeded in losing weight
I tried exercising more, but it never worked, because I didn’t change my eating habits
Any side effects?
Did you have any side effects or felt uncomfortable?
Like a lot of girls, she tried to lose weight by eating a lot less food than she normally eats
but I don’t know if she was doing OMAD
after a while she told me she had stomach issues
last few days I skipped breakfast because of your influence
and my mum was telling me: you must always have breakfast, otherwise you will have kidney stones
Having breakfast is simply ‘breaking the fast’
Many people say breakfast is the most important meal of the day
but actually every meal I have is technically breakfast
I’m only delaying it, if we look at it this way
People who do 16+8 fasts, they are having breakfast around 12
there are so many contradicting theories when it comes to nutrition and eating habits
When you eat 3 meals, and each meal you only have a tiny amount of food
you will be in a constant state of hunger
have a bite and stop for three times a day, is very different from having one full meal a day
this is so different from the belief that you should eat more meals with less portion
In other words, don’t eat when you don’t feel hungry
don’t treat eating as something you have to do to the clock
Traditionally people believe
You must eat after you just woke up
But how many people have an appetite after they just woke up?
I never have it, I always wait until I’m hungry then eat
and my mum will say it’s not good
actually I’m thinking, this fasting period of 16 hours
you are not having snacks in this 16 hours — I’m doing 20 hours
it means you are probably having less calories than before, surely you’ll lose weight
But for the same calories, if you break them down to 8 meals, it’s completely different from 1 meal
which is why IF has a strict eating window
Your friend, it’s likely she had a few meals a day with very small portions
every time when you eat, gastric acid is produced
and the stomach will continue producing it even after the food is digested, that’s when you feel uncomfortable
After my one meal is digested, the stomach is empty, and after some time the stomach will stop producing acid
everyday in the afternoon, my stomach is pretty much resting, like sleeping
but if you eat a bit, stop a few hours, then eat again, you constantly have acid in there
it never gets to rest
Why continue OMAD
Recently my weight has stabilised at 77KG
but I’m still doing OMAD
Strictly speaking it’s two meals, I often have some fruit at 4pm, I have 4 hour eating windows
To be honest, I feel lighter in every way
When I was heavy, everyday in the afternoon I would feel a bit dizzy
Yeah you would call on the way back, because you feel sleepy when driving
Yeah I often feel like that, my friend tells me I may have had high blood pressure
After these 40 days, I’ve never had that dizzy feeling again
Just thought of something else interesting. Every day in the afternoon
I can feel my body temperature drop a little bit
Hands and feet a bit cold
So I was a little worried, and did some research
It turns out many people who do IF have the same experience
After consuming all the energy from the previous meal, the body turns to the stored fat
wow so you’re losing weight when you are cold
It’s like the body is in power saving mode
OMAD The biggest benefits
I think the best thing about OMAD is
there’s no need to count calories, no need to control how much you eat in a meal
which just seems so complicated and annoying to me
You can still eat the delicious foods
So in a way, I used to be happy three times a day, now I’m happy once a day
My friends asked me: how are you managing to do this every day?
I said to him: being hungry now is me paying my debts for eating too much in the past
what goes around comes around
He just decided to do this one day
and now it’s been more than 2 months
I’m used to it, and no longer want to have 2 or 3 meals a day
I just really admire your determination
I’m pretty bad at dealing with hunger, I can’t go too long without food
I used to think like that too
When most people first hear about OMAD, many are skeptical
‘It must be bad for the body’ But why?
and also, if you don’t even give it a try, how do you know that you can’t do it?
wow you should say it to the camera
If you’ve never tried it, it may be difficult to understand why I’m continuing this lifestyle even after I lost all this weight
People shouldn’t focus on the numbers too much
losing weight is a by-product of you adopting a healthier lifestyle
weight going down is only one of the many benefits
but we should always be chasing after health
I personally feel much healthier than before
Normally you eat OMAD Monday to Friday which is the time you go to work
in the weekends you switch back to 2 meals, as sometimes we go out and eat
which I think is another huge benefit
you can give yourself breaks
It’s actually a confidence in myself
During weekends I eat a lot more, but I’m never worried because I know when Monday comes I’ll get back to OMAD
How to get started?
I want to lose some weight too, I’m not light at all considering my height
I just lack the courage to get started, afraid of failure
Maybe it’s my personality, I always like to go to the extremes
Maybe I can start with 16+8
Yes — It’s relatively easier
10am – 6pm — so you have to finish eating by 6pm? maybe that’s too early
12pm to 8pm then — yeah so no breakfast, starting first meal at 12
and finishing second meal before 8
Yeah I think this is relatively easier — It’s pretty easy
So within the 8 hour window, can I have snacks?
Intermittent Fasting is about WHEN you eat, not WHAT you eat
Of course, the less junk you consume, the better the results
If I had McDonalds every day, there’s no way I would have the same results
So I’ll give IF a try?
Also my parents, they have been doing IF
They’re doing 16+8 — yeah two meals a day
My mum has lost about 5 KG
so now my biggest obstacle is I lack the confidence
I’m afraid that I may not be able to sustain it long term, afraid of failure
It really is about giving it a try
You can’t think about the next 2 to 3 months when you haven’t even started
I’ll start tomorrow — Yeah give it a try tomorrow, just 1 less meal than before
If you can do it the first day, you can do it the second day
Don’t give yourself a strict number to chase after
I didn’t lose weight after two days, so I’ll forget about it
You need to stick to it at least 3 to 4 days until the body adjusts
and your weight WILL drop
I know, it’s all about taking the first step
Of course, if you are almost fainting from fasting, please have some food
Pay attention to how you feel, and do it gradually
I make this video hoping to give you guys some inspirations
Is breakfast really the most important?
Do we really need 3 meals a day? Many people say 5 meals are better
What’s the correct way?
It’s all about you experimenting, and finding that pattern that really works for you
it is YOUR body after all, you know exactly how you feel
OK so that’s it for this video
Good luck guys — ADD OIL!

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