Scuffed Logan Paul on Keto Diet [VOD: May 15, 2018]

hamcrab : we want new emotes @MitchJones gorgai : πŸ™‚ EvlOrc : Pog gorgai : Yes πŸ™‚ kedpe : greekB1 greekB2 Flawesome : Hi HeyGuys Godlio : HeyGuys KURTlS_ : PogChamp snipy_plays : Yo neymarbeast123 : greekB1 greekB2 TunnelSnakes_RuIe : live POGGERS itsDiety : HI Awesome_DoDo : @MitchJones when are you moving over to youtube anon_blazes_420g : sounds like bullshit Godlio : Kappa supeerius : diet OMEGALUL toxicboyxx : Ree DashHex : sick my ass TunnelSnakes_RuIe : 😑 eat more sugar 😑 gorgai : Okay, get well soon πŸ™‚ <3 darknessx420 : POGGERS Godlio : REAL Kappa realmeneatplants : eat sugar retard maxmrris : nahhhhhhh wheres fortnite EvlOrc : thank you for not streaming fortnite lazycloud3 : asparagus PogChamp PogChamp monkaSeeD : TriHard 7 William7332 : what made you go on keto diet tiramisooo : I do keto, it's rough in the beginning, but it gets better after a week or 2 phavela : Live? PogChamp Trattbasse : Ketocucks LUL iabh : YOU BETTER GET WELL FOR ICE RV TRIP 😑 DealerMDL : eat sugar dumbass zacherypower : Sup mitch herculian92 : Yo Mitch what it doo ChickenLP : who is this guy TunnelSnakes_RuIe : LUL crispychrisz : lower the flame Holyace : ew asparagus ohreallylol : THAT ASPARAGUS IS DEAD DOOD kincade_ : scraping the fuck out of that pan ChickenLP : nice cooking πŸ™‚ Katy353 : hi mitch whynotswegdaat : More garlic PogChamp anon_blazes_420g : @MitchJones mitch does that blonde girl do anal? dylanguilbeault : More oil mattjeeh : using fork NotLikeThis Flawesome : most likely StrawHatCarter : You playing again this Friday? ObviouslyLad : hey FrinkerZ : @qasdew21 Ditch has been live for 1 minute Broboring : FOOD STREAM POGGER BilIy : TriHard Bananiwa : its fine, you need more oil BilIy : TriHard BilIy : cmonBruh TunnelSnakes_RuIe : you can eat it but it will taste like shit EvlOrc : needs OIL Janoblak1 : dont use a fork bruh BigBoyPlumber : inb4 cancer BilIy : FOOD STREAM PogChamp PokerCx : dude add oIL itsbooston : Just in time Kreygasm ChickenLP : @daniel_hoops TriHard 7 choom : stop using a fork retard lazycloud3 : yeah PokerCx : DUDE ADD OIL its burning Selfmotivati0n : @MitchJones go fortnite stream after SXDRobbie : TriHard wusogi : RAT IRL BilIy : LuL Daniel_Hoops : @chickenlp triHarder 7 StrawHatCarter : @mitchjones you playing this Friday too ? KURTlS_ : take it out if its done or it'll keep burning ogeeid : Why with a fork? LUL ObviouslyLad : didn't you learn anything from living with Tyler it needs OIL whynotswegdaat : Drink piss after eating that πŸ™‚ Nightbot : Join our Discord! https://discord

gg/Mitch Yasen200 : WHERES THE OIL WTF FrinkerZ : @relum Ditch has been live for 2 minutes eskoez : is voldemort in here?! iabh : no mira to drink your asparagus piss squadF gorgai : Just be happy 4Head Perry_TP : carbs Sayekran : I'm addicted to Coffee FeelsBadMan PokerCx : you arent even fat tankintampz : ask greek EleGiggle Daniel_Hoops : @biliy I’m not allowed to sub to many people ? greekBruh graphBoi ChickenLP : rip Pan πŸ™‚ rip food πŸ™‚ BilIy : BigBrother TOXIC Francesco8144 : low carb wont fix your brain it will make you ev BilIy : BigBrother TOXIC anon_blazes_420g : @MitchJones mitch does that blonde girl do anal? wusogi : πŸ™‚ darknessx420 : drink water Sayekran : Not enough ATP Kappa kincade_ : not about being fat lol its about being healthy hihixddddddd : DansGame KURTlS_ : sugar withdrawals are real Forblings : literally the second i tuned in he mentions his mental health :/ zacherypower : hottedGasm Aquaterion : wait fortnite has a new cooking mode? whynotswegdaat : Just eat raw garlic B) ohreallylol : @MitchJones THATS THE TOXINS LEAVING YOUR BODY Relum : Asparagus makes your piss smell bad @MitchJones Bananiwa : youre prob consuming like 500 cal a day lol Rmondthebigwillyman : DONT SCRAPE THE PAN WITH THE FUCKING FORK NotLikeThis Varahiilxs : DOG FOOD OMEGALUL whynotswegdaat : Eggs for detox LUL Sayekran : Kappa Daniel_Hoops : @biliy triCMON * Nightbot : Subscribe to Mitch's YouTube channel – https://youtubecom/MitchJonesTheLaw Rmondthebigwillyman : DONT SCRAPE THE PAN WITH THE FUCKING FORK NotLikeThis Bananiwa : lmfaoooooooo ohreallylol : LUL DamonKBrown : LUL pew6 : OMEGALUL PokerCx : jesus christ sillysam419 : You need protein lol Rmondthebigwillyman : OMEGALUL eskoez : LUL Bananiwa : so scuffed loukascx : wtf is that Relum : FailFish Janoblak1 : pro cook Haunted32 : Bro get a big spoon kincade_ : The way mitch does things is very tilting BilIy : yes Ullvang : NO lazycloud3 : nah Yeah_Im_Garrett : NO PokerCx : EAT IT pew6 : DansGame iNocturne : ew theo18 : cmonBruh Sayekran : monkaS PokerCx : EAT IT no balls LUL whynotswegdaat : Drink some of that vinegar Jaenisch : copying ape LUL loukascx : dont give garlic to the dog Sayekran : WTF hurtsi222 : i was expecting fortnite LuL loukascx : they can kill him Kaylon : nice fortnite gameplay Olg1erd : ANELE alb55 : EAT THEM alb55 : PETA whynotswegdaat : Dog looks spooky friendly_trihard_ : Kids in TriHard could of eatin that glenngould14 : clean the floor Daniel_Hoops : SAVED THE DOGGO nymnP itsDiety : eat it Nightbot : Follow Mitch on Twitter – https://twitter

com/MitchJonez eskoez : bed?! itsDiety : E A T I T TunnelSnakes_RuIe : FeelsBadMan alb55 : ? go to bed ayowhatsupdude : ???? EvlOrc : touched floor, didn't wash hands FailFish DansGame Selfmotivati0n : @MitchJones go fortnite stream after Mitzki : DAY R U I N E D eskoez : go to bed, its fucking 8:40am trivium159 : Jebaited 899pete : TriHard maddhacker24 : asparagas for breakfast? lol hurtsi222 : ???????????? Janoblak1 : just stream now fuck it Rosenich : Put camera on counter????? Knutw : DansGame gorgai : fly to la then go with ice to the eastcoast on RV πŸ™‚ PokerCx : ahhahahahah lazycloud3 : lol Saint_99 : boil the asparagus why fry it? DamonKBrown : DansGame Norium : Have you ever actually been on "the grind"? BilIy : TriHard BestOnRustralasia : DansGame ObviouslyLad : DansGame loukascx : ahahahahaha torsksmiskaren : lol DamonKBrown : wow nice stream bro theo18 : you could update us on twitter LUL Daniel_Hoops : graphBOI darknessx420 : graphWHAT Relum : ??????????????? anon_blazes_420g : ditch jones! eskoez : are you fucking serious phosgene22 : ditch KapitalDcolon : GREAT STREAM tankintampz : really? whynotswegdaat : CyA DamonKBrown : 5 mins that has to be a record hurtsi222 : ?????????? OMEGALUL PR0fessor02 : ??? Knutw : πŸ™‚ SXDRobbie : 5 mins OMEGALUL ExpectJustice : ayo yayo jones Top_Knotch1 : !uptime ObviouslyLad : good stream OMEGALUL darknessx420 : GOOD STREAM 4Head theo18 : 5 MINUTES STREAM OMEGALUL Relum : ???????????????????? ohreallylol : HELL NO GwynnyJRE : stop being a pussy jesus iNocturne : desint 2* BilIy : TriHard BilIy : cmonBruh Omigoshe : DITCH JONES BilIy : cmonBruh Rulik0 : Feed the doggo tankintampz : alright Mitch, feel better fucker rektbud : LOOOL bzqut : eu stream relict : sure Kappa GwynnyJRE : just put camera down and talk Jaenisch : 5 mins such an idiot just enough to bait donos and sub ohreallylol : NO twite77 : bye rektbud : LOOOOOOL MannyPanties : BYE DOGGO kedpe : It’s ok get rest djfreshfrijole : greekP lolzarrro : GO TO THE DOCTOR IF YOU FEEL SICK MITCH deatron_live : FrankerZ theo18 : ????????????? alb55 : 30 min kedpe : Get some rest man Knutw : J OMEGALUL N E S iNocturne : 4min stream Diiveer : is mitch going pro at fortnite now? kedpe : greekGASM eskoez : wow PogChamp Suro_ : Jebatied Teeth0 : Gtfo pop some pills and let's see the house rektbud : GRINDING FORTNITE BTW LUL CelebrityDeathmatch : 500 Andy vaticanassassin7g : !uptime ogeeid : mahDog mahDog mahDog mahDog mahDog mahDog glenngould14 : no you won't b8n5i1 : Keep going CaptChunky : Who cares alb55 : go IRL i_eat_xp : Idiot mate bzqut : monkaS RalpherZ loukascx : damn thats nice tankintampz : you better be on time tomorrow fuck face mattjeeh : EAT DOGS ASS 😑 Jaenisch : get a real job you will suck at that too b8n5i1 : Play whynotswegdaat : @mitchjones tapeworm jones ThunBeast ThunBeast ThunBeast Shyran : KKona 4Hand CaptChunky : We just wanna have you stream bro DamonKBrown : that is nice tho Twitch_Makes_You_Rich : its unkept b8n5i1 : Play right now Godlio : Irl stream in toilet PogChamp CaptChunky : Stream and I’ll resub GwynnyJRE : cya numberIock : irl PositivePleb : mitchHey mitchHey mitchHey eskoez : fuck Selfmotivati0n : @MitchJones go fortnite stream jackblazedx : @MitchJones where u at ? eskoez : Jebaited AcidicTouch : I love you mitch <3 PositivePleb : Wrong section @MitchJones xciro1001x : Diet btw anon_blazes_420g : guys i stubbed my toe i cant stream today glenngould14 : chill stream theo18 : have a good day micth HeyGuys abiel__ : Lemme come over I’m in Moco lol rjdubba : Needs pressure washed DansGame GwynnyJRE : BYE sitbootyonmyface : Ditch jones ResidentSleeper FrazeHD : pls dont do keto man, just stay away from sugars kevinacrider : YES TunnelSnakes_RuIe : sugar is good for you DamonKBrown : what the hell were you eating before you went on the diet @MitchJones sim_o : "When ur out of adderall and the plug dont have it until a qouple of days" Alumpymoose : Keto flu jeden : Hey mitch man hope youre doing good rektbud : beta genetics darknessx420 : just little sugar helps anon_blazes_420g : guys i got a paper cut i cant stream PositivePleb : @MitchJones Wrong section b8n5i1 : Keep streaming <3 Etsku168 : youre not eating enough salt officiald3nn1s : gonna be so the first veek whynotswegdaat : Keto is fake news, eat raw vegan for detox shawnconnery : feet=bann Berkoklu : you have a low iq πŸ™‚ hypetrain10 : TriHard KURTlS_ : its called the keto flu BestOnRustralasia : DUOS WITH CLOAK POGGERS syn1axx : its the detox takes about a solid 3 to 5 days PaulASAP : hi mitch Nightbot : Join our Discord! https://discordgg/Mitch Jaenisch : 600 andy is why hes logging darknessx420 : low iq Diet LUL KURTlS_ : cold turkey on carbs/sugar fucks with you for a while whynotswegdaat : Get Himalaya salt B) B) B) SXDRobbie : TriHard kevinacrider : keto isn't a real diet, no dr recommensd it

it does more harm than good CaptChunky : You get sick transitioning imgay05 : lolll w123elliott : Train wrecks tv gorgai : πŸ™‚ theo18 : <3 ObviouslyLad : duos with cloak Shyran : πŸ™‚ xxx1 : try intermittent fasting / carb cycling darknessx420 : <3 b8n5i1 : Keep streaming <3Keep streaming <3Keep streaming <3 N9N__ : πŸ™ PositivePleb : Wrong section @MitchJones PaulASAP : is this a cooking stream Etsku168 : @darknessx420 yeah its a low iq diet beecause its easy and good torsksmiskaren : <3 theo18 : just stream my man FeelsBadMan kevinacrider : is he frying lunch meat? Tazyxx : what is this scuff vaticanassassin7g : lots of water + products sold to help people get to keto healthily and safely Berkoklu : dafuq is a keto Varahiilxs : mira poisoned you CaptChunky : Keto PaulASAP : Makes you shit liquid shit Rez_dylz : Call Kbubblez she’s crying Carcosa_Lost : DansGame anon_blazes_420g : maybe youre not ill white_eyesx : U CAN DIE FROM KETO DIET BE CAREFUL Etsku168 : thats the keto abiel__ : TriHard TriHard ObviouslyLad : DansGame Spicy_Daddy : gachiBASS imgay05 : Its called being aliveΓ  Karnall : stomach virus would be shitting and puking PokerCx : @MitchJones its salmonela it will end in 7 days b8n5i1 : Keep streaming <3 Keep streaming <3 KFC_CHICKEN_DRIVER_KKONA : OpieOP KBubblez : !game IRL eskoez : Kbubblez needs help NotoriousKilla : wtf are u cooking? William7332 : diet change rjdubba : That’s detox darknessx420 : diet change rektbud : diet m8 lolzarrro : Go To

The Doctor mitchS Etsku168 : give it 4days and you will be good phosgene22 : marry kbubblez and have her take care of you @MitchJones MannyPanties : Viral Ass Cancer leaderbroad : @KBubblez hey mom HeyGuys PseudoPy : don't take advice from twitch chat Poiuykk66 : anyone wanna play on xbox one kevinacrider : its the keto detox Biceus : TriHard 7 qasdew21 : 1min google search says it's the diet change Varahiilxs : MIRA VIRUS OMEGALUL MIRA VIRUS OMEGALUL MIRA VIRUS OMEGALUL Kimack : Just like you can die from eating a hamburger CaptChunky : It’s natural and safe bzqut : EW anon_blazes_420g : @MitchJones sounds like you have aids, you need to go get a hiv test Sinister_ : Taking advice from twitch chat OMEGALUL kevinacrider : seriously dude, keto is not good for you at all Karnall : fuckng lol at "toxins leaving body" OMEGALUL Elyxi1 : Varahiilxs LUL theo18 : Β―_(ツ)_/Β― whynotswegdaat : Shove garlic up your ass ( it helps no joke ) maxicanen : looks like ur frying paper towels wtf Etsku168 : you need fast dont eat turkey LUL NotoriousKilla : eat carbs ya pleb Rez_dylz : Call kbubblez she’s crying tankintampz : @poiuykk66 me FeelsBadMan / hypetrain10 : detox LUL MannyPanties : just do some cocaine and you'll be fine SeemsGood GwynnyJRE : MIRA VIRUS b8n5i1 : graphW graphHAND hurtsi222 : Plz dont ditch the RV trip at least πŸ™

leaderbroad : @maxicanen it is paper towels πŸ™‚ William7332 : no ExpectJustice : no Sveishh : no u cant xxx1 : noo, carbs :z Godlio : Pet your dog please PepeHands b8n5i1 : YES William7332 : you cant PaulASAP : no food no nothing, only vitamins served through a needle NotoriousKilla : just dont diet man eat good shit imgay05 : How complicated is it to be a soy boy thosesdays Nightbot : Follow Mitch on Twitter – https://twittercom/MitchJonez PositivePleb : You are not under irl @MitchJones mitchW Tomcoral : It may be the M1-R4 virus LUL hurtsi222 : Plz dont ditch the RV trip at least πŸ™ BestOnRustralasia : Im saying No because chat said No NutellaBeastmode : Is he actually cooking? Sinister_ : forsen1 greeklikeschiken : Reynad is boring LUL Elyxi1 : just eat kfc KKona whynotswegdaat : LOL not allowed to eat fruit FailFish

FailFish rektbud : diet OMEGALUL TunnelSnakes_RuIe : not really AvLoaVlO : POGGERS qasdew21 : no fruit on keto sbt xxx1 : try intermittent fasting / carb cycling Karnall : eat some butter u cuck Hilly663 : Mitch wtf u attttttt Dancingbear23 : wtf is that Jaenisch : he wont stream OG_Shark_Boi : Example carbo loading for energetic performance the next day Terrorzona : lirikPUKE lirikPUKE lirikPUKE Tryhards_Never_Sub : WutFace Selfmotivati0n : @MitchJones go fortnite stream zoldren : scuffed keto γ‚‰γš : Greek should try this diet phavela : K kevinacrider : its fucing lunchmeat ultrapiss : BibleThump b8n5i1 : WutFace Caliandra1711 : eating stream kevinacrider : that doesnt count PositivePleb : Dog emote LUL Jascore : LUL Berkoklu : <3 Karnall : even dog hates him AIexJones : monkaS NutellaBeastmode : <3 greeklikeschiken : BibleThump PaulASAP : MingLee cook it b8n5i1 : cmonBruh kyzed : @MitchJones you are on fortnite section b8n5i1 : cmonBruh cmonBruh cmonBruh cmonBruh PositivePleb : Feed it Etsku168 : YOU NEED TO EAT FATS MITCH 😑 Daniel_Hoops : DOGGO IS LIKE FUCK OFF greekOMEGA mattjeeh : WASH HANDS 😑 qasdew21 : dog stream theo18 : TriHard dog PositivePleb : <3 πŸ™‚ eskoez : PepeHands Selfmotivati0n : @MitchJones go fortnite stream Godlio : πŸ˜€ ObviouslyLad : lots of meat on it MingLee leaderbroad : DEAD? monkaS hypetrain10 : didnt wash hands DansGame MannyPanties : Sh TunnelSnakes_RuIe : F KFC_CHICKEN_DRIVER_KKONA : PepeHands γ‚‰γš : famous last words monkaS eskoez : @KBubblez stream Karnall : 1g of fat keto diet btw Elyxi1 : FeelsBadMan ThomasGames22 : VoteNay Tryhards_Never_Sub : MercyWing1 TriHard MercyWing2 darknessx420 : TriHard Clap whynotswegdaat : GGX gang TriHard Relum : LOL great stream bud burton112 : yo Mitch wassup maniiac95 : good old bitch jones PokerCx : NOBODY TO WATCH ObviouslyLad : @kbubblez Travis Waiting Room ResidentSleeper maniiac95 : jk how are u kid hypetrain10 : ResidentSleeper b8n5i1 : graphWHAT graphWHAT graphWHAT graphWHAT graphWHAT graphWHAT graphWHAT imgay05 : At least he updates us i guess tankintampz : ): 30Loxy : MJOC where u at Berkoklu : ACTUALLY PogChamp STREAM rektbud : any trihards? triSoft