Samantha Armytage slams ‘scammers’ for stealing her identity – New Idea

Samantha Armytage

“Lots of fake ads using my name and photo on Facebook tonight,” she captioned a follow-up screengrab of another advertisement that appeared online.

In a third screenshot of another advert, the star claimed that the company even went as far as to use a fake quote to promote the product.

“This is NOT me. Please don’t give them your money,” she captioned.

While the star has vehemently denied being associated with the online adverts, she does have a relationship with Weight Watchers.

Samantha Armytage

Taking to Instagram recently, the star shared some encouraging words of wisdom with her fellow Weight Watchers members, while she was in self-isolation at home.

The WW ambassador, who was taking time off work to recover from a respiratory infection, offered advice to those who were trying to lose weight.

“I know the program is probably going a little bit out the window at the moment and it’s getting harder and harder,” Sam began.

“You’re probably stuck at home with your kids and your husbands, and you’re probably tempted to have a drink.

Samantha Armytage

“But if I can offer one little bit of advice at the moment, maybe just leave the alcohol because I think it’s just a waste of points,’ she added, referring to Weight Watchers’ method of giving food numerical value.

According to the WW system, servings of food are assigned points based on four criteria – calories, saturated fat, sugar and protein – which help people make informed food choices.

After urging people to stay off the booze, Sam reminded her followers to be kind to themselves and forgiving if mistakes should happen while in isolation.

Samantha Armytage