Researchers share praise—and concerns—about how the keto diet and intermittent fasting affect cardiovascular health – Cardiovascular Business

“With diets like keto and intermittent fasting, social and popular media has been flooded with claims, promises and warnings that are at best unverified and at worst harmful to your health,” co-author Andrew Freeman, MD, director of cardiovascular prevention and wellness for National Jewish Health, said in a statement. “Diets recommended by health experts, such as plant-based and Mediterranean diets, have been extensively studied for safety and efficacy, and demonstrated conclusively to improve cardiovascular health.”

Freeman added that it is “particularly important” for diabetes to speak with a physician before beginning intermittent fasting.

Until larger studies have been carried out on the long-term impact of these dietary approaches, Freeman and colleagues note that neither diet is recommended as a tool for preventing cardiovascular disease.

The full review from Freeman et al. can be read here.