Red Velvet Whoopie Pies, Keto Snacks

We got whoopie pies red velvet whoopie pies whoopie pies with whipped cream cheese you're saying it weird why are you putting so much emphasis on the H so I found this recipe or I think I found it on Instagram but I had it a while ago and I said I was wrong I eventually do it but today I'm in a red velvet type mood the people that watch me they know I love Oreos but did you know my favorite type before you red velvet my favorite type of cake anything chocolate red velvet has a shot with it so red velvet I'm just in the rebel move so rather than wait to Valentine's Day I'm gonna do it now but we're in the kitchen and what we're gonna do I'm gonna make it for a single person so I'm gonna make it easy so you can simply double it or triple it if you like but I'm just gonna make it not for me in the description box below you will have the recipe check this out this is what we have going on you gotta swear vanilla extract and coconut flour all right so we got our almond flour going in first coconut flour I'm using Dutch process cocoa but any is fine baking powder mix it up and get the little lump ease out too you would have thought I wouldn't do ahead of time dowels will make a recipe let's hope it goes pretty well cause it's still hot and fresh had a refrigerator down goes the butter now after this is cream hopefully better than mine you didn't turn around and put your stevia in there at one egg at a time if you're making a larger portion now for me I'm only doing more add to yogurt after that everyone some of the milk in the fridge is not milk it's horse sperm and mix it well this cold butter is about to destroy my entire recipe man hey but we're not gonna stop we're gonna keep going and go and go you combine your dry in your wet ingredients yours should not be lumpy like mine hopefully you did correct add your beetroot powder for redness I ended up having to add food dye to mine see what I thought it wasn't gonna turn red see I'm so clutch with it you know I'm saying in the last minute I thought about it for a second I said let me throw this red food coloring in here cuz you know the Dutch cocoa is a little bit darker than a regular cocoa so it was a little harder to get the term red with the beet powder but we got it done and you know what time it is it's time to put them in the oven all right so now that we got those in the oven it's time to make the cream cheese middle frosting I don't know whatever it's gonna be whip though this one is simple butter cream cheese and you cream both of them until they're well combined then you add your swerve and your vanilla extract and that's it and you know what I wanted to bet some of my veteran cookers already know what's wrong with the recipe I tried the batter and it wasn't too good at math let's go ahead take this thing I'm surprised by Mateus it is all in the cream I felt like it was way way way too much still yet it's so much TV that I almost added a bitter taste to the take itself but the sweetness and the cream cheese it an actual frosting oh man it came through and it just rolled loose of oh I'm gonna make these again but I'm gonna probably add less stevia or use another sweetener because these really have some serious potential that good then we're really really good like Wow except they're a little bitty flaw because you get it you get that aftertaste the stevia of course a cream cheese and butter mixture it has a cream teas cheesecake filling to it which makes it phenomenal and works perfectly at my favorite that's why I added the vanilla to it I don't know if it would've worked out fine if I didn't add that vanilla but have the coconut flour almond flour I can't tell it's not dry it's actually very moist I'm thinking it's that yogurt that's what it is if you guys knew what was wrong with the stevia I want you to comment below and let me know how many you guys actually know what ahead of time but tell you what this wraps it up for this weekend excuse me this wraps it up for this week and I will see you guys soon and here we don't make any recipes we just eat the food see you guys