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When it comes to choosing what we want to eat, a few obvious factors come into play. Most of us consider taste, personal dietary preferences, and prices when it’s time to fill our plate. But, have you ever started the day with a little examination of the environmental impact of your breakfast?

If you’re like the majority of Americans, the answer is probably not. While three-quarters of Americans admit they’re concerned about the environment, only one in five Americans say they actually make an effort to live an environmentally conscious life all the time. Yet, being more conscious consumers — particularly when it comes to choosing what we eat— could make a big impact on our rapidly changing climate.

Our food system as it stands today is not sustainable in the long term. When you factor in all the land and resources required to raise animals, grow crops, package and transport food, this industry accounts for 37% of global greenhouse-gas emissions. Our food system contributes to global warming, yet in a catch-22, it’s also vulnerable to the whims of a volatile environment caused by rising temperatures and high CO2 emissions.

As individuals, we have the power to make a more positive impact with every dollar we spend. So, where should we start?

PowerPlant Ventures is a growth equity fund with a desire to fix our global food system, and they’re investing serious capital into the plant-centric food and beverage companies changing the way we produce, distribute, and consume food. The mission is multi-faceted: the goals are to advance innovative food brands to ultimately tackle the environmental inefficiency of our food system, protect our planet and our people from climate change, and improve animal welfare. To do this, they’re looking toward plant-centric brands— ones creating more sustainable and ethical ways to fuel our bodies, by focusing (mostly) on plant-based nutrition.

Since its founding in 2015, PowerPlant Ventures has been investing in a slew of disruptive brands poised to change our food system for the better. The brands in their portfolio run the gamut from consumer-packaged goods to full-fledged fast casual chains.

Keep reading to discover the five innovative brands PowerPlant Ventures is betting on to build a better food system.