Peri Peri Chicken Grill with Salad | KETO Diet Meal | KETOGENIC Dinner Meal | ENGLISH SUBTITLES

Lets see how to make Peri peri chicken grill with salad Ingredients require are- 250gms Boneless chicken 1 Red Capsicum Coriander Ginger 7-8 Garlic Salt as per taste 1 Tbs vinegar Black pepper 5-6 Dry red chilly 1 tbs oil Boiled Sweet corn , Cabbage , spring onion Take a Grinder Capsicum Dry Red chilly Coriander Ginger and garlic Black Pepper vinegar Salt as per taste Grinding Peri peri Sauce- after grinding Lets make Peri peri chicken grill Take a grill pan Edible oil Dip chicken in peri peri sauce and start grill Start grill Grill on medium flame Lets make salad of left peri peri sauce Cabbage Boil sweet corn Spring Onion Mix well serving