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DUBLIN–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The “North America Pet Care (Food, Grooming, Accessories & Healthcare) Market Outlook, 2025” report has been added to ResearchAndMarkets.com’s offering.

This report gives an all-round analysis of the North American market of pet care.

The market of pet care in North America is increasing day by day. A need of companion is the major force which is pushing the pet care market to grow. the pet is considered as a great companion and friend of human and the trend of increasing adoption has lead the pet care market in the north America to heights. People love to adopt animals as pets out of all the animals’ dogs and cats are the most loved and preferred by the people.

The increased trends of pet adoption combined with the trend of humanization are the major driving forces behind this markets growth. The vast region of North America consisting of many developed and underdeveloped countries are covered in this report with all the segments of the pet care market like pet food, accessories, grooming, healthcare etc. with graphs and data. This report provides all the complete insights of each segment of the North American pet care market with historical and forecasted values along with the top listed companies.

Being a diversified continent, The North America has different kinds of people having different kinds of culture and the changes, trends covered in this report provides in-depth look and plethora of insights of the north American pet care market. The report also gives a complete detail of the size and share of the market in various countries of North America and on the international level. Not only it offers the historical data, but also it provides the present and forecasted data which will help in identifying the beneficial market segments its and growth. The report also covers the leading companies of the market and brands which are flourishing the current pet care market in North America along with examining the competition between them. Forecasting the data through this five-six years demonstrate how the market is going to change in the coming years.

According to the report, North America is the largest region in the pet care market globally. The overall pet care market size is estimated to grow around 4%. Pet food is the largest segment in the pet care market with the major sales in North American pet care market. USA has the largest market share followed by Mexico and Canada. The changes and developments happening in Mexico are expected to provide the push the country needs in this market in the forecasted period.

Objective of the study:

  • To present a Global and North American outlook on pet care market and industry
  • To analyze and forecast the market size of Global Pet Care in terms of value
  • To analyze and forecast the market size of North American pet care in terms of value
  • To define and forecast the North American pet care market in terms of segment (pet food, pet grooming, pet accessories, and pet healthcare).
  • To analyze and forecast the pet care market of north America on the basis of countries like USA, Canada, and Mexico etc.
  • To further define, classify and forecast these countries on the basis of segments (pet food, pet healthcare, pet accessories and pet grooming).
  • To provide analysis of the leading players in the North America pet care market

Key Topics Covered:

1 Executive Summary

2 Methodology

3 Regional Analysis

4 Global Pet Population Analysis

5 Global Pet Care Market Outlook

5.1 Market Size By Value By Segment

5.2 Market Share

5.3 Global Pet Food Market Outlook

5.4 Global Pet Healthcare Market Outlook

5.5 Global Pet Accessories Market Outlook

5.6 Global Pet Grooming Market Outlook

6 North America Pet Care Market Outlook

6.1 Market Size by Value

6.2 Market Share

6.2.1 By Country

6.2.2 By Sales Channel

6.3 North America Pet Food Market Outlook

6.3.1 Market Size

6.3.2 Market Share By Food Type By Ingredients By Pet Type

6.4 North America Pet Healthcare Market Outlook

6.5 North America Pet Accessories Market Outlook

6.6 North America Pet Grooming Market Outlook

7 USA Pet Care Market Outlook

8 Mexico Pet Care Market Outlook

9 Canada Pet Care Market Outlook

10 Rest of North America Pet Care Market Outlook

11 Policy & Regulatory Landscape

12 Market Dynamics

12.1 Key Drivers

12.2 Key Challenges

13 Market Trends & Developments

13.1 Mobile Grooming

13.2 Smart pet products and apps

13.3 Pet insurance

13.4 Keto diet is the key

14 Competitive Landscape

14.1 Porter’s Five Forces

14.2 Company Profile

14.2.1 Nestle SA

14.2.2 Mars Incorporated

14.2.3 Colgate-Palmolive

14.2.4 J M Smucker

14.2.5 Blue-Buffalo

14.2.6 Champion Pet Foods

14.2.7 United Pet Group Inc

14.2.8 PLB International

14.2.9 Scott Pet, Inc.

14.2.10 Well Pet

14.2.11 Proveedora La Perla S.A. de C.V.

15 Strategic Recommendation

17 Disclaimer

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