Meatza! | Epic Dinners | Caveman Keto

Today on Caveman Keto Recipes I'm gonna show you how to make Meatza, in case you haven't guessed it's a pizza that's base is meat, as shown here we start by adding 2 eggs into the mixture then we're going to add a series of herbs and spices then we're going to mix it together by hand next take a large cast iron pan physically put the meat into the pan and spread it out Once the meat is spread into the pan like so, you can transfer to the oven at 400 degrees for 15 minutes after 15 minutes in the oven the meat should be cooked and look approximately like this It will shrink a little bit on the edges but that's fine

You're going to use the lowest carb sauce you can find in this case is just pasta sauce I'm using a mixture of both monterey jack and cheddar cheese For toppings can use whatever we want I'm just using pepperoni when you've finished putting the ingredients on, whatever toppings you want Put it back in the oven for a few minutes on broil until the cheese is melted So after six minutes on broil you're done you're ready to slice it up and have dinner! well there you have it folks grab yourself a plate and you're ready for dinner!