Low Carb Breakfast To Go – Keto – Simple and Easy

Welcome all! Papa G here Today i present a low carbohydrate breakfast to go

It's my quick and easy version of a hand held omelet Something to have when you need or want a breakfast to go Let's get started We'll start by cracking 10 eggs in a pourable mixing bowl To the eggs, we'll add some salt; ground black pepper; onion powder; a little garlic powder; some dried basil; a healthy amount of dried chives; two tablespoons of sour cream and some heavy cream These next two ingredients are optional, but I like it a little spicy I added some cayenne pepper and some crushed red pepper flakes Mix and scramble with a whisk until thoroughly combined

We'll set our eggs aside as we prep our muffin pan Now you know I like simple, that's why I'm going to use these pre-cook sausage crumbles and bacon peices

This will make our recipe that much easier We'll prep our nonstick muffin pan by spraying it with some oil; making sure it's well coated Begin by putting a small amount of sausage crumbles into the bottom of each mold, just enough to cover the bottoms Next, we'll put about a tablespoon of bacon in each of the muffin molds Now on to the cheese

Divide one cup of finely shredded cheese evenly in each of the molds After our muffin pan is prepped with a sausage bacon and cheese, we'll give our eggs a quick stir begin pouring equal amounts into the molds Being careful not to overfill These muffins will rise a bit as they cook Place our eggs in the middle of a preheated 350-degree oven for about 25 minutes

Test it with a toothpick to be sure they're cooked in the middle Cool in the pan or remove and place on a cooling rack to cool These egg muffins are light, fluffy and simply delicious! Be sure your egg muffins are completely cooled and store them in the freezer When you're ready, just take one out Pop it in the microwave for thirty seconds to a minute; and you'll have yourself one easy and delicious breakfast to go

There you have it folks A quick, easy and delicious breakfast to go! I hope you enjoyed this recipe If you did, please like and subscribe and we'll see you next time!