Lost 100 Pounds Now What

hello everyone hello friends you are
welcome to today Mukbang and today I’m
going to show you the powerful health of
using watermelon and garlic to get rid of
stomach fats, gets flat stomach, lose weight super super fast. continue watching.
for me to prepare this I need watermelon i will cut it
friend do you you see this is good,
did you see it, perfect and this one is
okay all right, so the next thing I’m
gonna do is to slice or cut it
I’m good with this
I’m okay with this all right so I’m
gonna go ahead and eat these.
while I’m eating this, i still have my garlic here, continue to watch to
see what I’m gonna use the garlic for
and how to use garlic with watermelon to
get manpower, to lose belly fat super fast and get flat stomach.
with small tiny waist.
I’m trying to remove the water melon seed.
I’m okay with water melon, so I’m going to take it away, just have to take
small because this is night and this is
bedtime mukbang that will help to get
rid of stomach fats and get flat belly, lose weight super fast
I have fresh garlic this is fresh garlic okay and then I have
this here and this is dry powder garlic and that is also good
in getting rid of belly fats just a
tablespoon of the dry Gallic.
if have the fresh garlic crush it, just five clove of garlic
and then use it, I just need a tablespoon of the dried powder garlic
then I grab my glass cup and put it into
the glass cup then I’ll take this away
the next thing i will pour is warm water
this is it, I will stir it
okay then finally I’m gonna drop honey
into this, if you don’t have honey you can
add vitamin C (orange) into the glass cup okay but I’ll be using honey that’s all.
I’ve also stir it again okay so guys this
is it, the next item is optional you can add a
slice of watermelon into this or you
just blend in more watermelon and drink
just add a little of water melon and then leave for sometime like 30 seconds and drink.
Garlic Contains Compounds With Potent Medicinal Properties, Garlic Is Highly Nutritious But Has Very Few Calories
Garlic is low in calories and rich in vitamin C, Garlic contains antioxidants that protect against cell damage and aging.
garlic help to increase the metabolism rates, garlic help to burn belly fat, if you want
to get rid of belly fat or you are
looking for a good bedtime drink to help
you to get rid of stomach fats then garlic it is,
I’ll eat the watermelon with garlic
so friends this all you need to do, I’m
gonna take this off from the table.
that’s all you need to do for you to
burn belly fat super super fast, you have
to do this for three days, just three
days of doing this you will see results
guys if you continue to do it after
three days you will achieve flat stomach soon okay
but If you already have flat stomach
tiny waist with slim body you need to keep maintaining it and for you to maintain it
just drink it only this night and you
are good to go, guys I’m gonna see you
again in my next mukbang, bye bye