Lost 100 Pounds Lifting Heavy

Hey Boogie, You probably don’t remember me. My name is Zack. We talked for just a brief second at VidCon
this year. I’ve been a big fan of yours since
even before I started my own YouTube channel
4 years ago. Youve been an internet icon since YouTube started 10 years ago. Your YouTube success is very very impressive.
6 Days ago you posted a reaction video where
you watched a story of a man who lost 300
pounds in just over a year. As you watched,
you told YouTube, that seeing the weight loss
video was very motivating to you. “But Jared
is as old as me, and he was the same size
as me when he got started…. And that makes
me know that its never too late.”
First off man, I wanna say that you look way
better now than you did 5 years ago when you
started losing weight. Not just because you
upgraded your webcam… You are visibly healthier.
Its very impressive. You’ve been pretty open
with us about your weight this whole time,
and with your diet situation over the years.
You mentioned on Reddit 3 months ago, that
your doctor said you would add 5 to 10 years
to your life if you were able to lose 35%
of your body weight.
Nobody knows your situation better than yourself…
“If you are 50 or more pounds over weight,
you are absolutely damaging your body! If
you are one hundred pounds or more over weight
than you are damaging it in a way that will
eventually kill you, and God forbid… if
you are my size you are going to be abslutly
miserable. You owe it to yourself and everyone
that loves you to do everything you can to
be as healthy as possible and that does include
loosing weight.”
You owe it to yourself and everyone who loves
you to lose weight. Man… YouTube would not
be the same place without you Boogie. Remember
what sparked your motivation to lose weight?
“The other part is that I met my wife… and
… I had someone who cared about me. And
I started careing about myself because of
Hate to break it to you, but shes not the
only person who cares about you… I know
you watch your YouTube analytics. All YouTubers
do. Those aren’t just numbers on a screen
man… Each view… Each thumbs up, is a real,
tangible person, a human being that is pulling
for you to succeed. WANTING you to succeed.
Millions and millions of real people.
Im not going to lie man, you’re in a really
scary spot right now… “I’ve read a lot of
stories about guys my size and woman my size
and around 35 or 40 if they are not dead…
they are generally bed ridden… a lot of
the times. Health at any size is a LIE if
you are 50 or 100 pounds or more over weight,
you are directly impacting your health. Just
keep in mind this old saying ‘ there are a
lot of fat people, and there are a lot of
old people, but there are not a lot of fat,
old people'”
The YouTube gaming scene would be a sorry
place without you… Heck, I don’t even game
that much and I watch your videos. Dude…
You already know exactly what you need to
do.”Calorie restriction, which is what it
takes, You HAVE to restrict your calories.
Diet is 90% of it. You have to eat less calories
than you burn. I understand that, I I know
that, I do that… I try.” Eating right sucks
man. Its freaking HARD I personally think
its extremely unfair that Doritos and Mt.
Dew taste as good as they do! “And Ill tell
ya… And ive said it a million times on the
internet And Ill tell ya again, one of two
things is going to happen. Either I will succeed….
or I will die trying. And that is the truth
of it. I want a lot more good things to happen
to me. I want a lot more good things to happen
to my wife. I don’t want her to suffer the
loss of me. I don’t want her to suffer along
with me either. And I certainly don’t want
myself to suffer.”
Lets make this interesting boogie. You’ve
already set goals for yourself, which is Amazing.
Losing weight will literally add YEARS to
your life. Not just years… but the BEST
years you’ve ever had so far. You said that
you haven’t weighed less than 300 pounds since
you were 19. You’re a tad over 500 pounds
right now.
So here’s the deal. If you lose 100 pounds…
by the end of next year, 2016. I will donate
$5,000 dollars to “Action for Healthy Kids”
A non profit organization that’s been around
longer than your YouTube channel. “Action
for Healthy Kids” works to fight childhood
obesity, giving kids a chance to live long,
happy, healthy lives.
I’ll even take it a step farther. If you lose
200 pounds by Christmas next year… I’ll
donate 10,000 dollars.
I’m not joking around. If you hold up your
end of the challenge, I’ll hold up mine. A
10,000 dollar donation. To everyone else watching
this video… Addictions are rough. Everyone
is fighting their own demons, and Boogie needs
our help to succeed in fighting his. Whether
you comment here in this video, or on his
channel directly… let him know that you
care, and that you are pulling for him, and
that you want him to succeed. I know I want
to be watching his videos 10 years from now.
Boogie, I’m going to leave you with this:
“The road to success is paved with failures…
Dont be afraid to try, then fail… Thats
how you will eventually succeed!”
JerryRigEverything to Boggie2988… 2016 is
your year man.

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  1. It's kinda awkward when you think about how, he was not actually watching the video and just looking around acting like he was listening….