Lose Weight On Vacation

it looks like even though I had a very
weak clothes to the day yesterday the
vegetables that I did eat actually did
their job and I was able to reduce a
little bit um I didn’t do my work I’m
going to try a lot harder today to get
my water I’m actually switching to a new
water system which I hope will help me
even more I’ll tell you I’ll tell you
all about it oh it’s beautiful day out I
had scrambled eggs with spinach and
cheese for breakfast I’ll give you a
picture of it so you can get an another
breakfast idea
you really can’t taste the spinach you
know what’s in there and you’re getting
the nutrients and that’s awesome but it
really doesn’t taste like anything and I
am just heading out on my walk I wanted
to say though that I did do my 20-20-20
yesterday hopefully I can get it done
today and today I have something kind of
happening once a year the women that I
go to dinner with every month for like
18 or 19 years I’ve told you about them
before we go to a cabin for the weekend
and this is this weekend so be really
interesting to see how it goes with the
eating and the exercise during the cabin
weekend my husband took my dad to lunch
and brought this back to me I won’t eat
the roll but I will eat the potato and
the meat and we’re here right now at the
cabin and so tonight I had like a pretty
decent dinner but then I had caramel
popcorn and it made me so so sick I did
not do my 20-20-20 I did not work out
with my son but I did have vegetables
today I drank all of my water and I did
my walking so let’s see how tomorrow