Lose Weight On Three Day Diet

How to lose weight fast jaldi se wajan kaise
kam kare so guys in today’s video i am going
over 3 tips on how to lose weight as quickly
as possible so stay tuned Keep watching tip
number one is to start drinking coffee guys
coffee in my opinion is the best tip that
I can give you guys you need to start drinking
coffee as soon as possible coffee has a lot
of benefits coffee raises your metabolism
by 3 to 11% it is a very rich source of antioxidants
aapko jyadi neend nhi aati hai coffee Peene
ke baad but Vinayak is coffee safe?
coffee is absolutely say for your body up
to 400 mg of caffeine is safe for your body
which means you can have two to three cups
of coffee in a day for making a cup of coffee
you should add one teaspoon of coffee in a
glass of water and you should mix it properly
you should not be adding any form of milk
or sugar in that coffee and make sure you
drink it two to three times in a day tip number
two is to reduce all your carbs and your sugar
intake carbs does you more harm than fat by
carbs I mean all your Rotis all your rice
all your white potatoes you should replace
all that food with protein rich foods protein
rich food for vegetarians could be your chana
your Dahi your paneer and low carb vegetables
like broccoli your carrots your cabbage and
for non vegetarian it could be or egg whites
guys make sure you’re not eating more than
hundred gram of carbs in a day and make sure
guys you eliminate all the sugar intake or
at least reduce it because a teaspoon of sugar
contain around 15 to 16 calories which in
my opinion are all empty calories you shouldn’t
be having any more than 2 to 3 teaspoon of
sugar in a day tip number three and the final
tip which I wanted to give you guys is you
need to start incorporating any form of cardiovascular
activity for at least 30 minutes in a day
it could be in any form like your running
your jogging or you playing any form of sports
people cardiovascular activity helps to get
rid of all the extra weight that your carrying
and it also helps you to get rid of any bad
food Jo Apne us din pe khaya hai so you watched
the video till the end I have got a bonus
tip for you don’t eat anything after 7 P.M
or 3 hours before going to the bed when you
eat anything after 7 P.M or 3 hours before
going to the bed your body starts to store
it jiske wajah se aap Mote hone lagte ho aur
Mota Kisko hona hai so guys those were my
top 3 tips for quick fat loss and for quick
results if you liked today’s video give it
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