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hey guys welcome back to my channel in
today’s video I’m going to share with
you how I lost weight in just one month. So if you want to know what I did
to lose weight, just keep on watching.
So first, I’m going to talk about why I wanted to lose weight, my starting weight
and my current weight. I have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome or PCOS.
Its side effects are thick hair, I have facial hairs on my upper lip area, so that’s a side effect.
and acne. Fortunately, I didn’t experience
acne breakouts. And another is weight gain. It was really hard for me to lose weight because of that
condition, and also with my diet. I used to exercise once a week
but I wasn’t consistent when I got busy with school. Because of course, after a week
of school works, performance tasks, and everything, it’s really tiring so I just wanted
to rest and to do more school-related activities. So I stopped working out, then
holiday came. I noticed that I’m gaining weight, and the people
around me also tells me the same. So that’s when I thought
that I want to lose weight, to also feel confident
Luckily, during Christmas break, I came across Shek Diary’s video
on how she lost 20 pounds in one month. I got curious, because that diet did not require exercise.
I did the same, I did not exercise- that diet is the only thing I did.
So I will explain the diet later. I’m going to show you my before and after
photos. I gained a lot of weight during Christmas break
because of course, it’s the holiday season so theres a lot of food.
I have a bullet journal where
I keep a weight loss tracker. I wrote my starting weight here.
Before the diet, my heaviest weight is 60kg.
It’s considered as overweight for my height (5’1″) I checked it
in the application that I use to track my weight. I was down back then, cause I was overweight and I didn’t know.
My arms’ measurements before is 11in, my waist is 29in,
my hips is 24in, and my legs are 20″. My current weight is noted
here in my phone. My current weight is 50.5
kilograms. So I lost throughout my diet is 9kg or 20.8
pounds so that’s a lot, cause my goal weight is 51.4, and now
I lost more than that so I’m really happy. From 60kg down to
50.5kg, that’s a lot cause I really feel
that I lost fat.
and now I need a belt for the short that I’m wearing.
But before, I didn’t need to.
I can now wear
my old clothes. Especially the pants and shorts. I just want to share this,
I have a short that is tight on me before
but now I can remove it without unbuttoning.
In this diet, not only the tummy
and arms, will lose fat.
My tummy lost fat, like what you heard earlier
Then here, too much information, but
from 36 it became 34. So you will really lose fat throughout your body.
So that’s the nice point of this diet. Now that I have shared with you my little history,
I’m now going to talk about the diet itself. So I did the hCG diet, like I have said
earlier, I discovered it through Shek’s Diary. I bought this Oral hCG drops from her shop
her shop is @thedietcoach.ph on instagram.
The link is in the description box, if you are interested.
Before I show you how to use this
Oral hCG drops, I’m going to talk about hCG first.
If you’re not familiar. So hCG stands for human
chorionic gonadotropin. It is a hormone that is produced by pregnant women.
And the doctor who discovered this diet learned that hCG
could be used to lose weight, even those who are not pregnant.
I’m just going to read what’s written on my phone. “He found that hCG moves 2,000 – 3,000
calories per day of stored fat into the
bloodstream where it becomes available
for metabolism. With these additional
nutrients in the bloodstream
a person can successfully stay on a very
low calorie diet without experiencing
extreme fatigue, weakness, or hunger.”
This is a low calorie diet.
So there are many restricted food. Based from what I read on the internet,
weight loss is not really caused by hCG, instead it is due to the very low calorie diet.
So what this drop does is that, it changes
how you lose weight. It uses your stored fats for energy.
The excess/abnormal fat is shed
and used for your energy.
If you want more/detailed information on how hCG makes you lose weight,
you can read the manuscript/guide/protocol
in the description box, or you can search it on Google.
When people ask me about what
I did to lose weight, I always answer that I just followed a diet. But it’s not just a
simple diet that restricts food- I have this hCG drops.
I just don’t tell them cause it’s hard to explain, and it has many phases.
So there are 4 phases in this diet. First is loading phase.
It is counted as 2 days in the original protocol, but in the diet coach group
they advise that you do it for 3 days. Because the hormone
is said to take 72 hours to enter the system. The loading phase
is for you to not be “too hungry” throughout the diet as it is a very low calorie diet.
So in this phase- my fave phase,
you can eat whatever you want to eat, like a cheat day. It is more advisable to eat
fatty foods so that your body has more energy.
As for my phase 1, we ate out, so I ate crispy pata,
buttered chicken- just anything that I want
cause I know that when I start with the diet I could not eat those again.
I had icecream and everything. When you start with phase 1, you should also use the hCG drops.
I bought this one cause I’m sure that it’s legitimate since Shek’s Diary is the owner.
There are a lot of sellers but this is the most affordable one that I found,
and trusted. Like I said, phase 1 is where you
should eat a lot, your cravings, the foods you’ll miss. Then the 1st day on your phase 1,
you will need to weigh in the morning so you’d know your starting weight.
And still in the morning, you should consume 10 drops.
You should consume 30 drops in a day. I do 10 drops in the morning, lunch and dinner
cause it’s much more advisable, so that
your body could effectively absorb it. For 3 days during phase 1, you shall consume 30 drops.
So this is how I do it:
I put 10 drops under my tongue, (30 in a day)
After 3 days, you shall start the phase 2. This is the hardest phase.
You will need to restrict your calorie intake, and there are a lot of food that
you cannot eat. You have to stay within 500 calories in a day.
Yes, I know you would really lose weight due to that calorie intake
but with this drops, I did not feel hungry and
craving all the time.
Well, based on experience.
But it’s not really dangerous for me cause I don’t have much to do.
I don’t need a lot of energy cause I’m just sitting for almost a day because of school
So if you do a lot of activities where you need a lot of energy,
this diet may not be suitable for you cause you will feel tired.
In phase 2, like I said, you shall only intake 500 cals in a day, so you have
to plan ahead. You need to have your food ready
cause you can’t eat in fast food restos, since it is not healthy and not within the 500 cals. The foods that you
can and cannot eat are also included in the protocol. You cannot eat
foods that have a lot of starch, fats, sugar, and carbs.
Chicken breast and lettuce are the foods that I always eat since those are
the foods wherein I noticed that I
lose more weight. When I was in my phase 2, I lose
.5 to 1 pound everyday. So the foods that you can eat in a day during phase 2 are: 2 protein,
2 fruits, and 2 veggies.
So these are sample photos of what I eat:
My favorites are chicken breast and lettuce. While the fruits that I always eat are
oranges and apples.
But I like oranges more. You also need to consume 30 drops a day during this phase.
This phase lasts for minimum of 20 days, but I did 23.
After phase 2, there is a transition phase for 3 days. Wherein you stop the intake of the drop
but you still need to stay within 500 calories, it is the phase wherein
your body will “flush out” the hormones. After that, you move on to phase 3.
Phase 3, is I think, the maintenance phase. I forgot what it’s called. I still consumed 500 cals for a week during this phase.
Then little by little, I introduce phase 3 approved foods to my diet.
I still weigh everyday to track the foods that
makes me gain or lose weight.
You have more freedom in this phase cause you can now slowly increase your calorie intake.
On my first week, I did 500, then I slowly
increased it to 800 – 1000 calories. So the normal calorie intake
depends on your weight. I use an application to track my calorie intake.
It is called “My Fitness Pal” So you can search or scan your food
then the number of calories will show up.
Phase 3 is really simple- you just have to be aware
on which foods will make you gain weight. It’s just maintenance
and discipline cause phase 4 is next.
Phase 3 lasts for 21 days. And now, I’m on my phase 4. So I just need to maintain my current weight.
It’s my choice if I want to do another round.
But I think I won’t. Cause it was
really hard to control, and there are a lot of restrictions.
But I don’t regret doing it.
Cause I’m happy now with my body. So in phase 4, you just need to maintain
or you can now workout, cause it is not advisable to workout during phase 2 and 3
since your calorie intake is low, so you might get tired
or fatigued.
I still don’t exercise, but I don’t exceed over 52kg. My weight still ranges from 50-51kg.
I don’t eat rice, and I can maintain it so phase 4 is
lifestyle change after you go through those phases, you will realize and know
the foods that makes you gain fat, like for me
I eat a lot of rice before, also sweets and
ice cream so those are the foods that I need to try to avoid.
I feel like my metabolism also changed, cause even if I eat bread,
fries and milk tea, I still lose weight. I gain sometimes
but not a lot like before. My tip if you
want to try this diet is plan ahead. Do this diet when you are sure that
you have no event to go to, and you need to prepare your food
to avoid eating out. Cause if you prepared your own food,
you would know how much calories it has.
Most importantly, don’t cheat. You don’t need a cheat day cause
it is really worth it. You can just eat what you want after
but eat with moderation. You just really need to maintain after
don’t eat foods that you know will make you gain a lot. As much as possible
avoid fast food. As for me, I eat fries and drink milk tea
but not always. So that’s all, if you want to do this diet, consult your
doctor first and think about whether you could really do it
or commit with this diet cause you really need to have discipline.
I will leave the link of The Diet Coach’s instagram and Shek’s Diary’s video
so you would have more information cause there may be some info that I didn’t share
that she addressed in her video. Goodluck.

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