Lose Weight On Raw Food Diet

Obesity is a source of every illness.
It is a disease that we should resolve
in this time of Homo-Hundred Era.
There are lots of tips and info about weight loss,
but there are also many people failing to lose weight.
Food and exercise are the factors that determine
whether a weight loss is successful or not.
Exercise cannot beat food cravings. To lose weight,
you must control what kind of food you eat
and how much you take it.
No matter how good an exercise is, it shouldn’t overdo
or give damage to the body. To lose weight, you need
to do lower body strengthening and aerobic exercises.
In‘hanmom tv’, in the series of ‘Qigong for Belly Fat’, learn exercises for burning belly fat effectively,
very soon, doing anywhere, anytime and without damaging joints.
Relax and do it together,
following along exercises!
Qigong for Belly Fat for today is
‘Pung Cha Dol Ri Gi~!’
To lose belly fat, you should use your legs a lot,
along with moving lower back and upper body fully.
By doing ‘Pung Cha Dol Ri Gi’, you can build up lower
body and strengthen the lower back necessary for
losing weight as well as burning belly and side fat.
After explaining about how to do and how to breathe,
let’s do this qigong exercise together.
I’ll tell you how to do it and how to breathe.
Spread your feet wide, straighten
the back leg, bend the front knee,
turn your ankles inwards,
put your hands together like a prayer.
This is the ready position.
For one, extend your right arm back and downwards
when the right leg is in front.
Keep the angle of both arms 180 degrees.
For two, lower the front arm, raise the back one,
keeping the angle of them 180 degrees.
For three, put the back arm on the right ear.
For four, push your upper body to the back leg
so that both hands head to the big toe of the back foot.
After putting both palms together,
return to the ready position.
I’ll show you the exercise with saying numbers.
When doing ‘Pung Cha Dol Ri Gi’,
from starting to move to the end,
you need to keep your front knee bent
so that you can build up lower body muscles
indispensable to weight loss.
but it’s fine when you bend and unbend your knee
according to your own fitness conditions.
In the last part of the exercise
when both hands head to your back foot,
Raise tip toes toward your face,
which helps improve blood circulation
in your straight leg.
When it comes to breathing for weight loss,
lengthen exhalation rather than inhalation is effective.
‘Pung Cha Dol Ri Gi’ enables you
to lengthen exhalation than inhalation.
I’ll show you how to breathe with explanation.
After taking a pose,
standing with both leg wide spread,
inhale for one.
For two, exhale.
Exhale all the way to three and four,
Inhale while raising upper body and returning,
and exhale after returning to the initial position.
I’ll show you the continuous movements with breathing.
One, inhale
Two, three, four, exhale.
Five, inhale
Exhale and stand at the ready position.
Ready. First 20 times, start.
To the opposite.
One more 20 times ready, start.
Weight loss qigong exercise ‘NeunJiReuGi’ is good
not only for strengthening lower body and back,
but for burning belly and side fat very effectively.
The exercises may seem to be complicated, but
do the qigong exercise
at least 10 times for each side, and
control the speed and frequency according to your
fitness so that you can lose your weight greatly!

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