Lose Weight On No Sugar No Grain Diet

so this video will want to analyze a
typical day of food for an average
person so for breakfast they had to eggs
toast avocado half avocado for lunch
they went out to a lunch in the hand of
salad a fish and bread that they bring
on the table right dinner chicken soup
this was at home this was canned okay
and then for snacks they had a piece of
chocolate and corn chips because they
create a little salt salt and chocolate
it’s right there that tells me their
adrenal so the first thing I’m going to
look at is I’m going to look at why this
person cannot lose weight from the fat
burning hormones so we know right here
fat burning occurs with triggering with
we need consuming protein so that was
really good
avocado is a fat but it’s very neutral
it will it will actually help you burn
fat because a healthy type of fat plus
it’s very satisfying
but the toast is going to block that fat
burning for that meal salad fish okay
that’s good but of course they add the
bread in there all it takes is a little
bit of carbohydrate to throw off of that
burning chicken soup most of the chicken
soup out there that you buy from the
grocery store has msg hidden is modified
food starch that will stimulate insulin
by 300% blocking all chances of losing
weight so this might be a big problem
chocolate most chocolat has sugar in it
again but even if it doesn’t a little
bit of caffeine is not good to consume
at night because that can keep you up
but chocolate contains not necessary
caffeine but a chemical that it mimics
caffeine so I don’t want to get into
exactly in the details in that but it
can act like caffeine and then of course
corn chips are a carbohydrate right
through in here that might be a problem
because it’s turning into sugar very
easily now if we analyze it through the
nutrients this is good avocado has
basically the highest amount of
potassium you can consumed
it’s very nutrient dense eggs are almost
a perfect nutrient food so that’s good
toast doesn’t have a lot of nutrition
salad I would like to know the quantity
of salad that that person consumed
was it a lot was it a little it needs to
be during the day probably about seven
to possibly ten cups of salad so this is
a side salad it wouldn’t provide any
nutrients at all so we got so we got to
consume this isn’t a can there’s not a
lot of nutrition in canned foods so
right off the bat this person does not
have enough nutrition to satisfy the
requirements that we need cravings this
person I can see craves chocolate in
salt late at night because their
breakfast is not it’s as it’s allowing
carbohydrates right here if you want to
prevent cravings at night it’s important
to have a book big huge solid breakfast
that has eggs protein and fat not
necessarily any carbohydrates this is
the secret to preventing cravings at
night okay so if you consume too many
carbohydrates or even like go at the
IHOP and consume all that stuff you’re
gonna crave a night big time okay so met
cravings estrogen that would be like soy
I don’t see any soy in here I don’t
necessarily know if a lot of these foods
are organic or have hormones in them
they may like if it’s Pharma fed fish or
if the eggs were not you know grass-fed
I doubt it
so that could consume some type of
estrogenic type effects gluten could be
in the toast bread and that will affect
the digestion so they may feel bloated
for the day and giving a lot of symptoms
from gluten which would be irritable
digestive issues and even arthritic
symptoms possibly GMO that is
genetically modified foods if we scan
the list the big thing that jumps out as
the corn chips right now almost all corn
soy and canola is all genetically
modified so that’s a big huge problem
that a lot of people that are consuming
unknowingly the corn is a top one so if
you’re going to do corn chips which I
don’t even recommend make sure it’s
organic or GMO free okay so they’ve got
GMO organic I don’t know if any of this
is or
ganic the benefit is then it’s a little
bit healthier nutrition wise and has
less hormones and chemicals and then for
your body type that’s a whole other
layer of thing that we can look at
because some body types need more of
this or more of that so I just wanted to
kind of quickly scan to give you some
tips that when we look at a daily food
plan we want to dissect from the
viewpoint of are you able to burn fat do
you have enough nutrition are we
preventing cravings is it aligned with
your body type I’ll be doing monthly
seminars for the people that come to my
website and I’m gonna be analyzing your
daily meal plans so we can really
educate you on what to eat to maximize
health and minimize the damage okay so
this is a little bit of an introduction
I’ll see you in the next video

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  1. Dear all, he recommends as per his theories, majority of it is good and applicable but please modify it according to your needs/allergies and health requirements. Fir e.g if your jib requires you rin on toes entire 8 hrs and you dont consume any carbs you will faint and head to ER spoon. Everyone doesnt have sedentary idle jobs. Similarity if you sit on chair entire day and eat lot of carbs ofcourse it's not healthy for you. Like he said you need to customize.