Lose Weight On Medication

if you lead to lose more than ten pounds
you may want to get a little extra help
there are many weight-loss programs to
choose from look for one that has all
these features support from either a
group a dietician a coach a friend a
monitoring system where you keep track
of everything you eat and drink and a
healthful eating plan you can live with
for the rest of your life a plan that
includes all kinds of foods even
desserts now and then so you won’t feel
and finally exercise to lose weight you
have to burn more calories than you eat
so find an activity that you enjoy it
doesn’t matter if you run walk swim or
dance the calories away whether you’re
in a weight loss program are trying to
drop a few pounds on your own exercise
is vital be sure to get at least 30
minutes of exercise on most days or try
counting your steps aim to take 10,000
steps per day the average sedentary
person takes about three thousand steps
per day which comes to about one and a
half miles use the pedometer to count
your steps and work your way up
gradually if you’re taking 3,000 steps a
day push yourself to 4,000 a day for one
week then increase to 5,000 a day the
week after that and keep going until you
reach 10,000 steps every day eating well
and lizzing weight can be an exciting
new experience as well as a challenge so
please be patient
you probably didn’t gain those extra
pounds overnight so you won’t lose them
overnight either if you stick to a plan
of healthful eating and regular exercise
you’ll lose weight and improve your
health and best of all you’ll feel

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  1. @0:39 proves that this video factually wrong and out dated !


    Problem with CICO hypothesis


    David Ludwick which comes first over eating or obesity (Why CICO does not work) references within the video


    Why we get fat-Gary Taubes

    Gary Taubes- The qualities of Calories: Lessons from the front lines

    ( Gary Taubes excellent rebuttal -to a vegan propagandist )


    The cholesterol and calorie hypotheses are both dead — it is time to focus on the real culprit: insulin resistance ++


    The calorie hypothesis

    July 2, 2018
    The Carbohydrate-Insulin Model of Obesity
    Beyond “Calories In, Calories Out”
    David S. Ludwig, MD, PhD1; Cara B. Ebbeling, PhD1
    Author Affiliations
    JAMA Intern Med. Published online July 2, 2018. doi:10.1001/jamainternmed.2018.2933


    The cholesterol corundum and root cause solution( technical talk) ** Ivor Cummings


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