Lose Weight On Meatless Diet

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doing blueberry cream cheese on toast
plus it’s gonna be kind of like a little
mini slaughter for breakfast because I
if you know me you know I like to try a
lot of different things and we’re gonna
be doing a Hello fresh recipe for lunch
which I’m excited about then for dinner
you guys do not want to miss dinner it
is going to be it’s coming us of that
tacos I’m gonna be making you guys have
a very traditional recipe leave it down
I’m obsessed like they taste delicious a
lot of you guys have been asking for a
weight loss update so if you guys gonna
remember it hasn’t been a super long
time ever since I kind of got back into
the whole group of things the gym and
everything I have found more of a
balance like it’s really really good
that I now can go to the gym do my work
don’t want you guys to put so much power
on the scale as much as you put the
power in the mirror when you look in the
mirror and you see changes that means
your body is changing if they look
better it means your body is changing
for the good there’s so many things that
can affect the scale and I’m eating
around 1,500 calories but to be
extremely transparent with you guys my
weight loss journey this time around is
not going to be the same as
before I was not working nearly as much
as I was before I felt like I was but
now that I’m working this much I’m like
no and moving out and everything and
doing everything on my own I’m just a
different person in a different stage of
my life in the past I was obsessed with
it because I was like so new to it so
this time around I just want to give
even less power to the scale obviously
you need to see improvement a past one I
was going very aggressively I lost a lot
of weight not super fast I was losing
like the 1 to 2 pounds a week but that
was like my focus right now in my weight
loss journey because I’m in this new
stage of my life it’s about yes being on
a weight-loss journey but not so much
like I got against that 127 I gotta get
to that 125 like I’m not I’m not doing
it for thought I need to focus on making
my diet a little bit more clean when I
can still having cheat day is not like
rushing to get to a certain number
because there’s lots of time for that
and I rather not like rush it and like I
said my priorities before were my weight
loss like that was my that was at the
top of my list I think I would love to
do like a full-on video especially
answering your questions because I know
you guys have a ton you know you guys
always message me saying that these what
I in today’s really help you guys oh and
that’s what I really hope that they do
it’s really good to kind of just get
good recipes that are all over balance
at the same time not making you feel
like you’re eating salads every single
day for breakfast lunch and dinner like
that’s not what my channel is about I’m
just really happy that I’m gonna join
the gym again I’m not overwhelming
myself at the gym and if you guys want
the calculator I can leave it down below
to let you guys know what the best
number of what you should be eating
normally eat breakfast around this time
I’ve I’ve been like sleeping in kind of
especially with the winter some of you
wanted like a time stamp as to when I
eat so ten thirty four and let’s get
started with our breakfast one
today’s the big one y’all I’m loving
bacon with avocados like when I got it
literally my obsession every single
morning so I have my coffee section over
here and I’m gonna be using just one of
these the honest wellness ancient spells
make sure it’s just the orange bag if
you guys want to get the same one this
one I noticed was lower in calorie
compared to the other ones so two slices
is 150 and we’re just going to be using
one of them do you guys want to see this
beautiful miss it’s so freakin cute you
guys my blueberry cream cheese it’s so
cute and it tastes so so so good grab
some frozen blueberries cuz that’s all I
buy you guys can use fresh if you want
to but I feel like the frozen is gonna
let you get that really purpley color I
don’t know how the fresh ones would be
and I grab some cream cheese and I just
mixed it up yeah just let it kind of sit
so because the blueberries are frozen it
might be a little bit difficult to mix
it up at first and when you get up in
the morning you’ll notice that they
melted inside of here it’s gonna like
put a little bit of water in here
because the blueberries were frozen but
I just added a little bit more cream
cheese and made it thick again they use
the nest cafe boys espresso and then I
also have a D cup one for at nighttime
what I have been using a lot of lately
is my sugar-free vanilla syrup you guys
can find these at I find mine at home
cents three pumps it just sweetens your
coffee a lot plus because it’s zero
calories means that you don’t have to
use as much of this guy because this
guy’s really sweet but also has the
calories right so before I put my water
just a little bit more before I put my
water I like to put some I bag
I’ve been doing it a little bit
differently I know this seems very like
backwards but I always put a paper towel
because you want to take out as much oil
as you possibly can and our bacon is
done plus I like to leave my plate kind
of over here just so what it like heats
it just a little bit i whisk inside of
the pan and kind of mix it up here just
kind of like saves time to be honest you
guys and let this cook here I’m gonna
put a little bit of salt our toast our
egg a little bit of ávila on this side a
little avocado this is really good you
guys if you’re like me and know that I
do not like fruit like it’s not my
favorite thing look you can see the
blueberry okay you guys I don’t know if
I’m more in love with how it looks
honestly it makes it so fun this is so
good for kids like if your kids are like
I don’t like fruit I’d be like oh yeah
oh yeah do you want to do a mix up kind
of activity I would love to make a mess
because kids are always down for that I
mean I was great way to get your food
you guys it’s really like fun and
aesthetic looking it’s cream cheese who
doesn’t like cream cheese so that is our
finished plate you guys we’re gonna eat
for breakfast with our coffee we’re
gonna be back a little bit later if I
feel a little bit hungry before lunch
I’m normally like super starving while
I’m cooking so we’re gonna be doing a
strawberry banana college and smoothie
that I’ve been loving right now it is
1:13 so this is a really good like if
you guys are on a calorie deficit like
me and you notice obviously you get
hungry in between sometimes especially
if you’re new you’re gonna be like oh my
god I’m starving but you’re not starving
you’re just smart we’re gonna be doing a
super cute pink smoothie so I’m gonna
match my smoothie today oh yeah and my
birthday is next week you guys
that’s the same for Thea Smith comment
down below March 11 babes I like make my
birthday a whole big freakin deal and no
one pays attention to it I get so mad
I’m like putting into my birthday like I
am so like I’m already sensitive but my
birthday yo is like a big deal to me so
I’m going out with Amy for the day and
we go and do it
about 1:00 but yeah all my Pisces babes
it spicy season the best season of the
why just out okay so I have my little
blender over here which I still haven’t
gotten a new one because I was telling
you guys this one’s kind of chipping
we’re gonna make a small smoothie this
will just kind of hold you off until
lunchtime I have my little cup in my
metal straw over here we have our
collagen powder that I love to use
collagen is really great you guys for
your hair skin and nails this one is my
organic ax you brought this out but I’m
not going to be using it so sometimes
with my smoothies I do use a super
greens powder or a green powder
whether it’s kale we cross whatever it’s
really good to add it but I don’t want
it to change the color of my smoothie
today and I have it with other smoothies
strawberry and this is actually mixed
with like bananas so I’m just gonna like
literally but when I have some water
inside of here just to make it I don’t
like what my smoothies are crazy crazy
thick I bread that frozen fruit it’s
actually preserved and keeps the
nutrients longer than a fresh shroom we
all know fresh fruit does not last long
inside the fridge it is see how Brown
this banana is you think like oh god
check why would you eat that well let me
show you something I keep my bananas in
fridge do you read on that as well it
preserves your banana I also do that for
mine right now does one open okay really
yo I keep my avocados in the fridge as
well so you saw how that perfectly ripe
banana okay so yeah if this was to turn
brown on the counter you already know
this would all be bruised but it’s not
so that’s another one of my tips I’m
just using a half because we don’t
make this crazy high in calorie we’re
gonna put some milk moon footage in and
we’re gonna blend it look what we got
you guys look at our hello fresh package
I’m gonna open it up with you guys okay
with this look – guys I’m matching
matching with my smoothie it’s all crazy
because I cannot sit down and like just
eat strawberries and I have like four
bananas inside of my footage but like I
just won’t grab them and like I make
smoothies like this so if you guys want
to try out a super cute pink smoothie
and like honestly we’re having a very
colorful day today first we had couple
but yeah so we’re actually gonna be like
I’m just sipping on this until we get
hungry for lunch and it kind of just
pushes your next meal a little bit now
let’s open up a box and see what we got
in here first of all thank you to how
the French for sponsoring in this video
they always gonna throw it I love him so
much and using them like like really
early when I triggered my channel when I
started what I ate it days that’s what I
started working with them so they’re a
delivery company you guys that literally
brings this box to your door which makes
it super convenient you get your recipe
cards you guys so all of this stuff is
Lizzie explained on the back with their
six steps it’s like so so easy so my
turkey breast is in here raised with no
antibiotics a lot ammonia up these pork
chops I don’t know like and it also
tells you the calories at the back you
guys especially for your deficit who
would the coconut or cousin or something
I don’t know y’all so they have family
meals they have vegetarian meals and
they also have low calorie recipes
especially if you have a deficit and
their recipes change every single week
so it keeps it not boring at all in
these recipes you guys that they have
every single week these are like
five-star recipes they’re so delicious
and so amazing and they always just
teach me something new every
time everything comes pre-portioned
pre-measured and labels for you guys so
it is so super easy it just takes away
like a lot of time when your meal
prepping you don’t have to think about
number one what you’re gonna make it
also eliminates a lot of food waste
which I love but of course it just takes
away the stress and it makes it a lot
quicker when you’re prepping most of
their recipe soup as you can prepare
them in twenty to thirty minutes but if
you’re like me and you’re super fast you
can even do them in a little bit less
than that so if you guys have especially
families a crazy lifestyle like me you
don’t want to spend too much time in the
kitchen or super flexible with all of
their meal plans no matter which one you
choose you can always skip a week and
you guys can also switch your mail
preferences and when you guys get the
actual package so you don’t have to
always get it I like it on Sundays let’s
just me you know with my schedule with
filming and editing like it can be a lot
sometimes I love that it teaches me a
bunch of new recipes that’s probably my
favorite part for me I just love like on
Sundays meal prepping with them and
knowing for the rest of the week all of
my stuff is just all meal prep and with
this I feel like you guys can have like
a fun time cooking it as a family to
like include your kids and kind of cook
with them so if you guys think you want
to try them out always make sure you
guys head over to hellofresh calm and
use my promo code at chef Macedo 10 you
guys will get 10 free meals with them
and that’s including free shipping I
think you guys will absolutely find it
super fun especially if you’re kind of
needing more inspo for cooking if you
guys just want to kind of try them out
for the first time this one has a mango
salsa and i’m like all about me go salsa
honey like this one is with roasted
squash and cilantro rice that’s cilantro
rice it’s just it’s killing me you know
I’m saying I’ve decided on this one
curry and coconut pork with lime rice
and mango salad I’m so excited for this
it wants us to peel the garlic but I’m
just gonna put my own I’m thin our curry
powder inside of here add in coconut
milk it’s gonna be for our rice so I’m
gonna wait for this to come to a boil to
make this go even faster just cut it in
half and
like this she’ll remove the leaves from
the stems of the scene and throw so so
if you hold it like this and just go
backwards like that you’ll get the
leaves just aren’t that so I’m going to
do the same thing and grab it all
together all of our rice in here I’ve
already reduced it to low close it and
let it cook we’re gonna cut this tomato
into half-inch pieces I feel like the
skin is so stubborn cut from the inside
see how much more easy that was obsessed
it this lime but we’re also going to
juice it inside of our mango sat it over
here I like when my mango is like this
like I feel like this is a good size but
everything that we had from the stems is
going to be added some cuts and it’s
just to bake it but I love when mind is
like can fry and we want to coat these
guys really nice things our pork is
inside of here I put a little bit of
olive oil before I put these guys in my
pan and I have this on a medium heat
right now and we’re gonna wait until
these guys are golden brown on each side
this 1/2 teaspoon of sugar so I’m just
gonna sprinkle some of that over top
says half the green onions so we’re
gonna put half these guys I love my
salty sweet mixed together mmm that’s
what it looks like you guys like oh my
god so alright it’s all done over here
it is beautifully cooked
I have pre chopped it so that when I’m
eating my leg pet peeve is having like a
full steak on my plate and it’s not like
cut up or chopped our beautiful sauce
it’s so so good I also added some salt
on this as well a little piece of lime
on the side to give it some beautiful
color and you can also squeeze some more
lime over top I am going to squeeze a
little bit more lime I want to try this
salsa separately first mango salsa
I just never disappoints I’ve had it
like plenty of times so so so good the
rice you guys I had some off-camera and
oh my god I would have
ever thought to make rice like this it’s
so good all in one bite
look at this I love Korean beef curry
chicken curry pork curry definitely try
the mo you guys you’re gonna learn so
much from them and it’s just so much fun
you guys saw how easy it is to like cook
with thumb and everything and we’ll be
back for dinner where I cook with you
guys my cousin asada tacos so we are
going to get started with dinner which
I’m so excited for oh my behind your
eyes so we are making cotton the fella
they’re my favorite anytime I go to a
taco place I always always get cotton
Isana why should though extra cilantro
please as you guys know I don’t do
measurements when I do my recipes and
stuff so I just I pour with my heart and
I sprinkle with my heart wrong channel
for that I can’t tell you how amazing
this smells I smell it a nice smell
Cutlass of it so good so for you guys
your kindness is so different from our
Portuguese konasana it’s like completely
different this has been sitting inside
the fridge by the way since yesterday I
marinated it which is riding it to show
you guys but I will leave a list to
everything and that is inside of here so
that you guys can make it yourself put
it inside of your fridge so that I can
sit there overnight I’m putting it on
like low to medium and I’m going to
spread it out a little bit more and then
we’re gonna cover this guy up and wait
until it is pretty much fully cooked
this is how your meat is supposed to
look I have a ton of juice but that’s
why I like using this so when you grab
it you’re just gonna like take out all
the juice even now I’ve just warmed up
this little skillet over here with a
little bit of olive oil and okay guys we
are switching to the other ones because
these ones like really look at it it
kept like ripping but I haven’t tried
these out anyways so we’re just gonna
switch and try them so it’s just kind of
warming up right now but I feel like
this one is going to keep its shape
better anyways cuz they’re a little bit
more flexible any tips that you guys
have or if this is come
normal let me know down below feel like
I’m gonna be much more happy with ones
I’ve never really loved the taste of the
other ones to be honest they’re kind of
like dried this is a little hack that I
have so a little bit piece of parchment
paper because these are going to come
apart as you’re eating them at some
point just makes it easier and if it
does crack the paper won’t break with
the tortilla so oh my god I’m so ready
for this oh you’re gonna take some of
your cotton that Sava and you’re gonna
put it there that’s like the perfect
amount so basically a spoonful of that
sour cream and just kind of put some on
the side 60% less yeah less fat than the
usual ones so that it lowers the calorie
I don’t get the one that’s like pure a
little bit of our pico de gallo and
we’re also gonna put that on top of the
meat so that it like really gets that
beautiful flavor then we’re gonna grab
our seasoned throw doesn’t this look
good already oh my god if you guys are
taco lovers you’re going to like die for
this okay so obviously like two pounds
that’s Vilanch are over top cuz that’s
what we do over here then we’re gonna
grab a little bit of our finely chopped
red onion squeeze a little bit of lime
over top of your meat and notice there
are got in this eyelid tacos you guys I
have to show you guys the close-up
before we try it out like oh my god I’m
so excited I’ve actually been craving
gotten this other a world on meat
I literally have meat juice like carne
asada juice on my counter oh my god you
guys you guys that is so good mmm the
red onion you guys make these please
share them with me on your IG story and
take me I stepped you Macedo and if you
guys are not following me again make
sure you guys do these are so good and
while they are still kind of semi warm I
want to go and eat this up so bad so
that is basically it for this what I
ended it you guys if you guys want to
see more makes you guys Kansas City
a big thumbs up and also leave your love
down below in the comments what you guys
loved again don’t forget to give me any
of your tips when it comes to like tacos
don’t forget you guys to try out
I think you guys are going to love them
they’re really super fun to use and just
to learn brand new recipes if you guys
have never kind of check them out or
thought about it make sure you guys
subscribe to my channel and also don’t
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get notified for all of my brand new
videos thank you guys so much for
watching and I will see all of my
beautiful babes in my next video

14 thoughts to Lose Weight On Meatless Diet At 1:55

  1. I have a question, how often do you work out and do you lose a lot of weight eating like this? I try to stay between 1200-1300 and I've been able to lose nearly 20 pounds in about 7 weeks so I'm curious to see what your results are and if I really need to eat this little in order to see results

  2. Hi Stef, I'm born and raised in the state in Mexico where mexican carne asada is from: Sonora 💖 we only season our carne asada with salt (and sometimes beer) nothing more. I'd love to try the flavors of Portuguese carne asada 🙏🏽