Lose Weight On Lipitor

Did you know that if you’re
in your 40s, 50s, or 60s,
that eating small, frequent
meals throughout the day
or snacking on healthy
foods during the day
is actually sabotaging
your results?
Inside this video,
I’m going to reveal
brand new scientific research.
And I’ll post links to the
studies around this video
in the comments and
description, showing
that if you’re
over 40 years old,
small, frequent healthy meals
and snacking on healthy foods
does not boost your
metabolism, does not
aid in weight
management, or help
you metabolize more fat cells.
And in fact, research
shows that people
who eat the majority
of their calories
later in the day,
including carbohydrates
a few days per week, actually
regulate their cortisol cycle
and get better weight
management results than those
who eat their calories
early in the day.
So eating small, frequent
meals to boost the metabolism
and snacking on healthy foods
to keep the metabolism elevated
and to help you metabolize
more fat cells is a myth.
And there’s a much better way.
It’s designed for your
current hormonal condition.
And it’s a one-day
hormone-resetting diet protocol
that I created that
you can learn about
by clicking or tapping the
link around this video.
It’s all backed up by the
latest scientific research,
showing that when
you eat is just
as important as what you eat
if you’re over 40 years old.
And it can help you regulate
all your body’s master weight
management hormones.
Now, don’t just
take my word for it.
Just look at what some of
our amazing success stories
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