Lose Weight On Hips And Thighs

Hey there, health nuts!
Are you looking to lose weight?
The winter season can take its toll on our
It certainly has for mine.
Did you know the foods you eat for lunch can
be crucial in the weight loss process?
But believe it or not, you don’t have to
make too many radical changes to your diet.
Let’s take a closer look and talk about
The Best Lunch Foods To Help You Lose Weight.
From tuna salad, to egg salad sandwiches,
to… wait… burgers and fries?
We’re talking all that AND more…
Peanut Butter and Banana Sandwich
We’re kicking off the list with a walk down
memory lane.
A peanut butter and banana sandwich is probably
a food you’ve encountered at some point
in your life.
But if you’re not familiar with it’s magic,
allow me to explain.
Both peanut butter and banana are low-calorie
foods that serve as a great fiber source.
If eaten on whole wheat bread, that is a bonus.
Just a single slice is equal to around 67
Two tablespoons of peanut butter spread out
over the bread is around 188 calories.
Add that banana and you have another 100.
We’ve mentioned this countless times on
our channel, but in case you’re new to our
content, let me get into broken record mode
once again.
The average male requires between 2000 – 3000
calories a day.
For the average female, 1600 to 2400.
So keep that in mind as we discuss calorie
intake further.
Not only is this meal low calorie, the monounsaturated
fat found in peanut helps to keep your blood
sugar level at bay.
A peanut butter and banana sandwich is the
perfect lunch to begin with on your weight
loss journey.
Yogurt Parfait
“Sorry, we’re out of apple pies.
Would you like a yogurt parfait instead?”
We’ve all heard that classic line at the
drive thru.
But in all honesty, yogurt parfait does not
get the credit it deserves.
It’s a healthy choice if you’re trying
to shed those pounds.
Can you think of a finer meal?
For those unfamiliar, a yogurt parfait is
a simple snack made from Greek yogurt, raspberries,
strawberries and granola.
Parfait is French for “perfect”.
Seems pretty accurate to me.
100 g of yogurt parfait is equal to around
84 calories.
This contains about 4% of your daily intake
of dietary fiber.
And there’s no need to be concerned about
overdoing it with cholesterol.
The same quantity carries only 1% of your
daily intake.
This could be the ideal snack to eat after
your peanut butter and banana sandwich.
You see, yogurt assists your body in the burning
of fat.
Adults who eat three servings of yogurt in
a day are said to lose 22% more weight and
61% more body fat than people who cut calories.
Tired of walking the line between breakfast
and lunch?
Well try this one out…
Tuna Salad
This is probably a menu item that you cringed
at during childhood.
But if you’re finally willing to face your
fear, tuna salad isn’t that hard to come
This is a mixture between tuna and mayonnaise.
Now the mayonnaise may sound a little off-putting–
Trust me, we anticipated that.
If mayo isn’t meshing well with your particular
diet plan, you can always opt for Greek yogurt.
It does work with foods other than yogurt
A single cup of tuna salad is equal to about
383 calories.
In that, you’ll find awesome nutrients including
30 grams of protein.
You also have something called Omega 3 fatty
acids to look forward to.
Omega 3 is found primarily in seafood, as
well as nuts and greens.
It reduces inflammation, halting the progress
of diseases such as Alzheimer’s, arthritis
and obesity.
In tuna, you can find between 80 and 240 mg
of Omega 3 fatty acid, so a salad may not
seem like a bad idea after all.
Hey all this tuna talk sounds a little fishy…
I know, bad joke.
But seriously, if you happen to be going through
a seafood craze, my next pick will have you
jumping for joy.
Fish Tacos
I think those surfer hipsters in Southern
California are onto something.
Fish tacos are becoming a food phenomenon
around the world.
Picture your regular beef taco, but instead
packed full of delicious and nutritious fish.
Not only do fish tacos contain your usual
Omega-3’s, you’re also getting lots of
terrific nutrients between all of the avocados,
cabbage and other toppings.
When it comes to bread, try not going with
the regular tortilla.
Make sure you’re going with whole-wheat
In the calorie realm, two fish tacos is equal
to about 248.
Since you’re watching your weight, stick
to eating just a couple, along with a small
side of your choosing.
Does yogurt parfait work well after fish?
Maybe not, but who knows?
A lot of these tortilla-wrapped foods are
sure popular among younger folks these days.
If you’re not feeling the whole-wheat, or
just want to drop bread from your diet altogether,
I think we have just the pick for you…
But before we continue, are you concerned
about the overall state of your health?
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Now let’s continue our list of the 7 Best
Lunch Foods That Will Help You Lose Weight.
Burrito Bowl
I know I may be touching a soft spot here.
People love their burritos.
But remember, you’re trying to cut weight
and in times of desperation, you can’t afford
to be picky.
A burrito bowl is the contents of a burrito
placed into a bowl.
I know… mind officially BLOWN!!!
You’re only subtracting the bread out of
this equation.
The average burrito bowl is around 543 calories.
While it does contain a large amount of sodium
and cholesterol, don’t let that scare you.
There’s plenty of great nutrients to smile
Try the meal’s 7 grams of dietary fiber,
which is around 28% of your daily intake.
How about the 45 g of protein as well?
If you have all the right toppings, you can
also get your fair share of calcium, potassium,
iron and vitamin A. And prepare for a whammy…
One burrito bowl can contain 76 grams of Vitamin
C. That’s over 128% of your daily fiber
Would you like to switch over to some vegetables?
That might be best.
After all, this is a weight loss list.
Let’s do it.
Kale Salad
I’ll admit it.
We’re kind of cheating with this one.
Obviously anything with the “word” kale
in it will help you lose weight.
Heck, the word “salad” pretty much gives
it away already.
If you can look past your preconceived notions
of kale for a moment, allow me to tell you
about all it’s great benefits.
Just a cup of chopped Kale is equal to about
34 calories.
You’re probably thinking, well how’s that
going to fill me up?
It’s not.
A special bonus of kale salad, is that you
can add toppings.
In this case, a small portion of salmon is
This way, you’ll not only be getting 206%
of your daily value in Vitamin A, you’ll
be getting plenty of Omega-3 also.
If you’d like to show off your new health
buzz at work, add some tomatoes and cucumber
as well.
Speaking of health, I bet you guys are begging
for more healthy food.
Well since you asked for it…
Burgers and Fries
Wait, this isn’t remotely healthy!
What the heck is going on?
You heard me correctly.
If eaten in moderation, burgers and french
fries don’t exactly need to be omitted from
your weight loss regimen.
But what exactly do you do?
You clearly can’t have the greasiest, fattest
sandwich on the Burger King menu.
Well let’s talk about that.
Do you consider yourself a Fast Food Junkie?
When accompanied by a soda, your average big
mac combo from McDonalds is around 1100 calories.
Believe it or not, there is a way to work
around this.
First, you should try a herb burger.
This is a burger made specifically from fresh
herbs and spices.
They are a fantastic source of magnesium,
Vitamin A, Vitamin E and Omega-3.
Once cooked, place it onto a whole grain bun.
From there, you can add tomato and romaine
Don’t feel too bad about cheating with ketchup
and mustard either.
This could come to around 490 calories.
Now that is a tasty burger!
If you want to do french fries, bake some
potato wedges in the oven.
But it is best to eat them in smaller portions.
If you resort to this meal instead of the
high calorie meals at fast food restaurants,
you have added another ingredient to your
weight loss routine.
Do you already eat any of these foods?
Would you consider eating any after watching
this video?
Let us know in the comments below.
We would love to hear from you!

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