Lose Weight On Fingers

– When you’re in a plateau
or if you gain some weight
during your weight loss journey,
it’s natural to feel
discouraged or unmotivated
to continue trying to lose that weight.
I wanna give you some strategies today
to help you get back on that horse
when you’re feeling
stagnant in your progress.
Let’s talk about bouncing
back after weight gain.
But first be sure you check out
the free resource link below.
The three biggest lies
that you’ve been told about weight loss.
It’s gonna make a huge difference
in your approach to weight loss.
So the top three biggest reasons
that someone might stall
in their weight loss.
Lack of sleep, lack of water,
or being sloppy with your food.
And when I say being
sloppy with your food,
I’m talking about you walking
by your coworkers desk
and having oh, just one Hershey’s kiss.
Yeah, those just ones add up ’cause it’s
just one plus just one plus just one
and you’ve got yourself set back
an entire week of progress
’cause you shoved crap in your mouth
that didn’t belong there.
Also ladies, when you’re PMS
or when you first start your period,
you’re gonna have some water fluctuations.
Totally normal and don’t freak out
if you see a little bit
of a bump on the scale.
If your diet is where it should be,
if you have not cheated,
and you’re still drinking your water
and you’re still sleeping,
that water retention will
only last a day or two
and it’s gonna come right back down.
So, don’t freak out, you’re gonna be fine.
You might notice that when you travel,
you’re gonna have a little
bit of water retention.
Don’t freak out about that.
The human body was never made to sit
for long periods of time.
So if you are on a plane a lot, like me,
I travel every week and I
know that I’m gonna have
a little bit of a weight fluctuation
from water retention.
I mean you’ve got cabin
pressure fluctuation.
You’re going to different environments,
different time zones,
different everything.
So don’t worry if you have a little bit
of a bump in the scale
from water retention from travel.
But keep that food tight,
continue drinking that water,
you’re gonna see that
weight come right back off.
Another reason for a
plateau in your weight loss,
I’m gonna say it, ’cause
aint nobody saying it,
I’m gonna say it.
You could be constipated.
And I know that that
might sound silly to you
but it’s a big problem.
A lot of people, look they poop every day
and when you’re not pooping every day
for whatever reason, you’re
gonna have a stall on the scale.
Or you could even have a slight gain.
So make sure you get
that Milk of Mag onboard.
Make sure you take the proper steps
to get yourself moving again.
So what we have noticed
with our Code Red Rebels
and even myself is when
you are, if you’ve cheated,
and you’ve gained a little bit of weight,
a lot of people say,
you know what, screw it.
I already had a cupcake,
there are four more
sitting on the counter,
I’m just gonna go ahead
and eat those four more
’cause I’ve already screwed up
and what difference does it make.
I beg you to not do that.
When you screw up and you
shove something in your mouth
that doesn’t belong there,
you need to just stop and turn.
We teach our rebels to stop and turn.
We also teach our rebels to
not keep sugar in the house.
So if those cupcakes are leftover
from your five year old’s birthday party,
they need to leave with the last child
after the party is over.
Don’t leave Junk food in your house.
it is a hard and fast rule
on the Code Red Lifestyle.
But if you happen to eat
something that you shouldn’t have
because it was in your house, look,
stop just stop.
Put them in the garbage,
you’re gonna be fine.
You’re gonna be all right.
It’s gonna come back off but
don’t keep adding to the damage
buy continuing to shove
crap in your mouth.
Seek out support from friends, family
and definitely use the
Code Red Rebel community.
That’s what we’re here for.
Focus on how you feel.
Go to your Code Red Success journal
and write in it.
Write down how you feel
go to the Code Red Companion workbook.
And journal how you feel.
Work through that workbook.
It’s so good, it’s so
powerful to write things down.
Pay attention to the real food
you’re fueling yourself with,
how much water you’re drinking a day,
and whether you’re
getting an adequate amount
of sleep each night.
If you’re in a weight loss plateau
or if you have gained weight
since you were on the scale last,
you can get back on that horse.
It’s not all lost.
It’s not that you’ve lost
hope, or you’re so far gone.
You can always come back.
Don’t forget to check out
the free resource link below
for more helpful info
on what’s going on and how to
get you back on the journey.
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found yourself in a plateau?
How did you handle it?
Put it in the box, that way
we can all learn together.
And I’ll see you on the next video.
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