Lose Weight On Elliptical

Warning!With fat inside
Watermelon Belly Owner 66
Dashan: Are you satisfied?
66: I am raising well
Dashan: I think
Dashan: They should think you are pregnant
66: I am holding my fat baby
66: Baby is about to abort
69.8Kg before weight loss
59Kg after weight loss
Before 69.8Kg, After 59Kg
12 cm smaller belly
Dashan: What do you think of looking at the fat on it?
Does it feel very oily
New Year from last year, 2/7/2019
On the day of returning to her parents ’house on the second day of the new year, Grandma explained that she could sleep a little later and no one would return.
Grandma: Did you take everything? 66: Auntie
Aunt: Yes
66: He was so happy that day
But just after that, my grandma and my life started to change.
My grandma started walking irregularly
Followed by pain and treatment process (Ama’s spine collapse)
My mood has been ups and downs with the grandma’s course
Eating well doesn’t matter to me at all
If the elders who are sick at home should know
At that moment, my thoughts were chaotic, my emotions were flustered and tense
It does n’t matter what you eat, as long as you do n’t bark
I always feel that something more important is waiting for me to care
So I eat when I become free
No matter what you eat, I know I ca n’t be hungry anyway
Because I do n’t know when Grandma needs me
Dashan: I think eating at that time was already a comfort to your soul.
Dashan: Filling the emptiness of the soul with food
Later, Grandma died even more.
Dashan: She collapsed instantly, overeating every day, seeking self-destruction
At that time, I was totally lost.
Grandma left, and life didn’t seem to matter that much.
Body is not important, nothing is important
Have you seen the heavy life? I probably eat like that
So I gained more than ten kilograms all the way and came to 69.8Kg
Can’t see the toes at all
Dashan: Then why do you lose weight?
Because I started to have gastroesophageal reflux
I can’t wear clothes one by one
Every trouser won’t buckle
Dashan: You know, she doesn’t button down on almost every movie?
Dashan: Can this be said?
Dashan: She’s afraid you will find
Yeah i’m afraid you guys find
Also afraid to go out and meet friends
Fear of meeting someone you know, or asking me about grandma
I’m afraid I’ll be asked why I’m so fat
Dashan: At that time you were completely isolated from the world
Later, I felt that physical and mental problems pushed me farther and farther away from the world.
To get out of this trough, I decided to start with weight loss
Actually, I did n’t lose weight very quickly
At the beginning, I lost 8.4Kg with an average weight loss of 0.6 kg a week.
66 Daily Weight Loss Steps-1
The first is a sugar-reduced diet
Reduce the intake of refined starches such as rice, noodles, etc.
My method is to steam a bowl of vegetables for rice every day
Eat less calories than usual
Eat more protein than usual
And try to quit midnight
Dashan: Actually we also eat starch
Eat pumpkin, potatoes, sweet potatoes instead of rice and noodles
Dashan: 66 will never make yourself hungry
Our meal looks like this (steamed vegetables, steamed fish with tofu, potatoes with potato, dried chicken legs, grilled sausages, a bowl of soup, poached eggs)
There must be steamed vegetables
There is also protein
And a bowl of soup
Cook once a day, ca n’t finish, refrigerate next time
For calories, I would set it to no more than 1300 calories a day.
I have a small tool for calculating calories, this app
It can find the heat of various things
You search for braised pork rice
It can also tell you what the approximate calories and nutrients are
I also like the way he scans barcodes
This is super convenient
This will let me know
How much nutrition and calories would your own meals have?
66 Daily Weight Loss Steps-2
The second is: an average of three days of exercise a week, one hour each
If I exercise, I will exercise
Everyone may just feel like at a loss when I enter the gym.
The way I solved it was to buy a fitness menu
Every training is done as instructed by the fitness teacher inside
He will teach you how to use these equipment
There will also be videos for you to watch repeatedly
It ’s easier for beginners
Do n’t spend too much time thinking about what to practice today, just do it
66 Daily Weight Loss Steps-3
The third is: drink more water, drink more water
Actually, I think it ’s really boring to drink plain water 2000, 3000cc a day
So sometimes I drink this flavored flower and fruit tea bag
Cold water, normal temperature water
Or drink sparkling water to change the taste
It ’s easier to drink enough, and you do n’t feel like a bucket.
Actually, I do n’t think it ’s okay to quit midnight or snack
Dashan: 66 sometimes eat supper, chicken chop, barbecue, instant noodles, etc.
Even if you overcome it tomorrow,
We are pursuing a little better than yesterday
Just take your time and start with less
Work harder for less carbon water
Come and practice eating early
In the end your body will decide to fight alongside you
Weight loss to health is important but not urgent in life
But if we are determined to work hard, the clothing store will pay you back
New troubles after losing weight
66: Accompany Dashan to buy clothes today
Dashan: Yeah! Don’t you buy it?
66: No, I rarely dress well
66 is to accompany shopping angels
Accidentally walked into the fitting room
The previous size is too big
Happy! Super invincible excitement
Dashan: You are getting thinner, you finally have to change to a small size
Do you want to buy it for me?
Dashan: Today you do n’t have to buy
Dashan: I did n’t have anyone to buy, so I took 7 clothes to check out.
Dashan: spent more than 7,000
After getting thin, many clothes fit me
Dashan: So the biggest benefit of losing weight is to spend money on new clothes?
It ’s amazing to look good and make you feel confident
And obviously feel better
Wasn’t the cold current a while ago? Was the flu serious?
Now, as long as I feel a bit cold
I will run and exercise quickly, and the cold will disappear after I move
And the stomach problem is gone
Don’t be afraid to buy clothes without size
It feels good to see the toes
Dashan: You can see your toes from the top down for the first time when you grow up
Dashan: Then you just lean on like this?
Dashan: Have you encountered any difficulties?
Have! Did n’t I just say that I lost eight kilos?
I did n’t know what happened for a while
No matter how hard I exercise, I eat healthy and I have n’t changed my weight.
Dashan: That must be painful
Would like to give up
Dashan: What do you do later?
I checked the information later
People who control sugars are likely to enter a ketogenic state
Dashan: But you did n’t drink any oil or take extra oil.
Yeah, but I tested my blood ketone with a mentality of trying
I’m afraid of injections
Mourn every injection
The result is 2.2
So in the end I adjusted my diet because of my own condition
I let myself prolong the time I do n’t eat
Eat late for breakfast and eat early for dinner
Finally, the high-protein milkshake after stopping the exercise successfully broke the wall collision period
I also get thirsty when I have ketogenic, so I need to drink more water
More than usual
Dashan: How long do you hit the wall?
More than two weeks
Dashan: So when you lose weight, you still have to observe your condition
Dashan: Otherwise, it would be a pity to give up because of this
Weight loss is the development of a diet
Progress slowly in an acceptable and sustainable way
This is the best way
10.8 kg less weight
The stomachs I reduced can probably cook a pot of meat
Dashan: Not only do you reduce so much fat
Dashan: You still have
66: I changed from simmered rice to dry rice
Dashan: No, you are fat, you can fry lard

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