Lose Weight On Cymbalta

Many paleo diet advocates recommend that a
diet that includes lots of grass fed red meat,
organ meat, poultry, fish and fruits and vegetables
is the best diet for humans.
Dr Greger recently said in an interview that
he does not advocate vegan and vegetarian
So would a predominantly plant based diet
with a small amount of free range organic
grass fed meat be healthier for us than a
vegan diet?
We learnt in this previous video it’s likely
that the human body is probably able to cope
with 6-8 ounces of animal protein twice a
week but it’s important to note that we
have don’t have scientific data currently
to support this.
What we do know for sure is the strong connection
for example between red meat consumption and
colon cancer and the connection between red
meat and stomach, rectal, pancreatic, bladder,
breast, endometrial and ovarian cancer and
the fact that red meat is classed as a type
2a carcinogen.
So let’s hear that interview with Dr Greger
as he shares his opinion on vegan diets and
whether or not we should be adding in small
amounts of grass fed meat.
[Dr Greger] First of all I do not advocate
a vegetarian diet or vegan diet I advocate
an evidence based diet and the best available
balance of science suggests that the more
whole plant foods we eat the better both to
reap their nutritional benefits and displace
less healthy options so it’s less vegetarian
than vegetable-etarian right you actually
have to eat our veggies.
So the reason I don’t like the labels like
vegetarian and vegan is because that just
tells me what you don’t eat so all these
college aged vegans are living of French fries
and beer well ok those are vegan but not health
promoting and so whereas whole food plant
based that tells me oh that’s actually what
you do eat you eat your vegetables so just
to kind of clear that up and regardless of
what you’re talking about- inflammation,
insulin levels you name it there’s no diet
on the planet that can beat that and if these
folks these biohackers want to try it out
these are so called n=1 studies someone, one
person tries and sees what happens and does
a little before and after and if we didn’t
have this vast body of science that’s all
we could do-try it out.
But we actually have about 100,000 articles
published in the English language in the peer
reviewed medical literature on nutrition every
single year going back decades, we have randomized
controlled studies with lots of people we
can actually put these diets to the test,
these questions have been answered.
You want your insulin levels to go down?
Whole food plant based diet!
You want your blood sugars to get better your
triglycerides to get better cholesterol to
get better, inflammation?
And so there’s actually studies for example
looking at organic grass fed meat.
The biggest study was actually done in Australia
so they used kangaroo meat which is kind of
like the venison of Australia so this is wild
caught and can’t get more natural than that
and they compared the bodies response to eating
that meat versus conventional store bought
meat and found that the inflammatory spike
caused by the kangaroo meat was significantly
less than that caused by conventional meat
so certainly better but it was still inflammatory.
So why not eat something, at same meal you
could eat foods that are inflammatory and
so better sure but there’s better still
and so someone saying “I’m going to eat
some grass fed beef and look my inflammation
went down” what they didn’t try is have
a bean burrito instead and shows that it gets
even better.

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  1. Did you think my head needs scratching…if so you have succeeded! The title of this video is such a come-on! It is misleading to say the worst. Ah well, whatever. We know Mark Hyman threw in grass fed beef into his diet advice to attract meat lovers; God, how can we leave THEM out!!! I heard that Bill Clinton is now a follower of Hyman.

  2. Technically, a WFPB diet is a vegan diet by default. Veganism, itself, is rooted in ethics , and is not a diet, per se. I think your title is a bit misleading/confusing.. and also, it suggests that he may advocate WFPB along with grass-fed meat. Why the clickbait titles? You're better than that.

  3. I’ve been plant based for over a month and was craving some fish today and I went out and got some wild salmon and it really helped. I don’t want to support dairy or meat industries which are quite cruel to me. I think having some fish or some foods here or there is gonna be better than never.