Lose Weight On Celexa

– Hey, Killer Bs, it’s Pahla
B, from PahlaBfitness.com.
And on tap today, I’ve got
day 11 of the Weight Loss
for Women over 50 series.
And today is a great cardio
and seated abs workout.
So yes, you are gonna need a chair nearby.
Other than the seated parts,
though, we are all standing.
There’s absolutely no jumping.
And there is no other equipment needed.
When you’re ready for this
one, I’m totally ready.
Let’s go.
(upbeat music)
All right you guys,
let’s go ahead and get
movin’ and groovin’.
I’m actually gonna start our warmups off
with the timer today.
The timer is set for 30 second intervals.
And we’re gonna go through
our usual warm ups two times.
So that means that we’re getting started
with arm circles and
high knees, like we do.
Hopefully, this really is day 11 for you.
Or at least you’re
familiar with my workouts.
Otherwise, that just came out of nowhere,
didn’t it, you guys?
This is our normal warmup.
We do arm circles with high knees.
Then we do arm crossers
with booty kickers.
And then we do welcome to my homes.
We’re gonna go through that list
of three exercises two times.
And that’s kind of…
Well, I’ve got a longer list
than three exercises today,
but we are gonna get through it two times.
Let’s go ahead and do those arm
crossers with booty kickers.
Thank goodness that chair
is completely out of my way.
I’m actually gonna step
aside here a little bit.
You do want to make sure
that your chair is nearby and handy.
We’re using the chair today
for some of our exercises.
Here’s the thing about this,
when it beeps again, we’re doing those
welcome to my homes, of course.
Today could be, if you choose,
an up and down from the
ground kind of a day.
I happen to know, since I’ve
been around YouTube for awhile
that most of us,
here we go with welcome to my homes,
and then we’re gonna do this list of
these three one more time through
to make sure that we are
thoroughly warmed up.
So when it beeps again we’re gonna
do those arm circles with high knees.
I have heard over the years
many, many, many, many
comments that we don’t love
to get up and down from the
ground at this age anymore,
and I tell you what.
I don’t mind getting up and down
as long as when I’m down I stay down
and when I’m up I stay up,
but the constant transitions.
Here we go, second time through.
Arm circles and high knees.
I know that that is
difficult and problematic
for lots of us
and it truly takes some time
away from the exercising
because it takes a
while to get up or down.
So we are going lovely,
modified, mostly standing today
by using a chair for our floor exercises
including our seated abs.
We’re gonna get through
a whole lot of cardio
before we get to those seated abs.
There we go with arm
crossers and booty kickers.
I’ve got a lovely list of
super fun exercises for us
that require absolutely no jumping.
We are low impact
even if you do choose to get
up and down off the ground,
and we’re gonna get nice
and moderately sweaty today.
You guys, when it beeps again we’re doing
those welcome to my homes for the second
and final time,
and then we’re going
right into our workout.
So this is what it looks
like, these 30 seconds today.
It’s just long enough to feel
amazing about the exercise
and then move on from it
but I’m sure you’ve noticed at this point
there’s no rest.
So we’re going to take this whole workout
at a cardio endurance pace.
We’re getting started
here with double knees
which means we’re gonna
have our hands up overhead
reaching down towards
one knee that comes up
two times in a row, and then
again on the other side.
So going up and down with your hands,
up and down with one knee at a time.
And here’s the thing
about cardio endurance.
It’s not meant to be fast.
It really is truly the difference
between a sprint and a marathon.
We are taking this at a marathon pace,
meaning that because we’re not resting
we need to really think
about your heart rate the whole time.
You wanna keep it at a nice
moderate pace for weight loss.
When it beeps again we’re
doing rainbow jacks.
Hands going up overhead like a rainbow,
and feet, one knee comes out on one side
and then on the other side.
Hands are up the entire
time for this exercise
which means I just slowed
this down a little bit.
You do not have to take the entire workout
at the same pace.
Truly that’s difficult to do.
When it beeps again we’re
doing mountain climbers
with our hands on the chair.
That’s how we’re going to
make sure that we don’t
have to get up and down from the ground.
If you want to, oh my gosh, please do.
It is always up to you to
do what you’d like to do.
So bringing one knee towards
your chest at a time,
hands on the chair making
sure that your hands
are directly below your shoulders.
Doing such a good job, moving
at a pace that works for you.
When it beeps again
we’re gonna come back up
into toy soldiers.
Hands up overhead again.
Gonna have one hand reaching down
towards your opposite kicking foot.
My friends, here’s the thing
about moderating and modifying.
They are different and that’s what
I kinda wanted to show you today
is that you can modify
any of the exercises
so that they work for you.
Put your hands on an elevated surface,
make something that would
normally be jumping non-jumping.
Modifying does not
necessarily mean easier,
it means making it work for you.
When it beeps again we’re doing
booty kicker elbow swings.
So those booty kickers just
like we do for our warmup,
but we’ve got our hands swinging.
So hands are swinging
and elbows pushing back.
Really thinking about
pulling back from the middle
of your back.
Getting a little bit of
bonus upper body toning
with our cardio today.
Moderation is making
things a little bit easier.
Moderation means that we’re making sure
that our heart rate doesn’t spike.
The fact is you can modify exercises
without moderating them.
And here we go with Rockettes.
Hands on the chair, put your booty down
for just a quick second here.
We’re gonna lift your booty up though
and kick, and kick.
Now, if you would like to
keep your booty on the chair
for these kicks that’s totally fine.
This is what I was talking about
with some upper body work
with our cardio today.
This kind of up and down from the floor
or up and down from the chair work.
Really works your arms as well.
When it beeps again back on our feet.
So have a sit and then back on your feet
for letter Ks.
Hands up overhead kicking
one leg out to the side,
reaching that same hand down to the side.
On one side we’re making the letter K,
on the other side we are not.
When it beeps again we’re
gonna go into middle skips,
which is skipping except
I call it middle skips
because we don’t have
to get our hands up super high overhead,
that is part of the way
that we are moderating our heart rate.
And technically speaking
we’re not really skipping
because skipping would involve jumping,
but we’re having one hand come
up to about shoulder height,
maybe your head height
while the opposite knee
comes up at the same time.
Just like when we were
skipping when we were kids.
Although, to be honest,
I was not great at that
when I was a kid.
When it beeps again, gonna have
our hands on the chair again
for plank tappers.
So coming into that plank position
we’re gonna tap one foot
out to the side at a time.
Here we go.
So hands directly
underneath your shoulders,
feet out into a plank.
Tap one on one side, one on the other.
Awesome job.
Thinking about, for this exercise,
modifying and moderating.
You guys, you can modify the exercises
and make them easily just as difficult,
just as high intensity
as anything else we do.
Coming up next we’re
gonna do punch up kicks,
just exactly what it sounds like
we’re going to punch up while we kick.
Now, I do like to go
across my body for this,
a little bit more challenge for your abs
there in the middle when
you’re going across your body.
Totally up to you.
Whichever hand you punched with first
and whatever leg you kicked
with first just keep going,
it’s fine (laughs).
You know that is actually
an example of modifying
your exercise also.
Just keep going with
whatever you’re doing.
And then here we are
with punch, punch, kick.
So we’re gonna punch, and punch, and kick.
Punch, punch, and kick.
Lots of punching, lots of kicking today.
I tell you what.
Was I angry when I was making this list?
No, actually I was having a great time
and I was thinking about
some good exercises
that I enjoy doing like this last one
that I know you love not so much.
We’re doing walking burpees,
and we’re absolutely gonna
have our hands on the chair
for those walking burpees.
So we’ll put our hands down, here we go.
Hands down, walk your feet
out, walk your feet in
and stand it up with hands up.
Awesome job my friends.
You know, the thing about
modifying exercises,
I get questions about this all the time.
When it beeps again we’re going back
to the beginning of our circuit.
You guys, we’ve already
made it all the way through.
This was every exercise.
So when it beeps again we’re
going back to double knees.
When you need to modify exercises,
here we go with double knees,
because of your particular situation.
Maybe it’s your fitness,
maybe it’s your shoulder is injured,
your ankle is injured,
your hips don’t love
going up and down from the ground.
Whatever it is it doesn’t
automatically mean
that you’re making your workout easier.
You’re making your workout work for you.
Now, moderation, we are intentionally
not going at high speed.
Here we are with rainbow jacks.
Hands in a rainbow up over your head.
One knee at a time.
And truly it is modifying a
workout that could be harder
to make it easier and gentler on purpose.
No matter if you’re
modifying or moderating
you’re doing what’s best
for you and your goal.
When it beeps again we’re
gonna have our hands
down on the chair for mountain climbers.
One knee at a time, coming
up towards your chest
thinking about excellent form.
Your core is pulled in tight,
your back is nice and straight,
your hands are directly
underneath your shoulders.
You know, just ’cause we’re
doing cardio and moving fast
doesn’t mean we’re not thinking
about having our core pulled
in and doing things well.
When in doubt my friends,
always do things well.
When it beeps again we’re
gonna go into toy soldiers.
Awesome job, very nice.
Hands up overhead,
reaching that opposite hand
towards that kicking foot.
You know, we’ve talked a lot
this month about moderation,
about doing the right thing for your goal
which is weight loss.
Now, here’s the deal.
I know lots of you are following along
and maybe weight loss is not your goal
and I totally appreciate that.
When it beeps again
we’re gonna do booty kicker elbow swings.
And I want you to know that I’m talking
pretty constantly about moderation
and in this workout about modifying.
You can always do any of my workouts
at whatever pace works for your goal.
If weight loss is not
your goal, oh my gosh,
go faster, go hard,
get down on the ground,
do what you gotta do to
meet your fitness goal.
When it beeps again gonna sit our booties
down for that half a second while we get
into Rockette position.
Hands on the chair, hips are gonna be up.
We’re doing a big kick.
Starting off seated though
so that you can get yourself situated
before we start kicking.
And truly you are welcome to modify
by keeping your hips on the
chair the whole 30 seconds.
Whatever works for you
always works for me.
Modifying, moderating, not
modifying, not moderating
it always works when you
are getting what you want
out of the workout.
Oh my gosh, here we go with letter Ks.
Hands up, kick out to the
side, out to the other side.
Feeling really good here on round two.
I tell you what,
I’m glad that I was
moderating my heart rate.
Any one of these exercises
I might have been able
to go faster, but I’m glad I didn’t
because I made it all the way through.
Almost all the way through.
When it beeps again
we’re doing middle skips.
You know, this happens
somewhat frequently.
Here we go, middle skips,
opposite hand, opposite knee
coming up at the same time.
Feeling nice and loose and free.
But sometimes about halfway
through the second circuit
if we’re only doing two circuits
I start to just congratulate myself
for making it all the
way through the workout
as though we’re almost done,
and it’s really funny that I do that
because, I mean we are almost done,
but we still have a fair
few more like this next one
coming up which is plank tappers.
Gonna have our hands on the
chair, or on the ground.
Hands directly underneath your shoulders
down in a great plank position.
Tap out to one side, tap out to the other.
Beautiful job keeping your
neck nice and neutral.
Think about keeping your hips super flat,
getting our bonus ab work
before we even do our ab work today.
When it beeps again doing
those punch up kicks.
Not worrying about which hand punches
and which foot kicks,
but just doing your
best to have a good time
and move at great pace.
This has been, and is
a great workout today
with just the right amount of sweat.
No matter if you modify or moderate
working out is so good
for you in so many ways.
When it beeps again we’re
doing that punch, punch, kick.
You know, moving your body, truly at all,
is good for your health.
Punch, punch, and kick.
Punch, punch, and kick.
Yes, I have to say it out loud
and I have to do it a couple of times
before I can really get into the groove.
I try very hard to go back and forth
on my leader hand, and
sometimes if I don’t
really think about it intentionally
for at least the first couple or reps
I get myself all messed up.
When it beeps again we’re
doing walking burpees.
Hands are gonna come down on the chair,
we’re gonna walk our feet out, here we go.
Hands down, feet out, feet
in, and stand back up.
Core is pulled in super, super tight.
Anything that either is floor work
or is modified floor work
means that you really have
to think about where your abs are.
Think about protecting your back,
think about pulling in that core.
When it beeps again,
you guys, we are done.
This was our circuit.
We’re not quite finished though.
I mean, I promised you, we’re
taking a 30 second break,
I promised you abs and here they come.
I’m gonna go ahead and scoot my chair
just that it’s a little bit
more centered on screen.
Don’t feel like you have to move yours.
Here’s what it looks like.
Still doing those 30 second intervals
I’ve got a nice little
handful of ab exercises here.
We’re gonna start with cross body crunches
which means that we’re gonna
have our hands on our shoulders
or behind your head.
Whatever feels comfortable to you.
Reaching your opposite elbow
towards your opposite knee
while your opposite knee is coming up.
So we’re sitting upright,
but we’re crunching through the middle
really thinking about
not curling down into it,
but bringing your knee
up as far as you can
while twisting your torso.
I know, oh my gosh.
This is why this is the finisher.
You know, ab work is always
hard, it just always is.
When it beeps again we’re
gonna do side bends.
Exactly what it sounds
like, we’re gonna bend
to one side.
I’m gonna keep my hands
right here on my shoulders
just like this and I’m gonna
think about getting my elbow
down to my hip without letting your hip
jut out to the side.
We’re trying to keep your
booty really, really glued
to the seat so that this
movement is all coming
from your torso, your spine.
And of course your abs and obliques.
Oh my gosh, this is
why we’re grunting now.
When it beeps again we’re
gonna do bicycle extensions
which means that we’re
gonna start with both feet
really straight out on the ground.
So we’re gonna straighten our knees.
You’re gonna bring your hands
on your shoulders again,
you’re gonna bring one elbow to one knee,
and then the other
elbow to the other knee.
Oh my gosh, this one is
a little bit quicker.
If you’d like to make it tougher
you could reach that hand
all the way out to your toes.
You guys, our next
exercise is the last one
in what is a circuit.
We’re gonna go through all
of these one more time.
Something I call froggy crunches.
We’re gonna start with
both feet straight out,
we’re gonna bring up both knees.
So hands out, bring up both knees
and then extend, and
yes, put your feet down
if you’d like to.
Like I said you can make
this workout tougher,
you can make it easier.
If you need to bring up one foot at a time
because two feet is too hard
do one leg at a time my friends.
What feels hard to you
is hard, that is enough.
When it beeps again we’re going back
to those cross body crunches.
Knees bent, bringing one elbow to one knee
across your body.
Okay, the knees bent
makes a big difference,
I know you noticed that.
This feels different from
those bicycle extensions.
When your legs are straight
the work gets further away
from your abs.
The further away the work is
the harder your abs have to work.
That’s why any time that
you are down on the ground
for example, if you’re doing
crunches on the ground,
bending your knees makes
all crunches doable.
Not even easier, just
doable, or more doable.
When it beeps again, here
we are with side bends.
Bringing that elbow down
to your hip if you can,
and then down to your
hip on the other side.
I’m not even trying not to
grunt anymore, you guys.
We are at that point in the workout
where grunting is very, very encouraged.
When it beeps again we’re
doing those bicycle extensions
having both feet start straight out
as much as possible and
bringing one bent knee
towards your chest at a time.
So both feet straight out.
If you’d like to you can
reach down towards that foot.
Make sure your knee isn’t
gaping out to the side though
in an effort to reach your foot.
That’s not actually better for your abs,
that’s only better for your mind.
You’re thinking, oh I’ve reached my toe.
But having your hip out and your knee out
actually brings some of the work
into your inner and outer thighs
where it’s not doing you quite
as much good on your abs.
When it beeps again froggy
crunches for the last time.
Hands out, and then bring your
hands in towards those knees
that are coming towards your chest.
If you can do both feet at the same time
that’s a great challenge.
If you can’t, pick your
great challenge, my friend.
This is our last 30 seconds.
The next time it beeps, oh my goodness,
is the last time that it’s going to beep.
Really, really feeling modified, moderate.
No, really feeling the burn on this one.
Oh, and there it was.
Okay, I’m turning off the timer
and I’m going to stand up right now.
Here I am, standing up.
I’m gonna stand up for our cool down.
Here’s what I’m gonna do.
I’m gonna get this chair
completely out of my way here
and we’re gonna do that
cool down that I love to do.
Those arm circles with some side tappers.
Okay, you guys that was
a great sweat today.
You know, moderating, modifying,
making your workout work for you
is exactly what this whole month is about.
I really hope that you are
enjoying the workouts so far.
11 days in is a challenge,
it’s a big challenge,
and I know that for lots of
us this might be the most
you’ve ever worked out in a row,
and I want you to know
that I am so, so, so
proud of you.
No matter how much you’re getting done
during each workout the
fact that you’re here
pressing play and doing
your best, it’s your best.
That’s amazing, be proud
of yourself for that.
Let’s go ahead and do some arm crossers.
Big hug, so proud of
you, pat your own back.
And then open, open, open up your chest,
open up your heart, open up your hands.
Oh my gosh, feel that beautiful stretch.
I know sometimes a cool
down stretch feels amazing
and sometimes it feels like,
okay, now I gotta get on with my day,
I’ve got dishes waiting for me,
which is actually what I have
waiting for me right now.
If you love a good cool down stretch
I have an extended one
for you here on screen.
If you are watching on TV I never know
if you can actually see that.
Hopefully, you can get to the description
and grab a nice cool down.
On the other side of the screen,
or if you go to your desktop
you’ll be able to see the playlist
that has all of the
workouts from this month.
So far there’s just 11 of them.
At the end of the month
there will be all 31,
and you can repeat month,
after month, after month
until you get your weight
loss goal, my friend.
On the bottom of the screen
there is the letter P.
That’s an invitation to go over to Patreon
where you can make a monthly pledge
that helps me make free
workouts for all of us
and thank you so, so
much for your support.
On the other side of the
screen is a picture of me
that’s actually a subscribe button.
If you are not already subscribed
make sure that you do that,
plus click the bell notification
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I upload a new video.
You guys, thank you so much
for working out with me.
Make sure you click that subscribe button
and I’ll see you tomorrow.

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