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(Nikole humming)
– Do you know what I’m singing?
Hey everyone, I’m Nikole,
welcome back to my channel.
I’m so excited about today’s video,
it is a topic I’m very passionate about.
I have this love hate
relationship with the internet.
It’s my job, I love it,
I am so grateful for it
that I get to connect with
people around the world
and I’m able to run a full time business
from the comfort of my home.
It is the coolest thing ever and I am,
like I said, I’m so grateful, I love it.
But at the same time
because it is my life,
my world, my career, I
am just consumed by it
on a daily basis and over time
I have realized the impact
that it has made on both my
physical and mental health,
relationships, my productivity
and just my ability to,
my attention span.
My ability to be able
to focus on one thing
for a longer period of time
has definitely windled down,
so I think it’s a really
important topic to address,
and today’s video I’m sharing seven tips
that I swear are gonna change your life.
I use them, some of them I need
to incorporate a little bit better,
but today will be a good
refresher for both of us.
Today’s video is actually a collaboration
with my friend, Meghan Livingstone,
she has a YouTube channel, she’s Canadian.
I’ve known Megan for a while
now and I love her channel,
when you watch it you’re
just so calmed and relaxed,
and she just makes everything
look so easy and peaceful, I love it.
So Megan is actually a
certified holistic nutritionist
and she shares weekly
videos on her channel
about intentional living, minimalism,
and just easy tips and
hacks that you can do
to live a healthy, holistic lifestyle.
So definitely go check out her video,
she’s gonna be doing her tips
for just having a better
relationship with technology
and doing little habits to
help yourself digital detox.
You guys can check out
that video down below
after you watch this video
and without further ado,
let’s get into the video.
So the first thing that
I think is so important,
and it’s something I need to do more of,
is tracking my time online.
How long am I using my
phone, using different apps
like Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest,
how long am I doing emails on my phone.
I think it’s so important to know
how long you are on your
phone for during the week.
I personally find when I’m using my phone,
it’s not like I’m fully completing a task,
I might open an email, scroll through it,
and then close it and save it for later.
And I’m always refreshing
and opening apps mindlessly,
not even really thinking
about what I’m doing,
it’s like a time waster.
So if you track it, knowledge is power,
if you know how many hours you’re spending
on your phone then you can
set goals for yourself.
So if you’re spending, I
don’t know, four hours a day
on your phone, then you can
hopefully try to reduce that
by maybe 30 minutes,
and then maybe an hour,
and then just be a little bit more mindful
of how long you’re on your phone.
So there are actually so many apps
that you can use to track.
There’s even things built into your phone,
like on my iPhone there’s
actually a little tracker
under settings for screen time,
I’m really scared actually.
Okay it says my daily average
is two hours and 41 minutes.
I’m down 32% from last week.
So Sunday was actually really high.
Oh my God, almost four hours, what was I?
And I guess that means,
I could be working,
I worked on Sunday, I did a lot
of Insta storying and stuff,
you know that counts.
It’s crazy and a little scary,
so don’t freak yourself out
when you look at this, but.
Wow, I’m definitely on Instagram the most,
then Gmail, then iMessages,
then the internet, then Slack.
I do a lot on my phone,
there are a lot of apps
that help me with work,
but still a little scary
of how much I’m staring
at this little square
of screen, it’s crazy.
My second tip is to create
separation and boundaries
when it comes to using your phone.
I feel like it is
permanently attached to us,
it’s like another part of
our body and wherever we go
our phone must follow, even
going to the bathroom, guys.
I know we’ve all done it.
You bring your phone to the
bathroom and it’s kinda gross
if you think about it but
it’s a normal thing now.
I know you’ve done it, leave your phone
outside of the bathroom and enjoy that
as your own little oasis.
Even for me, eating is
something I’m still bad at,
I have my phone next
to me while I’m eating
so I try to make a habit
if I’m at a restaurant,
especially on date night
or just with friends,
be in the moment, put your
phone in your purse, zip it up,
there’s nothing ruder than
just being on your phone
while you’re out for dinner with someone
and then if you look
around at a restaurant,
everyone’s on their phone, and we’ve lost
that physical face-to-face
connection with the person
that we’re with and we’re
not really listening
to what they’re saying.
Another thing that I do every
single night without fail
is I put my phone on airplane
mode before I go to bed.
I think it just helps me so much
just to mentally not have any distractions
or be tempted to go on my phone.
I put my phone to bed, I just
tuck it in, I put it to bed,
and then in the morning I don’t look at it
for at least an hour before I get up
so I can wake up peacefully,
I can do my meditation,
I can do stuff for me before
I start being bombarded
by the online world, messages
I need to get back to,
emails, all that stuff.
It’s important to have you time,
at night and in the morning,
just to have that separation.
And then just don’t keep your phone
right next to you all day long.
Leave it in one room, walk
away, be like, “Peace, I’m gone,
“I don’t need you.
“I’m gonna go live my
life,” and that’s okay,
you will still hear your phone ring
if someone’s calling
you from the next room.
But if you’re working and
your phone is right there,
you’re gonna be looking
at it and checking it
every two seconds so,
this is a big one for me,
the separation part of
the phone relationship,
but I think it’s so important
and just have those little
rules that you stick to
and I promise you will
notice such a difference
in the quality of life, I
swear it’s actually crazy.
My next tip is to turn off notifications.
This is a huge one and is
something I started doing
a few years ago when my business
was really starting to pick up online
and I noticed my phone
was dinging every second
whether it was a message, a tweet, a DM,
whatever it was my phone was going off.
At the beginning you’re like, “Oh my God,
“someone messaged me, who is it!”
And then afterwards every
time you would hear the ding
you’re like, I just shutter,
like ugh, the noise!
I feel like the Grinch like,
“The noise, the noise, the noise!”
It would get to me and
I felt instant anxiety
every time my phone would go off
’cause I just felt compelled to pick it up
and check who is messaging
me, what are they saying,
and like I said, I am
grateful that I get to connect
with people all the time,
but to hear it all day long
it entrapped whatever I’m doing
and I feel obligated to check,
and the crazy thing is too
if you are working on a
specific task or project
and your phone is going
off and interrupting you,
I read a study that
said it takes 23 minutes
to get back to focus once
you’ve been interrupted.
So if you think about it, if
you’re working on something
and you’re working from home,
or you’re working in an office
and you’re checking your
phone every 15 minuets,
you are never really fully
focusing on the task at hand,
which means your
productivity is goin’ down.
You’re not really giving
your full potential
when it comes to what
you’re creating or producing
or putting out into the
world, and even if that means
putting a timer on your phone to be like,
“I am not checkin’ my phone
until this one hour mark,”
so you can stay focused on your
task, that really helps too,
but turn off those
notifications like email,
Instagram, anything that
is going off all the time,
and you can leave those things
like iMessage and WhatsApp
if you know those are just
close friends and family,
and that way when you do wanna
check up on what’s happening
on Instagram or email, you have
to physically open the app,
I know it’s crazy, open the app, load it,
and then see if there’s a message,
and that way it’s kind of
like a surprise, you know?
See I’m getting distracted
right now, Matt’s calling me
and I just checked my phone
’cause I heard it vibrating.
I will say, Matt is the only
one I pick up my phone for
because not only is he my boyfriend
but he’s my business partner
so it’s important that we stay connected.
Not following my own rules!
My next time is to capture
and save for later.
And what I mean by this is I
know everyone wants to record
and capture their life and share
it with friends and family,
it’s so much fun, and it’s
also important for memories.
There’s times where I’m cuddling
on the couch with Cashew
and she does something so
cute and I wanna grab my phone
and capture the moment, but the same time
I don’t wanna then push her away
so I can post it onto Instagram right away
and then ruin what was just happening,
so instead I will capture the
moment if it’s really cute
and I must save it and record it,
and then I’ll actually
just save it for later
and post it when we are
done playing on the couch.
Not only do you actually
get to enjoy the moment
and you don’t ruin it by stopping
and pushing your dog away
to then post it, but your life
isn’t on hold for Instagram,
you can enjoy your life,
and then when you have
the time and space you can
go intentionally and share it
and write your caption
and do what you need to do
to post it online.
And I especially do this
when I am traveling or
when I’m out with friends
and Matt and I wanna document memories,
I will save everything to my
phone and then post later.
So a lot of times what you
see on my Instagram stories
is actually delayed, not
only for safety reasons
’cause I don’t wanna be
like “I’m at this mall
“at this time!”
And then just, you never know,
there’s creepers out there.
But also just because I
wanna enjoy the moment
and enjoy the time with
the people that I’m with
and then post later.
My next tip is a very important one,
and that is to protect your eyeballs.
Actually I’m wearing my contacts
so it’s kinda blinding ’cause
these have prescription,
but what they also have
is anti blue light lenses,
filter, protection, I
don’t know the exact word
but you can kinda see
them if you look at it,
it’s like this little
tinge, but what it does,
it blocks all of those
blue reflecting lights
that are coming from your
screens, from your phone,
from your laptop, from the TV.
I don’t know if you’ve ever experienced
at the end of a long day on screens
you start to get this weird fuzzy headache
behind your eyeballs
and you just feel like,
oh like your eyes just
are dry and they hurt
and you have this weird tension headache.
That is probably from being
exposed to too much blue light,
so it’s actually not good for us.
It is stimulating sunlight all day
so it’s not kinda following the natural,
it’s dark in the morning, it’s lighter,
and then it kind of dwindles
down when the sun sets, right?
When you are staring at a screen,
you’re constantly stimulated
by that blue light
and so wearing anti blue light glasses,
it’s really gonna help tone that down,
and I noticed such a difference when I use
anti blue light glasses as
opposed to when I don’t.
Other things that you can
do to help protect your eyes
are different settings
on your phone and laptop.
So I’ve had this setting
on my laptop for years,
it’s called f.lux, and it
basically follows the pattern
of the sun, so depending
on wherever you live,
it will have a different
setting for when it is daylight
and when it starts to go
into more of a warmer tone.
There’s also options on your
iPhone that you can get.
There’s things like a dark
mode, which normally your phone,
all the backgrounds are
white, you can actually
change it now to a dark
mode where it’s all black,
and it just makes it so it’s not so bright
when you’re staring at your phone.
I’ll also change the
brightness of my screen lower
so once again it’s not when
I’m staring at my screen,
it’s not so bright where I have to squint,
and it’s just really jarring
when you look at someones phone
and it’s so bright and it just feels like
the sun is staring at you.
So that’s really great, and
then there’s also a night mode
which you can put settings on
depending on when you
wind down and go to sleep
’cause everyone has different
schedules and what it does,
it does the same kinda thing as f.lux
where it just turns your phone
into more of a warm tone
light that’s emitting
from the screen as
opposed to that blue light
that mimics the sun.
So just a couple things,
it honestly will probably
reduce headaches, help you sleep better,
and it just feels more soothing to the eye
when you’re staring at screens
that are a little bit more
muted and warmer in color
and yeah, it just has made
a big difference for me.
Highly recommend it if
you are a screen user,
which is like everyone.
My next tip is to switch certain tasks
from your iPhone or your phone to desktop.
Not only is it better
for, it’s more ergonomic,
it’s better for your posture
and just body alignment,
but it’s also more productive.
When you are doing things on your desktop,
you are gonna be able to do them faster
’cause you can use two hands to type.
If you’re always opening your phone,
checking for emails and
stuff and trying to respond,
it takes 10 times longer
to respond to an email
on your phone than it
does on your desktop,
that is a stat I just made
up, but I’m pretty sure
it’s something like that,
and I really just think
that we are quicker, more
efficient, and more productive
to do things on our desktop
which means we can finish
our task quicker and spend less time
staring at a screen.
There are a few tools and apps that I use
to make working on my desktop easier
and that is using scheduling
apps like Tailwind and Later,
I use those to schedule Pinterest
pins and Instagram posts,
it is amazing, it makes you
so much more efficient and
productive, and that way
you can just schedule things out
and you’re not having to
be on your phone as much
every day creating those posts.
And then another thing is
you can use apps like Flume,
which is something I recently
discovered from my team,
and it is an app that you
install onto your desktop
and it makes responding to comments
and Instagram DM’s so much easier.
Because usually you have to use your phone
to respond to those which is once again,
takes so much more time when you’re like,
tap, tap, tap, tap, tap on your phone
as opposed to sitting at your
desk, fully having both hands
and you can just just
type them out really fast,
and I just think it’s
so much more productive
and same thing with YouTube comments,
I much prefer answering
my comments on desktop
versus my phone, and what
I would recommend doing
is set an allotted time,
like, I’m gonna spend one hour
this morning to answer
comments, and then just do that
on your desktop instead of constantly
checking your phone to
answer a comment here,
a comment there, because really
you’re just procrastinating
on what you actually need
to be getting done that day.
My last tip is an
important one, and that is,
it’s okay to not always be available.
Especially because my life is online,
I feel like everyone just
thinks I have my phone
attached to me and that if you message me,
DM me, or call me, I should
of course just pick up
right away, and the truth
is, because my job is online,
I make it even more of a
priority to separate the two.
So I just wanna remind
people that in today’s age
it might feel like you
always need to be available
when someone messages
you, texts you, calls you,
but the truth is, it is not rude or flaky
to not be available all the time.
It is actually very stressful
to always be a text away
from someone interrupting your day,
and I think it’s important
for you to respect your space
and your time and your productivity
in your day to be able
to control or determine
when you wanna respond back to people
or connect with people.
And I know that can
maybe sound a little bit,
like I said, rude or flaky,
but I think it’s just
a form of self care and just taking care
of your mental health because I do think
that it causes stress and anxiety,
when you are doing something
and someone calls your
or texts you and you feel
immediately obligated
to respond to them, and
maybe you’re totally
thinking about something else
and someone’s asking you,
“Are you available next
weekend for a party,”
and you say yes, and then you realize,
“Wait, I didn’t check
my schedule, I’m not.”
So it’s okay to put your
phone on do not disturb
or have it, like I said, in another room
and just set expectations that
when someone messages you,
you don’t have to message them right away.
I just wanted to get that
message across that it’s okay,
you are not a bad person
if you don’t wanna be
at everyone’s beck and call 24/7.
And there you have it, seven
mini digital detox habits
that you can use in your everyday life,
digital detoxing doesn’t have to mean
not using your phone for an entire day,
although it is really nice
to do that once a week.
I’ve done it and it’s so
nice, it’s like a spa day,
I don’t know it’s a
very liberating feeling.
But I just had so much fun
sharing these tips with you guys
and like I said, it’s just
a very important topic to me
because my life is online so much
that I notice the effects even more,
and I think it’s just
so important to create
those boundaries and those little rules
to help making the
internet a fun place to be.
As I mentioned, this is a
collab with my friend Meghan,
so definitely go check out her
channel, check out her video,
I promise you’re gonna love her videos,
they are so calming and
soothing and very informative,
you’re gonna love her.
You guys can check out her
channel and her video down below,
subscribe to her, be sure to
send her some avocado emojis
in the comments of her YouTube video
so she knows you’re part
of the HealthNut family,
and if you guys are coming
from Meghan’s channel,
hello, welcome, I’m so
excited to have you here!
I post every single week,
I do routine videos,
what I eat in a days, I
do grocery hauls, recipes,
weekly vlogs, we’re
always switchin’ it up,
it’s always a ton of fun.
And I’m actually gonna have a blog post
for all the tips I shared in
this video linked down below
over on my blog, so definitely go
check that out and read it.
All of my links and tips will be there
if you like to see them visually.
Thank you so much for
watching, I’ll see you guys
in my next one, and have a fabulous day,
and get off your phones, give yourself
some digital detox
tonight, like right now,
after you watch this, no after
you watch Meghan’s video,
give yourself a one hour
digital detox from your phone.
Bye guys!
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