Lose Weight In Jail

Are you looking for yummy smoothie bowl
recipes? Well then stay tuned for this video
where I share with you how to make a
smoothie bowl in the blender and the
exact recipe and toppings I used to do it.
Now let’s get into the recipe. Alright so
in this recipe, we are going to be using
a frozen banana, a scoop of plant-based
vanilla protein powder. You could also
use a whey protein powder that would
also work. I’m gonna use a few ice cubes.
Just enough almond milk to allow the
blender to blend the frozen fruit
together. I’m going to use a packet of
acai. This is not mandatory. You could use
frozen berries but I am going to use
this. Then for toppings, I’m going to
use chopped banana, some almond butter,
some chopped walnuts and hemp seeds. So
basically, all I’m gonna do is I’m gonna
put everything into the blender and
blend it up. So as you guys know, I don’t
usually make this kind of food, I’m not
when it comes to sustainable weight loss
I’m not a big believer in consuming high
glycemic fruits but I am at a stage in
my fitness journey where I can kind of
eat whatever I want once a week and it
actually helps me stay lean. So that’s
when I started introducing a little bit
of this kind of thing like a smoothie
bowls and high glycemic fruit like that.
But it’s fine to have on occasion if
this is something that you like then
definitely feel free to treat yourself.
Put a few ice cubes, almond milk
this plant-based vanilla protein powder
and now I’m just gonna blend it up. Looks
like we’re gonna need a little bit more
almond milk.
All right so now that it’s blended, now
we can pour it into a cute bowl and now
we can just cover it with our toppings.
So what I like to do is kind of decorate
the top makes it look pretty.
Hemp seeds, a little bit of pumpkin seeds,
some chopped nuts and lastly my almond
butter. All right guys here it is, you can
see. Now let’s give it a taste!
Mmmm it’s absolutely delicious and
fruity. Lots of healthy fats and it’s
just a really nice high carb treat for
you to enjoy on occasion. So thank you so
much for watching. I hope you enjoyed the
recipe. In this video, I taught you
how to make smoothie bowls in a blender.
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