Lose Weight Fast For Women Calories

in my opinion intermittent fasting is
the best method of weight loss, bar none
its efficacy when it comes to
specifically targeting body fat and
burning it for energy is unparalleled
and if you just started intermittent
fasting or you’re looking into
intermittent fasting because you see all
these amazing results that people are
posting you might be wondering how long
does it take to start seeing these
results and I can really only speak for
myself and the results of all my
students and they’re all pretty good for
me personally it took me eight weeks to
completely transform my body in the
grand scheme of things that’s not a long
period of time and the good thing is
I’ve been able to maintain my results
ever since so I traded eight weeks of my
life during my initial transformation
and I’ve been able to maintain it for
eight years and counting pretty good
trade off if you ask me there’s also
David who lost 80 pounds and completely
transformed his life and his body I mean
he’s in the best shape of his life and
he just turned 50 I know people half his
age who would kill for that body
there’s also Maria who also lost 80
pounds and finally got rid of her
pregnancy weight and there she is living
her best life in Vegas because she
finally got her pre-baby body back
amazing right
there’s also Ange who went from a size
10 to a size 4 and before she started
doing intermittent fasting she also
struggled to lose her pregnancy weight
for years she thought she was stuck
forever with it there’s also Kenneth who
lost 70 pounds gained a whole lot of
confidence in the process met an amazing
girl during his transformation and is
now happily married are you starting to
see how this could also work for you and
I always like to say that it’s not about
the weight you lose but about the life
you gain so how long does it take to
realistically start seeing results I’m
gonna go over that in today’s video if
you’re new to the channel my name is
Carlo Macapinlac I help busy
professionals lose all their unwanted
body fat so they can feel more confident
fit better into their clothes and live
an awesome life through my fat loss
accelerator program because if you’ve
been following my channel you’ll know
that there’s definitely a right way and
a wrong way to do intermittent fasting
there’s also a lot of myths and severely
outdated information about weight loss
that I talk about a lot in my channel
that still gets repeated today by a lot
of trainers nutritionists influencers
that you’re probably following and it’s
preventing you from losing weight
there’s a lot of bad and confusing
information out there that’s really just
based on nothing but bro science and
that’s why I created the
fat-loss accelerator the fat-loss
accelerator isn’t so much a diet as it is
a complete proven step by step fat loss
system that puts everything I teach in
my channel in a complete package it’s
the exact same fat loss system that all
my students have followed and they’ve
all gotten some amazing results from it
okay the real question is how long does
it take to get these results and how
long does it take to start seeing
results now those are two completely
different questions with two completely
different answers
first thing we got to think about is
what is your goal in the first place
because somebody who’s looking to lose
10 pounds is gonna achieve that a lot
faster than somebody who’s looking to
lose 80 pounds I mean that’s just simple
math it also depends how long you’ve
been struggling to lose weight that also
factors in there are levels to this now
let’s talk about fat loss first
specifically your results really depends
where you’re at before you start doing
intermittent fasting let’s say you’ve
already got a good baseline you’re
already eating healthy foods and that’s
another thing that prevents a lot of
people from losing weight by the way is
that they’re eating seemingly “healthy”
foods that aren’t actually so healthy
and it’s actually preventing them from
losing weight so maybe you just need
some direction on what you should be
eating exactly and how much of it so you
can be fat adapted you’re metabolically
flexible you’re able to easily tap into
your fat stores for energy after you’re
done eating which is the key to all this
which I go over inside the fat loss
accelerator all those things will
trigger your fat burning mechanism and
it’s gonna turn you into an unstoppable
fat-burning machine on the other hand if
you’re completely new to this you’ve
just been following the standard
American diet you’re eating a lot of
bread pasta chips cookies candy cereal
and you snack multiple times during the
day there’s definitely gonna be an
adaptation period of two to eight weeks
where you might feel or you’re
definitely gonna feel crummy at first
when you start fasting that’s actually
perfectly normal your body think about
it is literally going through carb
withdrawals but we can shorten that
period to just 21 days by doing a
complete reset I like to call it the 21
day primal reset where we just kind
of go back to our roots on how we’re
supposed to eat we do a complete purge
of your pantry and we start stocking it
with the right foods that’s step number
one you want to put yourself in the best
position to succeed and then you want to
start making supportive lifestyle
choices that upregulate your fat-burning
metabolism which will then turn you into
a fat-burning machine after just 21 days
because you need to
have a multi-faceted approach to this
because 80% of your body composition is
determined by your diet while the other
20% is determined by your genetic
predisposition to store fat and making
supportive lifestyle choices so yes your
genetics actually plays a role in this
during your own 21 day reset
intermittent fasting should actually
just be optional because that’s like
step number 10 in all of this you need
to learn how to walk first before you
can run it’s not just about going from 0
to 100 here and that’s why a lot of
people fail it’s about going from 0 to 1
you need to establish a baseline first
that you can work with hence the 21 day
reset again this is also where you take
the time to learn how to make supportive
lifestyle choices geared towards fat
loss like proper sleep hygiene managing
your stress levels incorporating
movement throughout the day and doing
proper workouts that promote fat burning
because there’s actually a right way and
a wrong way to exercise that’s why you
see so many people they spend countless
hours at the gym but they look the same
they have the right intention but the
wrong execution they’re doing the wrong
types of workouts and it’s actually
hindering their weight-loss progress.
Imagine that. You think you’re doing the
right thing by going to the gym seven
days a week but you’re actually not I
told you there’s a right way and a wrong
way to approach intermittent fasting
specifically fat loss there are rules to
this it’s definitely not just calories
in versus calories out fun fact did you
know that calorie counting has a 99
percent failure rate and if you’ve been
struggling to lose weight all this time
and that’s been your method of weight
loss you already know that to be true
but hey that’s all about to change now
and starting with a 21 day reset is a
great baseline for a lot of people
because they say that it takes 21 days
to make or break a habit and it’s easy
to wrap your head around committing to
something for 21 days after that you’ve
just formed a new healthy habit and then
it just gets easier after you’ve done a
proper 21 day reset the end result
should be now you’re metabolically
flexible your fat adapted and you can
easily switch fuel sources from the
foods that you eat to your own body fat
for energy that’s when you get into what
I like to call accelerated fat loss
because it’s not about eating less but
less frequently there is a world of
difference between those two things
that’s why you see those people who only
eat like a thousand calories every day
they eat their 6 small meals and they’re
not losing
if you don’t do a proper reset and
you’re still following a standard
American diet and you just jump right
into intermittent fasting that is the
definition of metabolic inflexibility
your body is simply not ready for it and
I can almost guarantee you that you’re
not gonna see the results you’re looking
and this is where a lot of people find
themselves this is where you hear people
say oh I got headaches they say they
were starving all the time they had no
energy they didn’t feel good and they’ll
say oh it just didn’t work for them I
could have told you that now
the people who’s taken the proper 21 day
reset inside the fat loss accelerator
have all successfully upregulated their
fat-burning metabolism they’re
metabolically flexible and they can
easily fast for long periods of time
without feeling hungry which means that
they’re able to burn more body fat
they’ve also all been successful at
keeping the weight off and that’s key
here’s David one of my students that I
mentioned earlier and this is how he
one year later after taking the program
this is a text from Ange one of my other
students seven months after taking the
fat loss accelerator she’s now a
fat-burning machine intermittent fasting
works it’s just a matter of doing it
properly now how long will it take for
you to start seeing results it really
depends how long you fast for and how
often I always like to say that the
longer you fast the better it also
depends how much fasting your body can
handle at any given time which is
dependent whether your body is fat
adapted and you’re metabolically
flexible again that is the key to all of
this it also depends if you do
intermittent fasting every day or you
just do it a few times during the week
it also depends how much you’re eating
during your eating window and how many
cheat meals you take during the week and
I’ve found that if you’re metabolically
flexible if you’re fat adapted and again
you can achieve that by doing a proper
21 day reset and then when you start
doing intermittent fasting it’s like
being able to turn on the tap to fat
loss you become an unstoppable
fat-burning beast if you do intermittent
fasting but you’re not fat adapted and
you’re not metabolically flexible it can
actually start having a negative effect
on your body because you’re gonna be
introducing a type of stress that your
body is not well equipped to handle
because again you’re metabolically
inflexible you’re going to be triggering
your fight-or-flight response and if you
do that too much you’re gonna have
chronically high cortisol levels and
chronic stress is one of the biggest
killers of weight loss the other thing
that you want to consider is how long
you’ve been carrying all
that extra weight that you’re trying to
lose again intermittent fasting is an
unbelievably powerful method of weight
loss but it’s not an overnight fix so if
you’ve been overweight for a long time
that means that you’ve also been insulin
resistant for a long time so it might
take a little bit of time to lower your
insulin levels so you need to be
realistic about your goals that’s why it
is paramount that you pair it with the
proper diet it just goes back to making
sure that your body is fat adapted and
you’re metabolically flexible first so you
can make the switch to burning your own
body fat
once you’re done eating the biggest
thing that I want you to take away here
is that whatever your weight loss goal
is it’s gonna take some time but again
you can do certain things to make that
process a lot easier and a lot smoother
let me give you some realistic numbers
if you do intermittent fasting properly
it’s not unusual to lose anywhere
between one and a half to two pounds of
fat per week some people lose more but
again I want you to focus on fat loss
not weight loss if you give it 12 weeks
or 3 months for example at a rate of 2
pounds of fat loss per week that is 24
pounds of fat gone forever that’s
life-changing if you don’t know what
losing 25 pounds of fat looks like
here’s one of my other students
she lost exactly 25 pounds of fat in 12
weeks without exercise which makes it
even more impressive because she did
everything else right that’s how
effective intermittent fasting can be if
you do it properly and if you want to
know how to put this all together then
keep watching the next question then
becomes how are you actually supposed to
eat if you want to lose weight because
here’s the thing 80% of your body
composition is determined by your diet
you can’t just freestyle this part do you
have a proven plan that you can follow
to help you with that I want to give you
a free copy of my lean body blueprint
this is how I melted all the fat around
my stomach without depriving myself of
my favorite foods or wasting hours at
the gym it’s a simple four-step process
specifically designed for busy
professionals and it’s the exact same
blueprint that I teach to all my private
coaching clients and they’ve all gone to
see some amazing results if you want to
be the next success story
then download your FREE copy of the lean
body blueprint right now there’s gonna
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  1. I started in September 2019 intermittent fasting. Started 16/8 starting weight 223 after a month started one meal a day as of today current weight 160 lbs. never felt better energy levels I could compare to late 20’s early 30’s and I’m 56. Give it time your health is well worth it.

  2. Hi Carlo, is it ethical to break up with my side piece by pretending to die from the Coronavirus? I can’t listen to her complain about her sister or how much smarter she is than everyone else at work anymore.

  3. I’ve got 80 lbs to lose (so far). Last time I lost that much weight it took me a year to lose the first 50 then I plateaued then the year 2016 I lost the last 50 in 8 months. It was all with cutting calories and dirty IF. Right now I’m on Omad- I would’ve worked my way into it except I just find it easier to just do Omad. I count calories just to see but I don’t give myself a set amount. I just eat till I’m done and count from there (I don’t usually finish my food. That’s what I love about Omad is that I know when to stop eating). I only weight myself monthly and focus the rest of the time how clothes fit.