Lose 40 Pounds Walking Dog

I thank everyone so much. 21 kilos in 8 days.
I was living on chips and chocolate
What I am most delighted about is
abandoning the bread
I easily stopped eating sweets
It was like a detox
I already lost up to 6-7 kilos of weight
There is an incredible lightness thanks to quitting dirty carbohydrates
So many things have changed. I am so happy.
I lost this much weight even without exercise
I am so relaxed. I sleep in peace. I am happy.
I haven’t ate chips, chocolates or any junk foods for almost 2 months now
I lost 18 kilos according to my bathroom scale
I certainly feel much more healthy and peaceful
My thyroid numbers are back in the normal range after just a month
I was having difficulties in walking and breathing
My sleeping routine was irregular
Now I am happy while my problems are solved
I was getting angry and upset when I couldn’t eat
My hands were shaking, my sleeping routine was irregular
This treatment is something else
You feel better with NEOClinics Resonance Therapies

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