Lose 40 Pounds In 3 Months

– Doctors at Akron Children’s Hospital
say they are seeing a disturbing trend
among some young people.
– Teenagers and young adults
who are taking healthy eating
too far and to what could
become a dangerous disorder.
Brittany Bivens talked to doctors
about how they’re working to change that.
– [Brittany] Today it’s easy
to find lots of advice on diets
but that doesn’t mean it’s good advice.
– There’s so much poor information
on the internet, on social media,
and just because they look thin
like you might want to look,
doesn’t mean their way of
getting there was healthy.
– [Brittany] Dr. Jessica
Castonguay is part of a team
of specialists at Akron
Children’s Hospital
combating disordered eating
for kids as young as 12.
– One of the things that
we’re seeing most often
is young people who want to
be more healthy in their diet
and in their meals and
so they start to cut out
maybe junk food first, and
then maybe fried foods,
and then they start to
cut out more and more.
– [Brittany] She says they see teenagers
coming into the clinic who eat nothing
but small amounts of vegetables.
And at an age when it’s critical for kids
to get vital nutrients,
that can lead to a serious health issue
or a more serious eating disorder.
– When young people decide not
to go out with their friends
because they don’t want
to have the ice cream,
they don’t want to have
that slice of pizza.
When it takes them hours before
going out with their friends
on the internet looking up
the nutritional information
at the particular restaurant
that they’re going to,
then that’s a sign that
there might be a problem.
– [Brittany] And the sooner you get help
for that problem, the better.
In Akron, Brittany
Bivins, Cleveland 19 News.

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