Lose 30 Pounds Men

So you want to lose weight, right? Because
in this video I am going to show you how to
lose weight, and body fat, forever. These
are the same tips and tricks that I applied
to my clients when I was working as a trainer.
This content includes new detailed methods
that you might have not heard anywhere else.
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When it comes to losing weight, the first
and most important thing is changing your
lifestyle, and not just for a few months to
lose that bodyfat, and then go back to those
old bad habits. This is why 80% of people
gain back their original weight after a few
weeks. So the key here is thinking long term,
and setting big goals for the future, because
the change, won’t come overnight. Eventually
you didn’t gained that weight over a few days,
or weeks, so it won’t go away in a matter
of minutes.
First of all, when it comes to diet, a huge
misconception is you have to eat salad, and
raw chicken for the rest of your life, to
stay lean, but that is definitely not true.
You just have to make small changes, and keep
those changes, in order to change your body
in the long run.
Basically there are 3 options. Eat less calories,
burn more calories, Or both at the same time.
First of all, you should calculate how much
calories your body burns in a calm state,
and that is called BMR or basal metabolic
rate. There are hundreads of calculators out
there, but I’m going to link one in the description
for you to check out. That will give you the
number that you should never go under in any
circumstances, or your fatloss is going to
stop, or you might even gain weight, because
your body goes into survival mode and stores
everything that comes into it’s system. These
calculators work okay, but there are lot more
factors when it comes to calculating BMR,
but it will give you and estimated number.
Another fundamental thing is, you should start
counting your calories. There is a bunch of
easy to use apps out there, just type in what
you ate, and it will show you the calories,
and the macro nutrition values.
Now, if you know your BMR, and how much calories
you consume on a daily basis, then you should
calculate your average calorie needs. With
this method you are going to maximize weight
loss and speed up the process, and you don’t
have to do the guess work. I’m gonna leave
a link in the description for you, for an
easy-to-use calculator.
With that in mind, start gradually decrease
your calorie intake by 200 to 300 calories
per week, and see what happens.
People often drop their calories instantly
800 or even 1000 calories, but that is a huge
mistake, and you will lose a lot of muscle
mass in the process, which is definitelly
not good, not talking about the health risks.
They think, less calories, equals faster weight
Losing about 1 kilogramms of bodyweight per
week is the healthiest way to do it, but in
the first few weeks more then 1 kilogramms
might disappear, but that is just because
of waterweight and not really fat loss.
Start measuring your weight once a week, and
if you have the oppurtunity, then use a scale
which has a bodyfat percentage indicator,
so it will give you an estimated number where
you stand at. But keep in mind, that these
scales are not 100% accurate, but it will
give you a close number. And, feel free to
use your mirror as a feedback too.
An Extra tip. When you measure yourself on
the scale, do it ONLY once a week at the same
day, after you woke up, with an empty stomach,
after you used the bathroom, and preferrably
without any clothes on. This will give you
the most accurate measures.
A lot of people come to me and say, they don’t
even eat much, only about 2000 calories maybe.
But if that is the case, then you shouldn’t
drop even further the amount you eat, but
you have to look at your macros instead, to
start losing that weight. By lowering carbs,
and replacing it with protein, or healthy
fats might help a lot.
Start drinking more water, and here is why.
When you drink more water, you feel more full,
so you eat less, and will have less cravings.
I recommend drinking at least 2 liters of
water every single day, but If you can drink
3 liters, it would be even better! But let’s
say you’re bored of plain water. Then try
out putting some lemon juice in it, or drink
green tea which can help increase metabolism,
or just flavoured water, but be cautious,
and check the labels, cause it might contain
sugars. Also drinking lots of water will help
you wash out the extra sodium from your body,
which can improve your overall looks, quite
a lot.
Consuming lots of fizzy drinks might pull
you back too. It causes bloating in the stomach
area, so it will appear bigger, which Isn’t
so good. I would suggest eliminate it from
your habits.
Another important factor, is you should never
put salt on anything from now on, and just
consume as much salt as the foods you eat
contain as their natural state. It has several
shown benefits, like lower blood pressure,
lower risk of cardiovascular disease and much
Like I said, this method will dramatically
change your look in a few weeks.
(But if you’re out on the sun all day or sweat
a lot, then it is acceptable to consume a
littlebit more, just to keep the balance in
the body, just please don’t over use it.)
If you usually eat two or three times a day,
try eating 4 to 5 times a day, with smaller
portions, and more frequent meals. If you
follow this advice, your blood sugar level
won’t have a huge spike during the day, and
I’m sure you won’t have as many cravings throught
the day.
One of the most important, and hardest thing
to do, is cutting off any sugars or simple
carbs from your diet. Yes we all love them!
they are all delicious. But this is the key
for success.
Simple carbs are white bread, sweet drinks,
wheat flour, sweets, and everything what contains
easily absorbable glucose. I would even eliminate
fruits. Yes fruits. you heard it right. If
you only eat fruits and not losing any weight,
then don’t be suprised, because they contain
a lot of sugar. Of course a piece of apple
is always better than a snickers bar, but
if the goal is weight loss, then keep them
on a minimal.
Also, drinking alcohol will have a negative
effect on fat loss, because alcoholic beverages
usually contain lots of sugars, and calories.
So if you are drinking 2 beers every night,
maybe you should quit.
There are several small things you can do
to burn and extra few hundred calories throughout
the day, by simply choosing the stairs instead
of the elevator, or walk your dog and extra
2 kilometers. These small things add up throught
the day, and you’ve just burned 300 calories
Do you like to sleep? Believe it or not, sleeping
at least 8 hours a day, will help you lower
your cortisol level, so your body will more
likely to be in a state where fatloss will
occur. and the time while you are asleep,
you can not consume any calories at least.
But don’t fall for that misconception of not
eating after 6. I’d rather say, don’t eat
before you go to bed, because it has a high
chance, if you eat before you go to sleep
the carbs will more likely to be stored as
fat, and your body won’t use it while you
I still know a few people who think if they
eat fat, they gonna get fat, which is not
true at all. Fats are really healthy, and
they contain a lot of energy. But here is
the catch. There are different types of fats.
Usually we can say, if it comes from an animal,
than it’s bad fat, but fish is an all time
Trans fats should be avoided, unsaturated
fats and saturated fats can be good.
Foods like butter, fried foods, cakes, contain
trans fats, which can make you fat, and can
block your blood vessels in the long term.
Foods like fish oil, avocado, seeds, nuts,
contain unsaturated fats, which will help
you lose fat, and be more healthy. But I won’t
go deep into that, Maybe later in another
When it comes to exercise, doing cardio with
some compound exercises is going to be the
best way possible. It can be as simple as
jogging a few times a week, or just walking
a few extra kilometers every day. Compound
exercises, like squats and deadlifts will
prevent muscle loss, and will burn more fat
by activating all the muscle fibers at the
same time. But don’t over do it. You don’t
have to do it six or seven times a week, or
you might experience overtraining. Just keep
it simple.
I would suggest about 60 to 80 minutes of
exercise a few times a week, including cardio.
If you have excess overweight, you should
not run, or do incline on the treadmill, because
it will kill your knee joints! Prevention
is key here! I’d rather suggest swimming,
or using the elliptical trainer, or even cycling
can be a better option.
And what about supplements, you might ask?
Taking a so called fat burner can help you,
but don’t expect miracles to happen. It usually
contains caffeine, which increases body temperature,
and burns more calories. 100 to 200 miligramms
of caffeine is a preferrable dose. It can
be a good choice with all the other things
that I mentioned. As an extra tip, I would
recommend eating spicy foods as an alternative
if you don’t tolerate caffeine for some reason,
because it will increase your body temperature
the same but for a shorter period of time.
Or maybe even using the sauna, to really help
you lose that extra few kilogramms of waterweight.
Just, be careful with that.
In summary. Think long term, and focus on
changing your overall lifestyle.
Start counting calories, and macros, and measure
yourself every week.
Start drinking lots of water, and avoid alcohol,
while cutting back on salt.
Eat more frequently, with smaller portions.
Cut off any sugars, simple carbs, and saturated
Start exercising a few times a week, like
cardio, and compound exercises. Doing these
with an empty stomach, fasted is even better.
Sleep more.
Try out supplements with caffeine, to increase
body temperature, or use alternatives.
Have perseverance, and be motivated!
But I have to say, the overall key is adherence
and patience, by choosing a diet you can stick
to, and a diet that works for you. It is going
to take a while to lose it.
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With that said, thank you for watching, and
I will see you next week!

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