Lose 20 Pounds Of Belly Fat

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each video thanks so much aloe vera is a
succulent plant that’s well known for
its medicinal properties though it’s
most commonly used topically to heal
burns and promote skin health it has
also been used to treat a variety of
other conditions in recent years it has
even become a key ingredient in juices
herbal supplements and diet drinks
geared toward weight loss this video
reviews the benefits and side-effects of
aloe vera for weight loss as well as how
to use it potential benefits there are
two ways in which aloe vera may aid
weight loss may boost metabolism some
research shows that aloe vera could
boost your metabolism increasing the
number of calories you burn throughout
the day to promote weight loss in one
90-day study administering dried aloe
vera gel to rats on a high fat diet
reduced body fat accumulation by
increasing the number of calories they
burn other animal research has shown
that aloe vera could affect the
metabolism of fat and sugar in the body
while preventing the accumulation of
belly fat still more studies are needed
to determine whether aloe vera may offer
similar health benefits in humans may
support blood sugar control
aloe vera may help improve blood sugar
control which may help increase weight
loss in one study consuming capsules
containing 300 to 500 milligrams of aloe
vera twice daily significantly reduced
blood sugar levels in 72 people with
pre-diabetes another study in 136 people
found that taking an aloe vera gel
complex for eight weeks reduced body
weight and body fat as well as improved
the body’s ability to use insulin a
hormone involved in blood sugar control
improving blood sugar control can
prevent spikes and crashes in blood
sugar levels which could prevent
symptoms like increased hunger and
cravings side effects aloe vera intake
has been associated with several adverse
health effects
some of the most common side effects
include digestive issues such as
diarrhea and stomach cramps while aloe
vera can act as a laxative to help
promote regularity excessive use could
increase your risk of adverse effects
like dehydration and electrolyte
imbalances it’s important to note that
while it’s laxative effects may reduce
water retention the resulting loss of
water weight is only temporary and not a
sustainable weight-loss strategy what’s
more since this succulent may reduce the
absorption of certain medications it’s
important to consult your health care
professional before using it if you have
any underlying health conditions or are
taking any medications there is also
concern about the cancer-causing effects
of a loin a compound found in non
decolorized whole leaf aloe extract
however most alone is removed during
processing so it’s unclear whether
commercial aloe vera products may also
be harmful furthermore it’s important to
avoid eating aloe vera skin gels and
products as they may contain ingredients
and additives that should not be
ingested finally products containing
aloe vera latex a substance found within
the leaves of the aloe vera plant have
been banned by the Food and Drug
Administration FDA due to safety
concerns how to use it
aloe vera leaves are comprised of three
main parts the skin latex and gel the
gel is safe to consume and can be
prepared by cutting the leaf in half and
using a spoon or knife to scoop out the
gel be sure to wash the gel thoroughly
to remove any dirt and latex residue
which can give the gel a bitter taste
try adding the gel into smoothies shakes
salsas and soups to bolster the health
benefits of your favorite recipes you
can also eat the skin of the aloe leaf
by adding it to salads and stir fries
after slicing and washing the skin you
may also opt to soak the leaves for ten
to thirty minutes before adding them to
your recipes to help soften them up
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