Lose 20 Pounds Going Vegan

okay I’m in a super super hustle because
Nellie’s already here and I wasn’t ready
I slept in and so I had to quit give her
a telephone call and say hey I’m not
quite ready yet we ready for today yes
okay so Nelly and I are gonna head to
the gym and I think we are likely going
to have a bigger plan than we did last
time so what are we doing today at the
gym um well I found maybe we walk in the
treadmill run
there’s no classes on Tuesday right yeah
so we can just do that or do the bicycle
okay and the treadmill or we have the
options that we can do that all sounds
you’re gonna you’re gonna have to let me
know what you want to do cuz I’m totally
open from I’m game for anything okay and
I’ve been trying to walk or run three
miles everyday perfect in class whatever
else okay good let’s do it and then also
are you gonna be willing to give us our
power word for today
oh I did you don’t have to think of it
right now we can tell them later but you
didn’t have a chance to think about what
we want for our power working because
people are digging the power word they
like the power word okay so we’ll give
them a good power word this morning well
think about it
don’t think about it okay we’ll see you
at the gym thirty minutes
hundred ninety-four calories
let’s see how long do I can can I do the
now see just in time
I don’t know level three and the bicycle
I’ll go for a half an hour I’m getting
there but my feet are starting to go
numb again
there it is 30 minutes under 42 calories
since I caught Africa 4142 calories
my feet are completely numb like they
hurt bad and they’re completely tingling
and it’s hard to walk so I don’t know
what that’s all about but now the second
time it’s happened
it’s like needles you know how that is
okay Nellie’s gonna give us our power
work today so Nellie what is the power
word for today today we’re gonna use
okay you were happy I am happy we are
happy and if things start going bad
during the day a little bit of bumps in
the road but they doesn’t go quite
straight we say I am happy I am happy if
you need gene close your eyes totally
concentrate on it you say over and over
the bicycle
yeah and now we’re here you feel like we
got a decent workout today would it
better than a lot of time yeah last time
yeah we’re still a better night the
better next week yeah it’s a it’s a
process it really is a journey that I’m
gonna spend a little bit at a time so
Nelly was asking me what kind of a plan
I followed for my food and I basically
it’s just I like to eat whole foods like
vegetables more vegetables meat cheese I
try to go really easy on carbs because
I’m a type 2 diabetic
yeah I have I have type 2 diabetes in so
I try to really go easy on the carbs
because carbs like the enemy the
diabetics diabetes because of you if
you’re trying to get the sugar out of
your blood you certainly don’t want to
put more sugar into your blood
so that’s kind of what I do for my food
so if you knew here I’m Lynn and this
channel is called Lynn venture and
really it’s kind of like going to lunch
with girlfriends like we talk about a
lot of the same things on this channel
that you talk about when you go to lunch
with friends talk about relationships
and maybe how you feel about things you
know one of the themes we kind of have
going right now is talking about wearing
a swimsuit and just
just things like that so if that’s
something that you’re interested in
going to lunch with girlfriends go ahead
and subscribe you see us here every day
see the moment of reckoning jumping on
the scale post Jim free water oh wait
forgot to put my finger bobber on missed
the goal okay here we go
post Jim pre water weight and it is 62
okay I’m surprised okay I don’t know
about you but I’m super surprised about
the way in today like I really thought
that it was gonna be much worse than
that because I just felt every day like
I was eating too much obviously the
calorie – you know calorie intake color
outtake was good enough that I’ve
dropped a little bit or I am actually
just experiencing to benefit from what I
did a few weeks ago which that’s
possible – I am now pre I’m getting
ready to drink my water and I came home
to a really nice surprise because my
daughter washed all of my water things
and the straws and the lids I’ll show
you all totally brand new clean I’m the
dishwasher all the lids totally clean
and out of the dishwasher so that was
filled up get started with my drinking
do you get my port right off the back
and then move into breakfast which I
don’t know what I’m gonna have yet but
it’s gonna be something really yummy
first quart back at home
fresh core of the day down here’s my
chicken salad with chicken mayonnaise
cashews and grapes Mason just called me
over into the kitchen to show me what he
made like for breakfast this morning and
then he came home and made a bunch more
it looks like it’s obviously carrots
onion broccoli is her cauliflower in
here and some cauliflower and it sounds
like what he did was would you put it on
the grill oh you’re great oh you’ve
rated it with that thing okay and then
did you put it in the on the grill to
cook no you could get it right before
you put the eggs yeah where do you cook
it but you cook it on the skillet you
saute it before you put the eggs in oh
so it’s like scrambled eggs with those
that shows you cracked eggs in it sounds
good and you loved it and you’re
inviting me to have it tomorrow morning
Thank You that’ll make my vegetable
eating in the morning a lot easier
thanks mace what are you making right
now okay
all right at least yo you knew that
already I say hi to our friends my
friends are you guys doing I would like
to hear in the comment section below
so did you leave did you did you miss me
while I was gone oh did I it was nice to
have a break but so did you miss me
while I was gone uh yeah I miss you
Lee you are here all the time I talked
to you on the phone more than I talked
to my own children well I gotta edit and
stuff you know that’s sociable so yeah I
missed you but I also had fun so you’re
glad I was gone too just like everybody
else around here when I go it’s like a
vacation for everybody else
and I’m super enjoying hanging out with
your mom yeah she’s a lot of fun you
guys will get that if you watch the
videos so she did the power word today
and her power word today was happy happy
yeah well that makes me happy it really
does make me happy how come because you
guys are hanging out and you guys I just
like hanging up which I told you guys
would laughing you know okay do you hear
that beeping that happens every single
day around here it’s my dad’s watch but
because he’s hard of hearing he can’t
hear that it’s beeping for a minute
every day so we go into his watch and we
try to reset it so that it stops beeping
but then he plays with his watch and
resets it and then it starts to beeping
it every day for a minute every day you
know how I do something every day that I
don’t want to do and that’s kind of like
my new year’s goal so every day I do
something I don’t want to do and today’s
date thing that I don’t want to do is
make any mobile deposit on my phone the
reason I don’t want to do it is because
it is a process that is awful so I
either forget to sign the back so I
login I take the picture the front I
take the picture the back and then they
say oh you need to sign it so I start
over again and I take a pic I sign it I
take a picture the front I take a
picture of the back and I send it and
they’re like oh I can’t read the picture
it’s unclear you have to put in your
dollar amount or your dollar amount
needs the the decimal and it’s like
sometimes I have to do it four and five
times so historically I run to the bank
and make my deposits there because
that’s way better for me now probably if
I’d grown up doing something like this
it wouldn’t be anything for me but I
didn’t grow up doing this and so it’s a
little bit cumbersome free but I am
gonna do it right now and I’m gonna see
how many times it takes me to do my
mobile deposit
Johnson Chad I bet you get it first try
I would love it if I get it first try it
would still end up one of the things
that I put on my list of things I don’t
like to do and I don’t want to do okay
I’m logged in mole deposit dollar amount
$115 Oh
now check front let me take a picture oh
okay I’m doing the picture just the way
they’re telling me right in the box
front take a picture of the back there
exactly it’s already signed I’m doing
exactly the way they’re telling me it’s
in the box took the picture
now what submit check back check front
okay fine
confirm processing deposit still
processing deposit still processing
deposit okay okay it worked so the thing
I didn’t want to do today was actually a
huge success and I got it done okay
excellent I have to admit this is a very
weak dinner for me I’m not sure I’ve had
vegetables today it seems like I’m not
quite on my on my game yet from coming
home there weren’t a lot of vegetables
left in the fridge for people to eat so
I am literally just having two three
ounce patties and two ounces of cheddar
cheese for dinner and basically that’s
what I’m feeding everyone else too so
it’s not just me eating there
everybody’s eating it I want to share
something with you that I think is very
very good very important my honey’s
mother some max mom I don’t remember
what were you talking about but she gave
me a quote that I am
absolutely love and I try to implement
it you know that how they say forgive
and forget
she says forgive and forget no forgive
and do not put yourself in that
situation again like I love that I’m a
huge believer in forgiveness I mean I
think we should forgive all the time
because it really only hurts us to hold
a grudge like somehow we want it to be
if we are upset or we hold a grudge or
we don’t forgive that it’s bad for the
other guy but a lot of times the other
guy doesn’t even know it and we’re the
ones who are harmed so I love that
forgive and forget know forgive and
don’t put yourself in that situation
again there could easily be people who
are listening to me right now who are in
a bad situation if you’re in the bad
situation get out
forgive and do not put yourself in that
situation again

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  1. Omg – I have been thinking Lee was one of your kids! Well, I guess he’s like one of your kids but yeah – didn’t know. 🤣 So, Lee wants to know how your viewers are- this viewer is great and HAPPY! 👍🏼 I can’t wait to go to the gym. Next month I’ll be able to. Do you have back issues, Lynn? Mine is so painful every single morning. It’s so depressing. Even with the weight loss I haven’t noticed it any better. My cat is insisting on laying on my stomach and it’s killing my already painful back. Down kitty!😾 ugh…😣 So, today I am meeting up with old friend from grammar school. We are gonna hang out and go walking. Can’t wait to see her. Haven’t gotten on scale yet. Just woke up. Have a great day, my friend! Happy, happy, happy!😋😝🤪 omgosh- I forgot to congratulate you on getting to 261! Yay! Good job hon! You’re amazing!

  2. Hello, I’ve had small artery poly Neuropathy for 30 years. After being keto and IF for 3 years I feel amazing. And have stopped all my medication stick with it. I also lost 40 pounds oh and I’m 67. I have no cravings, I was heavy my entire life highest weight was 250. You can do this! Have a wonderful week.