Lose 20 Pounds For Real

so today I want to give you a new way of
thinking about the connection between
stress adrenals HPA axis dysfunction and
not being able to lose weight and what
it’s going to involve is the ratio of
etaf adji to mTOR so those are probably
terms you’ve never heard of or maybe you
have and you want a little more
information about it so my name is dr.
Joel Rosen I am the adrenal fatigue
recovery ninja who refuses to change his
name to the HPA axis dysfunction
recovery ninja doesn’t have that same
same sort of roll off the tongue kind of
sound that the adrenal fatigue recovery
ninja has however I get a lot of flack
every single day from people saying
adrenal fatigue doesn’t exist and if
you’ve watched the over 400 videos that
I’ve produced on my channel you would
know that I tell you that stress impacts
your body not just the adrenals not just
eh PA axis but also your ability to make
energy at the cellular level and it has
the combination of the perfect storm
between environmental triggers which are
our stressors stress is just not hey I’m
stressed out my relationship is troubled
or my finances are troubled or my work
is troubled or or my family is troubling
that’s not the stress we’re talking
about that is part of the deal but we’re
also talking about inflammation
environmental chemicals infections
physical traumas emotional traumas all
of the above creates stress and as you
know that stress impacts your cortisol
production and as you know the
hypothalamus the hippocampus the
amygdala the different parts in the
brain that sense and put a meaning on
that stress signals to the pituitary and
signals to the adrenals and it’s not
just about cortisol it’s about mineral
corticoids it’s about your
glucocorticoids it’s about even your
your neurotransmitters your adrenaline
and your nori and epinephrine those are
the things that make you mount a stress
response but I want to kind of connect
the dots to you for you in a different
way as why can’t I lose the weight and
bring in the genetic component so we
will see some families that have a
heritable mom’s heavy grandma was heavy
great grandma was heavy and they have
the likelihood of being heavy themselves
and that’s because there is the
combination of the perfect storm of
genes with the environment that creates
the weak links in the chain to break and
that creates the excess weight gain and
the inability to lose weight and what I
want to do is I want to talk to you
about first environmental chemicals
environmental toxins and all of these
things what they do is they stimulate
mTOR and ant or is good I mean we want
to repair and we want to rebuild and we
want to grow we need that in fact having
a baby is very very anabolic you have to
rebuild and build and lay down and and
make a new baby in the belly and there
are environmental chemicals nowadays
that put it too much in favor of mTOR
this should really be balanced so we
should be breaking things down recycling
the parts reusing them and then when
that sweat switches off we should be
doing mTOR and rebuilding and
replenishing and and and everything’s
hunky-dory however that doesn’t happen
because what we live in in the
environmental chemical and and really
mineral deficient earth that we live in
we have these things that stimulate mTOR
and you’ll see even photos of the 80s or
70’s or I don’t even think so much the
90s but even the 90s you look at photos
and as a population we just look leaner
and Stelter and thinner and the reason
that is is because we are all under the
influence of mTOR and what mTOR will do
is it will create an imbalance so let’s
talk about some of those things that may
impact us well you know it’s been said
that over 90 percent of the of the water
supply is contaminated with the runoffs
of polyester it’s really true go look
that up
that’s an endocrine disruptor it’s an
estrogen disrupter and what that will do
is it will stimulate estrogen production
and stimulate mTOR plastics as well
we’ve come up with an amazing invention
to be able to bend plastics and do so
many things with them but those
chemicals that do that
our estrogen disruptors the the growth
hormone that we give the animals so that
they can gain weight and the farmers can
have a bigger profit because they’re
selling a bigger animal and it’s worth
more may have been good in the short
term but in the long term it’s
transmitted to us and we have an
imbalance of mTOR and we can’t lose
weight on the flip side a toff adji is
helpful and a lot of the times when we
have this imbalance and we have
potential genetic susceptibilities there
are certain genes like the ulk gene or
the ATG gene or the ampk gene or the
surging these are genes that are much
bigger and more problematic than MTHFR
which I’ll get to in a second but there
are certain things that we can do to
support a toff adji and you’ve probably
heard this before it’s intermittent
fasting and that’s requires some work up
to that meaning you should be able to
reduce your inflammation and settle down
your insulin resistance before you try
to do in intermittent fasting you’ll
have to earn your your health to be able
to do that and there’s some steps that I
can talk about in another video as well
there are certain nutrients like
berberine and lithium has been shown in
the research to help with etaf adji and
down regulate mTOR so these could be
things that could be really helpful on
which i’ll summarize at the end but what
does this have to do with stress right
what does this have to do with stress
well what happens ultimately is if mTOR
is up regulated which chances are very
very high that it is based on the
environment based on the plastics and
the estrogen disruptors and even MTHFR
could make things worse and i’m sure
that you know and someone who’s taken
MTHFR or methylfolate supplements
and they don’t feel as good they feel
overstimulated it can produce more
glutamate it could stimulate more mTOR
and here’s the problem with mTOR not
only is it problematic if in excess that
causes extra growth it can’t be turned
off in favor of a tapa G what happens is
it stimulates this NADPH oxidase enzyme
and the sole purpose of NADPH oxidase
enzyme is like the army it gets assured
when there’s an infection or there’s a
stressor but mostly an infection so that
you can release superoxide and hydrogen
peroxide so that can kill things in fact
if you’re knocks enzyme doesn’t get
turned on effectively then infections
can override the body and you can die
from those things so super oxide and
hydrogen peroxide need to be turned on
but then they also need to be turned off
and when they get turned on they release
cortisol and when cortisol gets released
and that creates major problems with the
HPA axis dysfunction what will happen is
it can stimulate insulin resistance and
insulin levels go higher and mTOR goes
higher so that can create a vicious
vicious cycle so what do we need to do
about it what’s the take home you’re
telling me new things Joel I don’t
really understand all of the things that
you’re saying but I kind of get the just
so let me summarize why can’t I lose
weights not just because I’ve been going
too little to the gym I need to put 5
workouts into seven workouts I need to
eat very little those are the reasons
why the reasons potentially what you
haven’t looked at is the imbalance
between the tofu G which is recycling
breaking down using old body parts or
old cells to refurbish new stuff and
clean things out and get rid of waste
products and debris an mTOR is the
opposite of building and regenerating
and recycling and remodeling and
repairing and they should be in balance
but because of environmental stressors
not just
from psychology but estrogen disruptors
Plastics growth hormones lots of other
things that stimulate mTOR mTOR then
gets out of balance with the tofu g
stimulates your knox enzyme which then
stimulates free radicals which then
depletes your cortisol and then makes
you exhausted tired and overweight the
things we would recommend to do is earn
your right to become intermittent
fasting ready so that you can stimulate
more tofu G you can support these you LK
jeans with berberine and lithium but
there’s other things that you can do for
that as well and then there’s you can
down regulate mTOR with curcumin is a
really great nutrients so hopefully
that’s really helpful for you my name is
dr. Joel Rosen
I am the adrenal fatigue recovery ninja
and I look forward to helping you lose
weight once again have an awesome day

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  1. Kaya, def agree. Have Asthma, inflamation at lung celluar level. Circumin via Tumeric 03/2019 Good results. Now Flaxseed oil for stress v hormone. Challenge unpack to lose weight. Could eat, drink and never go over a certain weight. With stress, eat healthier etc and reverse , can not lose weight. Genetic/heritage link for sure. Def linked to stomach health. How to mitigate the over whelm to decrease fight/flight serotonin v cortisol is tricky. One day at a time. Thanks Joel appreciate the info 👍🌻☺.