Lose 20 Pounds Eating

There can be TASTY ways to lose weight too!
So here we bring 4 Low Calorie Sandwiches which are tasty as well as healthy.
All these are pure vegetarian sandwiches using very basic ingredients.
Also, they are easy and quick to prepare.

In all our sandwiches, we have used Brown Bread. You may take Brown Bread of any brand.
One slice of Brown Bread has approximately 73 calories.
Our first Sandwich is a normal vegetable sandwich but it’s secret ingredient is Moong Dal Sprouts.
We have boiled and slightly mashed these sprouts.
Alongwith Sprouts, we will take Cucumber, Tomatoes, Capsicum and Paneer.

Now we will take 2 Slices of Brown Bread.

For taste, we will add Home Made Green Chutney. To prepare the Chutney, we have used Dhaniya, Pudeena, Onion, Tomatoes, Garlic, Ginger, Green Chillies and little Salt.
Now we will add these boiled and mashed Sprouts.
Now we will add Cucumber slices.
Then we will add Tomato slices.
Now will add black pepper powder.
Then we will add paneer.

Sprinkle some Chaat Masala for taste.
Now add Green Capsicum.
Heat the Sandwich till it gets crispy brown.

Your sandwich is ready.
Sprouts help in making your immune sytem stronger and also help purifying your blood.
Sprouts have fibre, proteins, minerals and vitamins and this is why it is very imporant for your daily diet.

Similarly, Paneer has Calcium and Protein. Also, it has those acids that burn your body fat and helps in weight loss.

Our second sandwich is also a very quick sandwich.
For this, we need only 2 ingredients. Our secret ingredient in this recipe is Peanut Butter.
And along with Peanut Butter, we need one medium sized Banana.

Now we will take 2 slices of Brown Bread.
Apply Peanut Butter evenly.
Wondering what is Peanut Butter? Peanut Butter is made from peanuts. And it’s easily available readymade in grocery stores.

Slice the bananas like this and place them on the bread.
Heat the sandwich till it gets crispy brown.
Your Sandwich is ready.
For taste, you may add Cinnamon Powder to this sandwich.
Peanut Butter has a good amount of Protein and it gives you fullness too.
Many people fear taking it because of
its fat content. Yes, it has fat but because it is unsaturated fat, it is a healthy fat for the body.
It won’t harm your body if you take it in a limited quantity.
Because of its healthy fats, it gives energy to your body and hence makes for an ideal breakfast option.
Our third sandwich is also a vegetable sandwich but it’s secret ingredient is Dahi/Yogurt which we will use in place of mayonnaise.
In addition to hung curd, we will take grated carrot, finely chopped cabbage and capsicum.
Now take a bowl and mix all these ingredients.
Now add roasted jeera powder.
Take a slice of Brown Bread and spread this mixture evenly.
Heat the sandwich till it gets crispy brown.
Your sandwich is ready.
Cabbage has a good amount of fibre and
it prevents constipation. It’s low calorie and hence, an ideal food for weight loss.
Similarly carrots are good for your eyes, saves you from heart diseases and also helps in cleansing your body.
Capsicum increases your metabolism rate
and helps burn calories which helps in losing weight.
So overall this a great nutritional mix which is not only healthy but also low calorie.

Our last sandwich is also a very interesting sandwich and we need just 2 ingredients for it.
For this recipe, we need grated apple without peeling.
Alongwith apple, we need grated carrot.
For taste, we can take home made green chutney.
Now take a bowl and mix all these ingredients.
Take a brown bread slice and spread this mixture evenly.
Heat the sandwich till it becomes crispy brown.
Your sandwich is ready.
Apples reduce the risk of diabetes. They are also fibre rich and provide fullness to the body.
Carrots also have fibre in good quantity and the combined properties of apple and carrot provides for a highly nutritious and a healthy meal.
All these sandwiches are totally fat free. We have not used any oil, butter or ghee while preparing these sandwiches. If you use a good non stick pan, you won’t need a single drop of oil.
If you are in a hurry, you can have these sandwiches even without grill but if you grill them, they become even tastier.
You can roast them on a tawa, non stick pan or an electric toaster.
If you are actually diet conscious, then refrain from adding too much salt or spices.
Add very little salt and black pepper, if you want to.
If you use home made chutney, make sure it has very little salt and spices.
If you have these sandwiches in breakfast, then take fresh fruits, fruit juices or milk along with it for a complete breakfast meal.
If you can make fresh orange juice at home and have it with any one of these sandwiches, then it can make for a complete breakfast meal.
Similarly, if you have these sandwiches in the evening, you can have them with green tea.
Whichever recipes you like out of these, do give it a try and make it a part of your daily diet.
Also, do share your feedback with us.
If you need any specific diet plans for lunch or dinner, plz mention in the comments below.
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