Lose 100 Pounds

Who is she?
A doe eyed girl is introducing herself, do you recognize her?
Natural beauty
– She’s so cute!
– She’s adorable!
No.2 on our list is TWICE Jihyo
She was a trainee for 10 years!
She worked for her debut for such a long time
That’s when she was 4th grade
She’s so cute~
– Our new girl group, TWICE!
– She finally debuted as a member of TWICE!
But even after her debut, she had a lot to overcome
Look, who is this?
Jihyo looks fat!
– She said that right in front of her…
– That must’ve broke her heart
Oh no…
Jihyo looks fat!
Some people actually said that to her face
Because of her healthy-looking appearance
Some people said that she looks like a weightlifter
What would suit Jihyo?
– A fan said that?!
– That’s just mean!!
– No!!
(People are mean…)
– I don’t wanna cry…!
Not that weightlifting is bad but, saying that to a girl group member is just mean
Yeah it is
I’m getting desperate…
Jihyo was hurt by all the mean comments, so she decided to work out
Jihyo’s excercise tip
– I do a plank for 1 minute and after that I move my hips to each side 30 times
It’s really effective at removing belly fat
And as a result of her hard work
She became a popular Idol member with over 1,000,000 views on her videos
1,000,000 views on her close-up videos?
I think Jihyo is amazing
Now she’s ready to conquer the world
Who is that?
Oh it’s Narae
Who is she immitating?
Jihyo probably
– But she looks like me
– She’s congratulating Jihyo on her weight loss
Girl group member weight loss success stories,
No.2 was Red Velvet Wendy and TWICE Jihyo
– You didn’t know she went through all of that did you?
– Yeah I had no idea
All girl group members go through something like that
Did your fans say something mean to you before?
Some people said that I have a large face compared to the other members
So my fans told me, don’t stand next to Yooa or Binnie
I heard the same thing
They say that to both of us!
Don’t cry!
You guys are perfect guests for this chart
– But you guys are so skinny in real life
– Yeah exactly
Thank you…
Why are you saying thank you to the camera?
– She’s an entertainer
– Yeah she is

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  1. 와……역도라니… 웃고는 있어도 진짜 상처였겠다. 마르고 통통하고를 떠나서 안그래도 스트레스 받는 애한테 역도가 어울린다고 하는게 말이돼? 진짜 속으로 얼마나 속상했을까..

  2. I am proud of Jihyo she is a strong woman, patient, loyal, caring, mature, smart, optimistic, friendly, humble, cheerful, independent, hard-working, talented, and always smiling she's a beautiful woman naturally beautiful,Jihyo is great💕💕💕