Lose 100 Pounds Help Your Ejection Fraction

Week two’s much harder, gotta work twice as
hard people. Everybody incline 15 in the
back. Let’s go.
94 pounds let’s go. Higher higher fight
for it.
No more excuses. I’m optimistic but I
realize that week two is extremely
difficult. Give me more give me more. 94
pounds red team. You heard the man let’s
go red team, let’s go. And go. Ben went home.
Do you want to go back into that
elimination? No.
Losing my first weigh-in was not fun. I
don’t see anybody throwing a ball. Too
Better. Wall balls let’s go! Let me tell
you, I’m not losing the second weigh-in.
It’s just not gonna happen.
Gail move. Emily you’re an athlete. Throw that ball up as high as you can.
Better! Bob he’s pushing us right now. Run
to your treadmill, let’s go. To the point
where we’re I am wanting to puke.
Remember if everything gets to be too
tough you can always just go home like
Ben. If that’s what you want, by all
front door’s right there. I look over at my
team, I got Cassandra crying on the floor.
Good job over there Cassandra, falling
down in a corner I love that. Who knows
where Gail is. Gail you ready to go home?
No. Then throw that ball up there. It was like
non-stop. I have no patience and I have
no sympathy today, let’s go. Stand tall
stand tall. Better? Yes. I said
better. Yes, sir. Good Kimmy. Kim and Kimmy are responsible for that number 94 pounds, so I’m really
on those two you. You gamble for your team
you got to step up now. Blood sweat tears
they’re gonna have to carry me out of
this gym. 94 pounds, see that? Because I
promise you I am NOT gonna stop and I’m
not gonna give up.
94 pounds is what you’re fighting for. You
are responsible.
Okay? Yes, ready. Let’s go. I genuinely
think that Kim believes in herself and
believes that she can do it, but if the
red team falls under, the easy choice
would be Kim. I think 94 pounds was a
selfish decision. I’m in your head now. I’m not
gonna get out of your head.
I’m gonna be in your head every day
every night. In your head reminding you
to go get that athlete. I know I’m the
one that pushed the chips in. I’m the one.
I believe in us. I know that we can do it.
Give it all you got. Finish strong. You know what it’s like to finish strong. Come on.

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