Lose 10 Pounds On Us

if you’re looking to lose weight but
your progress has stopped or worse
you’re starting to gain weight but you
feel like you’re doing all the right
things that can get really frustrating
and I’m gonna bet that there might be
some healthy foods that you’re eating
everyday that aren’t actually so healthy
and those foods are completely stopping
your progress because losing weight is
hard enough as it is you don’t want to
be sabotaging your own weight loss
efforts by eating seemingly healthy
foods that aren’t actually healthy and in
this video I’m gonna give you the top
seven of these “healthy” foods that aren’t
actually so healthy so you can make
better decisions moving forward and give
yourself a fighting chance
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every week healthy food number one
natural protein bars and this is a good
one I’m gonna use this bar for example
I’m gonna read it out it has three egg
whites 14 peanuts two dates no BS great
marketing by the way and it doesn’t have
any added sugar so far so good right but
then you look at the back of it you look
at the ingredients there’s dates peanuts
dried egg whites sea salt and natural
flavors and they always question bars
with natural flavors because what’s a
natural flavor and then it has 25 grams
of carbs and 15 grams of sugar you know
what else has 15 grams of sugar four
Oreo cookies yet everyone knows that you
probably shouldn’t eat Oreos every day
if you’re trying to lose weight but
eating this bar is okay? and I want to
specifically talk about the sugar
content of these bars remember at any
given time you only have 4 grams of
sugar in your bloodstream so when you
eat this natural protein bar you are
ingesting four times the amount of sugar
that’s supposed to be in your blood and
how does your body react to this well to
deal with this massive blood sugar spike
your brain will send a signal to your
pancreas to start producing the hormone
insulin which then shifts your body into
fat storage mode and this is important
to know because the hormone insulin is
what controls your body weight if you
want to lose weight your job is to
moderate the amount of insulin response
that your body makes from the foods that
you eat the problem is these natural
bars are delicious so the likelihood of
you consuming multiple bars throughout
the day is pretty high which means that
you have multiple insulin spikes
throughout the day which puts you in
fat storage mode like are these natural bars
better than eating a generic protein bar
that’s swimming in honey maple syrup or
sugar sure a little bit but is it
helping with your weight loss goals? If
you eat it like once or twice a week as
a treat it should be okay if you eat it
every day
absolutely not. Number two flavored Greek
yogurt okay I’m gonna level with you on
this because I love this stuff
Greek yogurt is a great alternative
especially if you’re replacing chips
cookies candy and chocolate it’s also a
great dairy option because Greek yogurt
goes through multiple straining
processes and the bacterial cultures
ferments the lactose and that’s a good
thing because most of the North American
adult population can’t process lactose
very well and if you have lactose
intolerance you know exactly what I’m
talking about the problem lies in the
serving size so it gets a health halo
and people start making their homemade
fruit and yogurt parfait and they start
adding granola they start adding honey
they start adding a lot of fruit and
we’ll talk about fruit in a second and
it turns a seemingly healthy option into
a disastrous one now I personally eat
honey flavored Greek yogurt every day as
my dessert I eat it once a day and what
I do is I grab a teaspoon I dip it in
and I eat whatever’s on that teaspoon
and I actually measured what’s in that
teaspoon before I made this video it’s
about an ounce so announce of Greek yogurt
only has 3 grams of sugar it almost
becomes negligible at that point if
you’re only eating that much again Greek
yogurt isn’t necessarily unhealthy it’s
the serving size and what you eat it
with that ruins it number 3 bananas this
is a big one because fruit seems to get
a health halo from basically everyone
and I always get a reaction every time I
talk about this so here we go it’s been
ingrained in our heads for four decades
now since the u.s. released the first
Dietary Guidelines for Americans which
is also around the same time that the
obesity epidemic started go figure
but the guideline states that everyone
should eat 2 to 4 servings of fruit
every day now here’s my take if your
goal is weight loss if you’re trying to
lose weight eating a banana is literally
one of the worst things that you can eat
for now because a lot of people tend to
go overboard with it people eat multiple
bananas every day people use it to make
banana bread and I don’t really blame
people for eating it because it’s
delicious with the caveat of it that
it’s healthy and one of the biggest
arguments that people make for bananas
it’s high in potassium but if that’s all
you’re after an avocado has way more
potassium than a banana avocado is also
a superfood you should eat that instead
bananas for example though are also used
a lot in smoothies to give it a creamy
sweet texture but then when you go to
these trendy smoothie places they’ll
usually use multiple bananas to make
that delicious smoothie that you just
love to get every single time now let’s
get into the nitty-gritty of it the
biggest drawback of eating fruit all the
time is the type of sugar in it called
fructose which your liver can only
process and unlike glucose which is a
simple sugar fructose causes a low rise
in blood sugar levels so let’s say for
example you make a protein smoothie
after your workout because some bro at
the gym told you that you need it you’re
getting a double whammy effect from the
immediate spike in blood sugar from the
sugar in the protein powder or if you’re
somebody who adds honey or maple syrup
same thing your body converts all that
sugar into immediate usable energy
called glucose so you get an immediate
blood sugar spike from that but then you
also get a delayed blood sugar spike
from the fructose in the banana because
again your liver is the only thing that
can process fructose and that’s where it
gets bad long term because chronically
high insulin levels leads to something
called insulin resistance and insulin
resistance opens you up to obesity
diabetes and cardiovascular disease just
to name a few all you need to know about
fructose which again is the type of
sugar found in fruit is that it’s
extremely lipogenic. Lipogenic means
that it’s fattening and think about how
our ancestors ate fruit back in the day
and i always go back to this point
because we’re still genetically
identical to our Paleolithic ancestors
back then they would come across
seasonal berries for example and they
would eat it they ate it to fatten
themselves up for winter because again
fructose is lipogenic so they can live
off of those fat stores in the winter
and that’s another point that I want to
make is that fruit back then was
available seasonally
now you can get fruit all year round you
can get a banana for 365 days out of the
year and every time I work with my
students and they have a lot of
objection about this at first
they’re kicking and screaming because
they don’t want to give up fruit but
they all show one constant thing the
less fruit they ate the more weight they
lost and one last thing about fruit the
fruit that we’re
eating today that’s available for us
today is nothing like the fruit that our
ancestors ate back in the day you’re
eating something that’s genetically
modified to be bigger and sweeter you’re
eating genetically modified food like a
strawberry for example at your local
grocery store looks nothing like how
it looked back then how could you
possibly think that that’s good for you
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people number four dried fruit this is
basically everything that I talked about
in the previous point but it’s made
worse because now the fruit has gone
through some sort of processing okay
let’s keep using banana the processed
version of it is usually banana chips so
banana is already not the greatest
healthy food option but now it gets
deep-fried and gets sugar added to it to
give it more flavor
same thing with actual dried fruit like
dried mangoes for example one full fresh
mango comes in at a whopping forty six
grams of sugar and most people eat the
whole thing you know what else has 46
grams of sugar a tall caramel crappy
frappy from Starbucks and that’s fresh
mango when we look at dried mangoes the
sugar content goes through the roof like
one cup of unsweetened dried mangoes as
if unsweetened means anything at this
point comes in at a whopping seventy
four grams of sugar that’s more than two
Snickers bars now I’m not saying that
all fruit is bad okay but if your goal
is weight loss try to stick to just
seasonal berries and avocado but if you
still insist on eating it eat seasonal
fruit eat whatever’s in season number
five vegetable chips vegetable chips are
another thing that gets a health halo
from a lot of people because hey you’re
eating vegetables they’re usually made
out of roots and tubers the bag contains
these crispy rainbow thinly sliced
goodness of sweet potatoes beets
parsnips and the likes and it’s often
branded as a healthier alternative the
problem is veggie chips are no better
than potato chips
why? Because it still goes through the
same processing it still gets deep fried
in highly inflammatory and highly
processed vegetable seed oil like canola
sunflower corn or grape seed oil they’re
literally no different except you’re
paying a premium for it don’t believe me?
next time you’re at the grocery store
just compare a bag of potato chips
versus a bag of vegetable chips
they’re identical and again the argument
here is that but you’re eating
vegetables you’re eating natural food do
you know what other root vegetable makes
for a delicious chip? A potato
Yet a potato chip gets a bad rap
vegetable chips gets a health halo
listen there are no meaningful benefits
over eating vegetable chips over a
potato chip as long as it’s deep fried
in highly inflammatory seed oil it ain’t
good for you number six low-calorie ice
cream this is the greatest thing if
you’re someone who loves to count
calories because here you are presented
with a healthier version of this
delicious creamy dessert but it’s low in
calories it’s the best thing so you eat
it you eat it every day and that’s
problem number one it encourages
overeating because this is kind of like
diet soda because diet soda is zero
calories so you drink it like water
same thing with low-calorie ice cream so
you go from eating regular ice cream
every so often to now having this
low-calorie option so you end up eating it
everyday because hey it fits your macros
the problem is a lot of these low
calorie ice-cream alternatives are just
highly processed dairy so they take out
the fat to make it low-calorie and then
they replace it with sugar substitutes
like erythritol or other zero calorie
sweeteners all you need to know about
artificial sweeteners is that it is
directly linked to obesity because it
destroys the gut microbiome low-calorie
ice cream also don’t taste nearly as
good as the real deal
and do you know anybody okay do you know
anybody who eats low-calorie ice cream
that got to their optimal weight? No. If
anything, it’s hindering your weight-loss
progress because again of the artificial
sweeteners and the negative effects it
has on your body number seven
anything with the word protein added to
it this is almost laughable every time I
see this so you see a lot of these donut
shops for example and they sell vegan
chocolate drizzled peanut butter filled
protein donut and people devour this
stuff as if it’s the greatest thing and
healthiest thing in the world just
because it has the word protein added to
it so let’s dissect these monstrosities
real quick attaching the word vegan to a
donut doesn’t really mean a whole lot it
doesn’t make it healthy and you should
already know how I feel about veganism
if you’ve seen my video about it
if not you should check it out like a
spoonful of sugar is also vegan it
doesn’t mean that it’s healthy and I
also love peanut butter and chocolate as
a treat but I categorize those things as
exactly that a treat I know I shouldn’t
be eating it all the time but for some
reason as long as you attach the word
protein to anything you can have it it’s
healthy for you here why don’t you eat
another one it’s the exact same thing
with protein pancakes protein banana
bread protein balls or whatever dessert
concoction that gets sold out there
with the word protein attached to it at
the end of the day just call a spade a
spade just because it has the word
protein attached to it doesn’t mean that
it’s automatically healthy for you and
that’s the whole point of this video is
that A) just because it’s labeled as
healthy doesn’t mean that it actually is
deductive reasoning still needs to come
into play and B) just because it is
healthy doesn’t mean that you can go to
town on it the serving size still
matters sensible eating and common sense
still needs to come into play now tell
me which one of these healthy foods that
I mentioned in this video surprised you
let me know in the comments below the
next question then becomes how are you
actually supposed to eat if you want to
lose weight because here’s the thing 80%
of your body composition is determined
by your diet
you can’t just freestyle this part do you
have a proven plan that you can follow
to help you with that I want to give you
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