Lose 10 Pounds In 3 Days Army Diet

Olá Pessoal, I’ll welcome back to my channel.
I don’t really have a lot to say at this point other than
Amberlynn uploaded two more mukbang videos and they are quite long. So we’re going to watch one of them now and discuss it.
Let’s go!!
So for those who are new to Amberlynn’s world,
she’s referring to her shrimp mukbang video from April 2019.
This video is very famous for those watching Amberlynn’s journey,
and I would say it was a turning point for how her audience views her.
Currently, this video has 10,000 dislikes and here’s why :
I’m not going to play the whole video, but you get the drill.
I’m not sure why the shrimp gate is back on topic,
but I assume it’s because of Amberlynn’s mukbang moment on her channel.
Although being one year apart, these two mukbang videos are
identical, even Amberlynn’s speech is precisely the same:
In both of these videos Amber has the same arguments to defend her mukbang addiction:
One, she claims that she is in total control of her weight loss and that the mukbang videos are not negatively
affecting her progress. Two, she claims that there’s a lot of people who lost weight doing mukbang videos.
Three, she names obesetobeast and disagrees with his opinions about how obese individuals shouldn’t be doing mukbangs.
Four, she has the illusion of control, implying that although she made mistakes in the past,
she knows what she is doing now. That shrink mukbang video got so much hate because people felt as though
Amberlynn’s attitude for someone who, at that point,
lost zero weight was too cocky. And I think the feeling is repeating itself now with
Amberlynn’s FIVE mukbang videos on her channel. Not only that, everyone can already see changes in her diet.
Comparing this freshly meal to the previous ones I would dare to guess that this is actually two or even more
portions of the freshly meal. She also added more food on the side for this one video. It’s even worse now because in
2019 Amberlynn failed to lose weight anyway,
so people were kind of used to this outcome. But seeing things play out like these after seeing her lose 50 pounds…
I think is even more frustrating for people.
Amberlynn believes though, that she is in total control of her situation.
Despite admitting in recent videos that after losing the 50 pounds,
she was already gaining it back. Notice how she claims that she used to binge back then but she also admitted to
binging recently too.
It worries me that Amberlynn thinks that she is in such a different position from a year ago
because of these recent weight loss that she had, because from what we are seeing things are changing pretty quickly.
I don’t know what in the world happened
but as always I tried to find somewhat of a reason that might explain what is happening.
“You have neuroscience kicking you in the face while you down. The brain releases dopamine, a hormone associated with both
motivation and happiness in anticipation of reward.
So when you plan and know you’re going to work for something, you’re in a biological
position to feel good. Each milestone
Gives you another dopamine hit which makes you want to keep going with the job.
But when you reach your goal the release of dopamine drops. It’s harder for you
biochemically to have joy.” “Grasping the anticipation of reaching your goal can release the soothing dopamine,
sometimes people also experience what’s known as the arrival fallacy.
If you are sure you’re going to reach the goal, you essentially can trick your brain into
behaving like you’ve already reached the end. The work already seems done or like a mere formality.
So dopamine starts to drop off before it
otherwise would.” As I said in my previous videos, this means that I believe Amberlynn felt like her work was done once she
announced her weight loss on her channel. Dopamine levels dropped,
she quickly started to focus on the negative reactions again, and the train wreck of mukbangs started.
This worries me because it seems to me like a note in advance that we might see
unhealthier mukbang soon, which would quite literally send amberlynn 100 steps back
after her short walk of 5 steps in the right direction. The mental gymnastics
that Amber is doing at the moment to try and justify mukbangs and eating junk food on camera after
everything that happened in the past few months is mind-blowing to me. And honestly quite sad too.
Another inconsistency
I found in Amberlynn’s speech was that she claims that these meals are the same whether she records them for her channel or not.
But if she actually believed in what she says, she wouldn’t be saying that in case her mukbangs stops her weight loss
she’ll stop recording them. If they are what she eats on a daily basis
anyway, filming them comes down to a behavioral problem, not really a food problem. Do you guys know what I mean?
So this speech of being so confident that mukbangs are just filming her regular meals doesn’t go well
with the note that
she will stop them if she gains weight. This means that at the back of her mind,
she knows that mukbangs might affect her weight loss one way or the other.
The ending of this video really worries me.
I do not question Amberlynn’s polemic past or her decisions when it comes to scandals.
I do believe that a big part of them is true.
And I do believe she was wrong in many of them. But I also think is
undeniable that Amberlynn needs help.
It’s undeniable that she should be on medication and having a capable professional
heath team taking care of her health both mentally and physically.
Seeing Amber
crying in this mukbangs video with tears on her face while she moves her fork on her plate making sure she’s eating every
single drop of food has got to be one of the most disturbing things I’ve ever watched. It’s very symbolic,
And sad to be honest. At this point,
I’m just hoping this mukbang videos stop for good and that Amberlynn goes back on track before
she gains 100 pounds for the 50 pounds that she lost…

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  1. shes talking about a good source of protein but it isnt good if you dont use it by being active . she cant even walk let alone excercise to benefit from her excessive indulgence in shrimp . lol

  2. Amber's portions are still ridiculously huge for someone on a "weight loss journey". It feels almost like shes adding another plateful of food to prove how healthy she is like "here's my freshly meal plus a can of HEALTHY GREEN BEANS and another plate of HEALTHY ORANGES. see I'm healthy I'm eating fruits and vegetables" but she doesn't need all of that. I don't think there's any way of getting through to her. She's totally delusional and lost in her own world and she needs to change and realize that SHE IS THE PROBLEM then maybe she'll wake up and fix it because as this rate she's gonna get a heart attack in the middle of one of her precious mukbangs. I know it's morbid and I do not wish it on her at all but if she's not willing to change then that's the path she's choosing right now

  3. The two hardest things an addict will ever have to do is 1. Admit they have a problem and 2. Ask for help. She is addicted to food, period. But she blames disorders that she "cannot control", therefore she has a ready-made excuse at all times. This is akin to an alcoholic blaming a liquor store for "being open 24/7 and around the corner." To my knowledge, she has never once said these words out loud: I'm addicted to food and cannot stop, only that she has binge eating disorder. It's not the same thing as coming out with it, it's just not. Addicts also know damn well that what they are doing, deep down inside, is killing them, but they can easily turn a blind eye to it for the sake of getting that high. Food is not enjoyable to her, it's simply a high that she needs all the time, thus why she eats so quickly without tasting her food. She claps and says "it's good," and within 10 minutes, it's gone, onto the next. No different than setting up the needle and sticking it in your arm.

  4. Whyyyy does she NEVER have a napkin??? She just rubs her fingers together, oh god, I'm getting so angry watching how nasty her bear paws are holding that fork and wiggling her massive sausage fingers. No appetite for me.