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What Patrick’s Contributes to the Community:

Adrian and the team from Patrick’s Pub have been the #1 donator over the last few years in raising funds for the Leap in the Lake. Not only do they leap in the lake they also raise funds through Aquamania music festival, the pig roast and the chili cook-off. All proceeds go to the Elks fundraiser that benefits special needs children and Camp Moore.

Exalted Ruler Gathen of Lodge #782 stated “This is not about profit to them. It is the heart and soul of the community and the people to them. Patrick’s Pub has been the leading business contributor for the Leap in the Lake for the last three years.”

How to Support Partick’s Pub:

Three Leveles Partrick Cut

Besides the Take-out menu available through the following link, the Three levels listed below allow from outdoor dining follow the overall diagram of the restaurant from the lake. Additionally, Patrick’s has a genuinely nice picnic place in the front of the building.

Check Patrick’s Menu

Shop Local Partrick Pub 08 23 2020 Video                               Play Video First Level: Bar Restaurant Level: Table of 6  – 10

Second level: Boating are Table of 5 – 8

Boat Level: Depends on Boat Size and Slip.

Reservation Suggestions:

0 – 1 Days RSVP: for Monday – Thursday for Levels 1 – 3

1 – 2 Days RSVP: for Friday – Sunday.

Please call ahead for bigger or specialization parties.

Reopening of Patrick’s Pub

Upcoming Events: Saint Patrick’s Day celebration on September 17th 2020

St Pats OctSince Patrick’s was forced to close the day before Saint Patrick’s Day Adrian has decided to have a Saint Patrick’s Day celebration on the half year mark. On September 17th 2020 there will be a Saint Patrick’s Day party with live music and specials. So, brush off your shamrock and come on down for the fun. Watch on FB or the Patrick’s Pub website for more details.

What Patrick’s Contributes to the Community in the past:

1. Leap in Hopatcong Lake

Shop Local Partrick Pub 08 23 2020 LeapThe team from Patrick’s Pub has been the #1 donator over the last three years in raising funds to Leap into the Lake as they seek as they donate money gather throughout the year, and then take the difficult sub-zero plunge into the water in Mid-February of each year.

Below is a shot of Team Patrick’s in the parking lot, as they get ready for the big jump that they have been getting for all year…

2. Mid-Summer Fundraiser…

Shop Local Partrick Pub 08 23 2020 aqAlso, every summer Patrick’s Pub holds a four-day fundraiser where a portion of all proceeds to go the Hopatcong Lake in the Lake and Camp Moore.

Aqua Mania is more than just a music festival, it’s a celebration of the upcoming summer lake season. Building on their inaugural event, the music festival has grown from 8 bands in 2015 to 15 bands in 2019, and now 19 bands and 3 DJs for this year’s Annual Event.

3. Fall Fundraiser…

Shop Local Partrick Pub 08 23 2020 ChiliThe annual chili cook-off is always held at Patrick’s Pub to benefit Team Patrick’s Leap in the Lake that further supports special needs children at Camp Moore.

Jean Burk-Ujvary, who oversees the Chili Cook-Off stated. “We are all one when it comes to raising funds for the Special Needs Children; we’d like to thank all of the restaurants around the lake, and Patrick’s Pub for hosting this event. The Tricky Tray prizes this year was well beyond what we’ve had in past years.”

The ten chili entries from around the lake were carefully judged by Mayor Michael Francis and Councilwoman Dawn Roberts, as they looked for Aroma, Taste, Texture, Color, and after-bite. After the careful judging of all ten entries, the winners were declared.

More about Camp Moore:

Shop Local Partrick Pub 08 23 2020 Camp MooreiTucked away in the hill of the Ramapo Mountains, Elks Camp Moore offers a fun-filled vacation away from home for children with special needs. A week at Elks Camp Moore is a remarkable experience not soon to be forgotten. The primary goal of the camp is to further develop the recreational and social skills of each child. In a relaxed and accepting atmosphere, each camper experiences new adventures, lasting friendships, and opportunities that promote independence and greater self-confidence.

More About: Patrick’s nad the History

Shop Local Partrick Pub 08 23 2020 Past from Past                                                                      Blast from the Past

He was born in the town of Derry in Northern Ireland in 1963 and spent three months every summer enjoying the beaches in Donegal with his family. He has always been in the restaurant/bar business except for 15 years when he was a math tutor.  But as he says he always came back to the restaurant/bar business. In March of 2014 his brother contacted him and said do you want to come out to this place called Hopatcong. Adrian said “where?” then he googled it and the main item that came up was the anaconda in the lake. He thought to himself do I really want to go to a place that has a big snake? Then on September 4th 2014 he and his brother came to the restaurant. As soon as Adrian saw the view from the back deck he fell in love with Hopatcong and his restaurant and bought a house in town just 2 years ago.

Shop Local Partrick Pub 08 23 2020 Past from Past2History of BuildingRecently, 2 months into the pandemic, someone suggested why doesn’t Patrick’s do a charity concert for the Hopatcong food drive. They talked about it and a young lady named Madison said she would sing. She sang on the deck in front of 49 boats. A venmo account was set up and everyone sent money to the food drive. They became connected with US Foods and Alex McClean. US Foods sent a full container of food to Patrick’s for the food drive. They had been informed by Mr. McClean that there are over 70 families in town that are in need of food.”

On June 15th 2020 Patrick’s reopened for business. The restaurant outside had been decorated and new seating areas had been created to hold more outdoor seating. There is now an upper and lower deck on the water, boats can pull up in the slips and eat there plus there is tent seating in front of the restaurant. Adrian introduced a variety of KETO item to the menu to support people who chose to go low or no carb. There has also been a new summer menu added.  Live music is preformed every Friday, Saturday and Sunday so seating is at a premium those times. Patrick’s does encourage calling a day ahead for reservations Monday thru Thursday nights and 2 days ahead for seating Friday thru Sunday and especially for large parties and specialty events.

Adrian is especially thankful to his employees who are all local kids that have helped so much getting the restaurant ready to go this summer and running smoothly since. And his loyal customers who order take out and come to eat and enjoy some Irish hospitality. Customers even ordered take out when the restaurant wasn’t open for outdoor eating. His only concern at this point is what happens when the weather changes in the fall. They are looking into heating and coverings. Hopefully, NJ will allow indoor seating by then.

In the meantime, remember to shop local, eat local and support Patrick’s Pub and all other restaurants in town as much as you

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