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hey guys my name is Raj from MYKETOCOACH.COM and today I’m going to talk
about this the 10 Day drink Ketones
challenge kit by PRUVIT so it just
launched and it’s gonna be around for a
long time I can tell you because people
are getting amazing results in just 10
days it’s all about the body
transformation of mind transformation
super simple to follow so in this video
I’m going to explain how it works why it
works how to eat and also show you some
results from other people that have been
doing it so stay tuned one of the great
things about the 10 day drink you don’t
challenge kit from PRUVIT is that you
do this as a community you don’t have to
do it alone it’s only 10 days but you
get access to this private group here
and they have coaches that come live you
can ask questions you can see those
questions here and they get answered of
any questions you have or any help you
need over the 10 days they do interview
style there’s even recipes and things in here
so it’s a great group to be part of and
you only get access to this group once
you purchase the kit and you’ll get an
email with an invite to the group and
it’s fantastic lots of value here and it
they make it really simple so for 10
days you’ll have access this group and
even after that but again when you join
and when you get the kit you’re gonna
have access here and you also have
access to me as well. So another great addition to the 10-day
ketone challenge get outside of the
private Facebook group which I just
showed earlier, is this guide that
you’re gonna get I mean in this guide for
the 10 days it’s really gonna help you
understand how it works why it works
there’s even a great food guide in here
how to eat out even exercise ideas if
you want how much water to drink it
answers a lot of common questions people
have so it’s easy read and it’s included
you get it via email once you purchase
the kit and if you’re looking for more
information about purchasing the kit or
just about the 10 day challenge in general there will be a link above or below this video and
you can get it there. Well now let me take you
through what’s actually included in the
box for the 10 day drink ketones
challenge by PRUVIT. So you’re going to
get 20 packets a KETO OS NAT which is
amazing because you’re gonna get 20
different flavors which are 10 different
flavors and you’re gonna get half of it
in caffeine and half of it and caffeine
free so these ones here are the charged
all have caffeine and then these ones here
that are caffeine free are
obviously caffeine free you’re gonna get
multiple flavors every month will be
different because as we come out with
new flavors you get a try any flavor. in
this kit I got I have splash, raspberry
lemonade, harvest sunrise, pop and pear,
and swiss cacao KETO OS NAT..
gonna get the the same
ones in the caffeine free but as well I
also got Vanilla Sky, colada bliss, and
Maui punch which is awesome so again
this will change month to month and you
probably saw on the site that you get a
free gift so the free gift and the one I
got was in this month I think every
month you may change it yeah I got MITOPLEX. I got ten packets of MITOPLEX
which is an upgraded electrolyte amazing
and this is what’s included in the kit
again super simple you take two a day so
you take one of these charge in the
morning and you take one of these
caffeine free ones in the evening or
later afternoon and that’s it and follow
with a low carb meal and it’s
just that simple
the box will change but this is the box
that I got for now and so that’s what’s
included in the 10-day drink ketones
challenge kit. So once you open up your
ten day drink ketones challenge kit
this is how you’re gonna mix it and how
you prepare your day so again you only
drink two of these a day so that you can
drink two packets a day one caffeine
free and one caffeine here’s two right
here so raspberry lemonade so in the
morning you’re gonna drink this which is
the charged version which means has
caffeine in it and you simply mix it in
sixteen ounces of cold water so just
tear it open like this
and pour it in just like that it’s super
simple to make I put in I recommend ice
cold water just because it tastes a lot
better give it a quick shake and then
that’s it and now it’s ready to drink so
you would drink this one in the morning
and then I also add mitoplex in the keto os
the product I talked about the free
gift bonus so I got ten of these you
also mix this in there too when you
drink your ketones and then mid
afternoon to evening you would have the
caffeine free version in between for
lunch you would have a low carb meal
and I’ll show image probably on the
screen here of a low carb meal examples
again the guide will have more samples
for you but again is super simple don’t
overcomplicate it
two of these a day for 10 days and it’s
just that simple so now that you know
all the great things about the 10 day
drink ketone challenge one thing that I
didn’t talk about earlier in the video
is that what the like how much is it
mean what are the discount you get with
it so the box is really good so you get
20 packets in here and it’s only $99
dollars US. Has a value of $500 including
the product, the coaching, and the
free bonus so with that said this is $99
US $137 I think or $136 Canadian but
you’re gonna get 20 packets and then if
you like one of these packets and you
may I love this splash for example as a
purchaser of this kit you’ll get access
to the 22 percent discount offer so for
14 days after purchase you can purchase
anything for 22 percent off in your
account and you can order as much as you
like as well the other thing too is that
you can continually get a 22 percent off
through our auto-ship program every
month even change the flavor as well as
the fourth shipment as the loyalty
you’re gonna get free product which is
awesome bonus it’s always a surprise
product so that’s something that you
definitely be eligible to and you can
cancel at any time change at any time so
it’s a great added bonus. so now that you
know more about the 10 day drink ketone
challenge this is the part I’m excited
about here are before and after photos
of clients of mine or people who
submitted their photos to me who have
been drinking ketones daily and they’ve
got amazing results male, female, of all
age ranges, of all weight ranges and you
can see here that they’re super happy
they’re looking great, and all by simply
adding ketones to what they’re doing
normally! so there you have it now you
know all about 10 Day Drink ketone
challenge by PRUVIT, and now you
know why people are loving it it’s super
simple the thing is that the key
why this works really is its super simple to follow people who follow. strict for only 10
days and you’ll actually be able to see
the power of ketones of power being
consistent with something and I think
that’s super important whether it’s
doing Keto diet or low carb diet
whatever it may be that you’re doing I
think it’s simple is the secret along
with consistency so I would love for you
guys to join me! there’s a link above or
below this video where you can purchase
the kit join me in the community and let
us help you get to the 10 Day
transformation that you want!

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