Keto Weight Loss How Much

Hey this is Dr. Berry, in this short
video I’m going to be talking to beginners,
people just coming to the ketogenic way of eating.
And this is called the three first steps to keto.
These are the first three things that you need to
do, or actually stop doing
to start enjoying all the benefits
of the ketogenic way of eating. Now if you
know someone who’s brand new to keto, who’s
not sure if they even think if it’s healthy or safe,
if they’ve been told it will kill your kidneys or kill your liver,
then please share this video with them. Send
it to them in a text or an email
because they need this information so that they can comfortably
start to enjoy the most natural
diet that a human being can eat. So let’s talk about
the three first steps to going keto. Okay?
So, everybody
in western society, when we start a new
project or we start to solve a problem,
if we’re overweight, if we have insulin resistance,
it’s our western mind-set to think we need to
add things to the equation, right?
I need to, I need to buy something, I need to build something, I need to add something to the system. And
the beauty and the efficiency of the ketogenic
way of eating is that you don’t have to do that.
You don’t have to buy any products, you don’t have to buy
any pills, any powders, any potions.
And I’ve actually upset some of the
big dogs in the keto community, who have lots
of pills, and powders and potions for sale
by saying that. But it’s absolutely true. And the way
you know that is, is let’s go back in time 30 thousand years.
Now, everyone back then ate keto
for almost entire year, they had no choice.
‘Cause that’s the only thing that was available.
And that’s the reason keto works so well today
is because your DNA
was raised on a ketogenic diet, it knows exactly
what to do with it, okay? So you don’t have to buy
anything, you don’t have to subscribe to anything, you don’t have
to sign up for a
multi-level marketing scheme, you don’t have to do any of that.
You just have to get rid of the following three things,
okay? Number one,
are you ready beginners? Now, so I know if you’re new to keto, you’re
like ”’Crap there’s so much stuff I don’t know, macros,
do I count this? What about calories?”
I know, I know, I know, okay?
Take a deep breath, blow it out, let it go, it’s fine.
Your DNA,
your body and your physiologyknow exactly
how to do this diet. You just have to relax and
let it kind of happen, okay? Here’s how you do it.
Step number one: you go into your kitchen
and you find everything that has sugar
as an ingredient and you throw it in the garbage.
Or give it to a neighbour. Or give it to the local
charity pantry, so that you can help someone who can’t
afford to buy good food right now. Because
bad food is better than no food. Right?
So, everything that has sugar, and that includes
fruit juices, because they have tons of natural
fructose, which will mess up your ketogenic diet.
That includes any kind of soft
drink, that includes any kind of dessert, candy,
cake, pudding, pie, dessert,
anything like that that has sugar, any of the sugars, okay?
Give them away or throw them away. This includes honey,
I love honey, it’s very organic and very natural, but
its glycemic index is through the roof.
I love agave nectar, it’s delicious
but its glycemic index is through the
roof, give it away or throw it away. Okay? So
that step number one is to get sugar
completely out of your diet. If you have a sugar bowl
on the table, maybe you could have a rummage sale
and sell it. Give it to neighbour who doesn’t have a sugar bowl.
Maybe give it to an enemy, right,
because that’s how dangerous sugar is. So step
number one: get rid of all the sugar in your house.
When you go out to eat, if you eat anything that
you don’t know exactly what the ingredients are, ask if there’s
sugar in this.
They say yes, don’t eat that, okay,
because no sugar is keto.
No sugary substance is keto. No
natural sweetener like honey or agave nectar or
molasses, also love molasses,
no, none of those are keto, you don’t need those, there’s no
nutrition in any of that, that will help your body in any way.
That’s step one. Step two,
are you ready for step two? After you’ve gotten rid of all the
sugar, the next step, you can make this the next day, you can do this
one day at a time if you need to, right? It can be gradual,
doesn’t have to be overnight. So step two is to get
rid of all the grains out of your diet.
The biggest and most important grain to
remove completely from your diet is wheat.
Wheat is something that’s been in the human diet for
a few thousand years, but for
99.999% of
human beings’ existence on this planet, we never
ate wheat a single time in our entire life.
???? in modern recorded history times
have we eaten wheat in any significant percentage in our diet.
Even 5 thousand years ago, wheat would just be
a small percentage of your diet, okay?
Wheat is inflammatory, especially the wheat of today.
It’s been modified
by breeding and cross-breeding to
make a grain that’s very
high in protein, and it’s an inflammatory protein.
Sorry, you weighlifters and bodybuilders out
there, it’s not a protein that you’re going to ever want to use to build muscle with.
So wheat is the most important grain of all to get rid of.
Another grain you need to get rid of is corn.
Lot of people don’t realize corn is kind of a grain.
You don’t need corn. Get rid of corn.
It’s going to inflame your
gut, which is going to inflame the rest of your body. It’s going to make
your blood sugar shoot straight up. That’s not a good thing. You don’t
want that. The whole point of the ketogenic diet is to keep your blood sugar
and your insulin level very low normal.
And you can’t do that if you’re eating a lot of corn.
Especially grandmother’s cream corn. Although it’s delicious,
you don’t need that. There’s no nutrition in that that’s going
to help you progress in your health. Okay?
So, wheat, corn. Rice.
You’ve got to get rid of the rice.
Rice is just a starch. Corn is just a starch.
Wheat is just a starch. And oats.
I know, I know, I know your grandmother told you
that oats were the healthiest breakfast you could ever have. Right?
Sorry, respectfully
tell grandma you’d rather have bacon and eggs.
Okay? Wheat is
very, very high on the glycemic index. I”ve had many a
diabetic in my clinic in Tennessee say, ”No, no,
no, I know oats are good for me , the nutritionist said
they were”. And I said, ”Do this simple trick”. So for those of you
guys who are diabetic or you have the glucometer at home,
eat a big bowl of delicious oats,
wait an hour and check your bloodsugar. And then you’ll undersatnd what I’m
talking about. And then you can either give away or
throw away your oats. So get rid of the wheat,
the rice, the corn, the oats.
And any other grain that you happen to have in your house. Now
I’m not talking about seeds, I’m talking about grain. That’s a little different thing.
Seeds will come later. So get rid of all
the grains. So step one: get rid of the sugar.
Step two: get rid of the grains. Now step three.
Part of the ketogenic diet, and the part of it that i
really love the most as a doctor is that it is the most
un-inflammatory diet i’ve ever seen anybody eat.
Inflammation in your joints,
in your gut, in your brain.Everywhere gets better
when you eat keto. And so we don’t want
anything in our diet that’s inflammatory in nature.
And step three is the (air quote)
”vegetable oils”. And the reason I give
air quotes is because there’s no vegetables in
vegetable oils. That’s a nice marketing term
that they attach to these oils, but there are no veggies
in them whatsoever. They’re made of seeds and beans
Okay? The worst oil of all the worst
offender is canola oil.
Next worst is corn oil. The next,
safflower, sunflower, soybean.
Any of these oils are very inflammatory,
their omega-6 to omega-3
ratio is not healthy for human beings.
And I don’t even want you to give away your canola.
If you have canola, if you have Crisco, if you have
margarine, if you have ‘I can’t believe it’s not butter’,
if you have Country Crock, don’t even give that away.
You wouldn’t even want to give that to your enemy. Okay?
Throw that in the garbage, don’t give it to your
dog, it’s not good for your dog.
If you sit it out on the porch, it will sit there for months, and even mold
won’t eat it, okay? Throw it away.
Throw away the canola, throw away the corn oil,
throw away the soybean oil, they’re very,
very inflammatory and bad for your system.
Okay? Now those are the first three big
steps towards moving towards a ketogenic diet.
Remember I said earlier you don’t have to add things to go keto.
Really what you have to do mainly is
remove things, remove the slow poisons
and the inflammatory chemicals out of
your kitchen, out of your pantry, out of your fridge,
out of your mouth, out of your life. That’s your goal.
It’s to remove the bad things that
Big Food and Big Pharma want you to eat.
And eat real natural whole foods,
okay? And I might make this a series of videos,
but these are the first three steps for beginners.
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This is Dr. Berry and I’ll see you next time.

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