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In this video, you’ll discover the five best
natural ways to get rid of cellulite.

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Now in this video, we’re going to talk about
five ways to reduce cellulite. Now when it
comes to reducing cellulite, it’s estimated
that 80+% of women actually have this issue,
and they’re trying to fix it, but the problem
is that a lot of women are sold all these
different potions and lotions that really
don’t offer them any benefit. In this video,
we’re going to talk about the top five ways
that you can naturally reduce cellulite, and
at the end I’ll even throw in a bonus. Let’s
go ahead and get started!
First on our list is going to be collagen
peptides for one. One of the reasons that
collagen works so well is because it’s one
of the main structural components of skin.
As we age, as we go through changes in our
body, basically what you find is that you
have a reduced collagen in many cases. Adding
collagen peptides can really help. There was
a study- basically, what they did is they
took the collagen peptides, they had women
use them for about a six month period of time,
and they noted that the women who are using
the collagen peptides saw a reduction in cellulite.
The collagen peptides are very beneficial.
One of the reasons I like them is they can
be easily mixed into a coffee- into a drink-
and you don’t even know that they’re there.
They’re totally flavorless.
The other thing is that it takes time. All
the different methods I’m going to talk about
in this video-it takes time. I’m not about
fancy potions and lotions and overnight false
success pills and things like that. We know
that those don’t really exist in the natural
realm. I’m always here to give you like the
right information, the real information, and
get at the root cause of the problem. When
they did this study with the collagen peptides,
it took six months to get results. Not only
will it take time to get results with collagen
peptides, it’ll take time to get results with
many of the tactics we’re going to talk about.
But, the key is just implementing them into
your daily routine, and then the success will
Next here is focus exercise. Now a lot of
women when they exercise, they’re getting
on the treadmill for a few minutes or getting
on the elliptical for a few minutes, but they’re
not going and using some different weight
training techniques that are really going
to help tighten up those areas that they’re
struggling with. Whether it’s their arms,
thighs, whatever, they’re not really focusing
on those areas. We want to do targeted exercise.
We want to start with weight lifting, and
here’s the deal. Most women think that if
they pick up the weight, they’re going to
turn into the Hulk. They think they’re going
to just turn into a bodybuilder. It’s very
unlikely that you will even come remotely
close to that. Don’t worry about bulking up
by picking up the weights. We want to start
doing some weight training, and we want to
focus on the areas in which we want to see
success with. If you have a lot of cellulite
on your thighs, we want to do some leg workouts.
If it’s on your butt, you want to do more
gluteal workouts. If you want to look like
all those models on Instagram, right, we got
to do more glute workouts. The other thing,
too, is that if you want to really build those
muscles -the glute muscles- basically, you
want to be adding lots of good protein in
because those are large muscles that need
lots of protein. The other areas are underarms,
okay. A lot of people have cellulite around
their arms, underarms, and doing some arm
workouts focusing on biceps, triceps, shoulders-
those will all really help reduce cellulite.
Then lastly, the waistline. If we want to
get it away from the waistline, we want to
focus in on core workouts. It’s another way-
just targeting those areas- to reduce cellulite.
Like I said from the beginning, this takes
time, but the other thing is that when we
look at natural methods to get the job done,
a lot of people want to try one or two of
them. I recommend trying all of them because
when I’m working with patients or when I’m
giving people advice, I like to give lots
of natural tips. And I always recommend that
you stack those natural tips one on top of
the other, and that’s how you’re going to
get the best results because everybody’s different
in how results will come. Stacking the odds
in your favor is very beneficial.
Next is going to be a massage and exfoliation.
This is beneficial in a lot of ways. First
of all, it’s going to support lymphatic drainage,
but it also is going to support circulation.
If you’re using exfoliation, it’s going to
help with some skin turnover as well. Using
massage and doing it on a regular basis-very
beneficial, and then just doing some exfoliation
is really going to help too. I did another
video on how to make a natural at-home DIY
exfoliator. As a matter of fact, I think my
wife did the video, but I’ll put that in the
description below. Because that way, you can
just do it right in the comfort of your home,
and it’s all natural ingredients and really
good for your skin. I’ll put that in the description-
check that out.
On our list next is weight loss. Okay-here’s
the thing about when it comes to weight loss
is some women do need weight loss and some
don’t. Now if you fall into the category if
you don’t need the weight loss, you really
need to just focus back on the exercise and
the weight lifting. Now if you need to do
the weight loss, one of the things you want
to focus on is healthy weight loss, okay.
I see time and time again women who do very
unhealthy weight loss. They do it through
some sort of like shake diet, some sort of
crash calorie restriction diet in an unhealthy
manner, and what I see is the people who do
it very unhealthy versus healthy, there’s
a big difference in their skin appearance.
If we want to do it in a healthy way, we want
to focus on whole foods-a whole food diet.
We want to focus on adding in some intermittent
fasting. These different methods in these
healthy ways when losing weight will offer
you a much better looking skin and a reduction
in cellulite.
Vitamins are next, okay. When we look at just
the skin in general, not only we want to get
that collagen in there, but some different
vitamins really, really help. First of all,
mega 3s are beneficial. Vitamins like A, B,
C, and E are really good. One of the things
you can do if you’re not doing right now is
take a good quality multi, and I’ll put a
link in the description to the one that I
use, but taking a good quality multi so that
you have the proper support- kind of the basic
building blocks. Now the other thing you can
do here is you can get like a topical lotion,
and I will tell you that in most cases I’m
not a big fan of this because there’s a lot
of lotions out there that offer so many promises
that they really can’t even hold their promise
up on. We want to make sure that we’re not
like buying into things that are junk, but
I know that my wife swears by a couple different
lotions (and I don’t even know what they are),
so what I’ll do is I’ll figure that out for
you, and I’ll put some links in the description
below so you can see what my wife uses in
order to help with this issue as well.
Next here is hyaluronic acid. This is very
beneficial to overall skin health. One of
the places that you can actually find hyaluronic
acid is in bone broth. You could make your
own bone broth at home, and that’s good for
your skin health and you’re going to get some
collagen from it as well. If you’re not familiar
with how to make bone broth, I’ll put a link
in the description because I did a video on
that topic. You can make it right in your
home and make really delicious bone broth.
Amino acids are very beneficial as well for
the overall skin health. You can add that,
and it just helps add some of those structural
building blocks in order to really give your
skin the proper nutrients it needs.
Next and last- this is the bonus tip is proper
hydration. Now if you’ve ever noticed when
you don’t hydrate properly your skin just
doesn’t look good. It can look more wrinkly.
It can look more porous. It just doesn’t look
as healthy so proper hydration is always very
beneficial when it comes to not only reducing
cellulite, but also just making your skin
glow in general. One of the things that it’s
beneficial for is because it’s going to help
flush some of those toxins out of the system.
When we are hydrated properly, it cleanses
the body, and the other thing is is when we
look at fat cells- this is where a lot of
toxins are stored. The toxins we come across
on a daily basis have an affinity for fat
cells. They like to go there, so drinking
lots of water is beneficial there, and it’s
going to give you a much better skin appearance.
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