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Welcome to keto meals and recipes dot com Today, I'm making a cake which I had a request for This cake is a keto version made by Ella

I had been a fan of Ella's for a very long time on her home cooking adventures channel So I'd like to thank Ella for the inspiration Also, this is a special occasion cake and makes a wonderful birthday cake, but today I'm dedicating it to all mothers for Mother's Day This is a beautiful cake but I will give you a heads up: this cake is very rich and very flavorful, but, for this keto, sugar-free and gluten-free version, you have to start making this at least 2 days before you want to serve it This is not a cake you can make and serve the same day

For example, the walnut pavlova layer and the caramel mousse cream both need about 24 hours to set before they're ready for the next steps To make this video as concise as I can, I will refer you to my chocolate truffle and caramel cream videos rather than taking the time to go through the detailed explanation on these two parts Now I'm very happy to show you how to make this delicious keto walnut caramel mirror cake The macronutrient ratio for this recipe is six point two to one with six point six grams of total carbs, 2

3 grams of dietary fiber, resulting in four point three grams of net carbs per serving There are six parts to this cake The first part is to make the walnut pavlova base Begin by assembling and weighing all the ingredients very accurately To ensure that your egg whites will be as fluffy as possible, wipe the inside of your bowl with a clean towel dipped in white vinegar

This step will remove any grease or residue on your bowl As you can see, the step will only use egg whites, but reserve your yolks for later Then pour in your egg whites And also, don't forget to preheat your oven to 150 degrees Celsius or 300 degrees Fahrenheit Then whisk at high speed until your egg whites are at a frothy stage

Add the lemon juice and whip at high speed until all the whites have been whipped and you are at the soft peak stage Then add the unflavored whey protein isolate and whip into the egg whites Begin adding the confectionery sweetener I'm using my Lakanto gold because it's extra flavorful, but note that I've ground it to confectionery consistency Whip at low speed as you add the confectionery sweetener, a couple tablespoons at a time, and also allow for the sweetener to be incorporated before adding more, if you want your base to be nice and fluffy

When you have added all of your sweetener, keep whipping at high speed until the stiff peak stage Turn off your mixer Then, add your toasted and ground walnuts to the whipped egg whites about 1/3 at a time, folding gently between each addition I'm calling this egg white mixture a pavlova because it's exactly the same technique minus the walnuts So now I've taught you how to make a pavlova base as well

When everything's been whipped up nicely, pour everything into a 16 centimeter or 6 and 1/2 inch spring-form pan, which you have lined the bottom with parchment paper, and greased your sides with either coconut oil or butter Use the back of your spatula to smooth and even out the surface Then place your spring-form pan into the lower third position and bake for 20 to 25 minutes When the timer goes off turn off the oven heat, but prop the door just slightly open I found that using my oven glove works perfectly and I let this pavlova base stay in the oven for about two to three hours After that time I take the spring-form pan and place it on my cooling rack and let it cool for about 24 hours

That is if you want your pavlova base to be nice and crispy However, if you only want it crispy on the outside and more marshmallowy on the inside, just leave it overnight So now we begin day 2 by preparing my chocolate truffle recipe A link will be provided in the description below If you're tempted to just melt a 90% Lindt chocolate and use that, that's fine, however, you must note that this will greatly change the macros and make it much less keto friendly

I use my chocolate truffle recipe, because it's actually a fat bomb and not just the ganache, and provides a lot of good healthy fats for this recipe which otherwise would be lacking After you've prepared your chocolate base, let it cool down completely For the next step, I'm transferring the cooled and crispy pavlova base to my parchment-lined eight centimeter spring-form pan Try to position it in the center so the space all around it is even As you can see, while I was transferring the pavlova base, I cracked it in half

I should have used a wider spatula, but not to worry: this little misadventure will be covered up by pouring the cool chocolate truffle liquid on top But, when you're pouring your liquid chocolate truffle on top of the base, try not to have it go down the sides too much, and pour only about a third or half at a time, then put the pan into the fridge for about 20 minutes so that your first layer of chocolate can set Repeat until you've used up all of your chocolate truffle base I just want to mention that when I film my recipe I always use the footage of the actual recipe I'm posting I want to show you that sometimes mistakes happen and you can work around them, and as Julia Child would often say in her videos, you're the only one in the kitchen, so no one will know

So be creative and fix your little mistake This is the end of the second step The third step is to make the walnut caramel layer Begin this first step by making a full batch of my caramel cream The link is provided in the description below

Once your caramel is nice and thick and you have completed all the steps as in the caramel sauce video, set the caramel cream aside and let it get to room temperature, but don't forget to stir once in a while as the cream is cooling Now I'm going to show you how to roast your raw unsalted walnuts Take a dry pan and heat it up When your pan is hot, add the raw walnuts and cook for 2 to 3 minutes, stirring occasionally You'll know that your walnuts are nicely done when they're nice and aromatic, and you can smell them

Then, remove your walnuts from the pan and place them on a cutting board to cool slightly and then chop them into even, but small, chunks This is not as finely chopped as you had done for the pavlova base You want to be able to feel a bit of crunch from the walnuts After chopping, place them into a small bowl and set that aside Now get your room-temperature egg yolks and add the confectionery sweetener

Stir or whisk until the egg yolks are pale yellow, and then set that aside Now let's get back to the saucepan with the caramel cream First add the roughly chopped walnuts and stir well For the next step, make sure your caramel sauce is cooled, then pour in the yolk mixture and stir to combine very well, and add the finely ground salt and stir again Turn on your element to very low and cook for about two minutes

Then remove the pot from your heat element and let it cool to room temperature When your walnut caramel layer is cool, now get the cake out of the fridge and spread the caramel walnut mixture on top only Try not to have any go down the sides If needed, clean off the chocolate and caramel walnut mixture that has spread down the sides, or is at the bottom Place everything back into the fridge until the caramel mousse is ready

In step four, I'll be showing you how to make the mascarpone mousse layer Begin by preparing the gelatin by dissolving one packet of powder in a quarter cup of cold water, stirring well and letting it bloom for about 10 minutes While the gelatin is set aside, in the meanwhile, add the room temperature mascarpone and confectionary sweetener to a mixing bowl Now add the vanilla extract Next, melt your bloomed gelatin in the bath of hot water and when it's liquid again, add the instant coffee and mix Then pour this gelatin mixture into your bowl with the mascarpone

Whip on high speed for a couple minutes, and then set this aside for a moment Next, into another clean mixing bowl add your cold whipping cream and whip to the stiff peak stage While I was making the whipping cream my mascarpone got a little bit too dense because of the gelatin so to soften it up, I added a couple tablespoons of whipping cream and mixed well, and when I made it creamy again, I added about 1/3 of the mascarpone and folded it until well combined Then I repeated this step until the mascarpone and the whipped cream were completely combined To make it easier to spread over the cake, I first filled a piping bag

Now is a good time to get your cake out of the fridge and, as you see, I'm using the mascarpone cream filled piping bag Place the tip near the bottom of the space Squeeze gently and evenly, filling in the space all the way around the cake, and if you have any cream left in the piping bag, just squeeze it on top Then scoop out the rest of the mascarpone cream from your bowl and place it on top of the cake Use an offset spatula and smooth out the surface and then refrigerate overnight for best results

If you don't give the mascarpone cream enough time to set, it will be very difficult to pour the caramel mirror glaze on top And this is the second reason why I have mentioned you should make this cake at least 2 days ahead Now this is the morning of the day I want to serve it, and the first thing I do is make a double batch of caramel sauce and also bloom two packets of gelatin in half a cup of cold water for about 10 minutes And when the caramel sauce is ready I turn off the heat, and then remelt the gelatin in the bath of hot water as I did before Then pour the liquid gelatin mixture into the caramel cream and stir right away to combine

Now, set the finished glaze aside to cool completely, but don't place it in the fridge You don't want it to caramelize You just want it to cool down and still be liquid The second last step is to make the chocolate flower decorations This, of course, is optional, but since I'm making a version of Ella's cake, I thought I would show you how, just in case you want to decorate your cake in the same way

So for the flower, I'm going to use baker's chocolate because I don't know how to temper keto chocolate So first weigh out your chocolate and sweetener Take your chocolate and crush it into small pieces Combine with the sweetener and place both of these into a bowl that will fit over a simmering pot of water, also known as bain marie Your element heat should be on low because you want the chocolate to melt very slowly Since not many people have made chocolate decorations before, it might be a good idea to print out a template with three different size petals

On this printout, I have a small and medium petal Next take a long strip of parchment paper and place it on top of your template Use a small teaspoon and pour some chocolate into the center of the design Then, using the back of the handle, direct the chocolate up into the petal areas If you need more chocolate, add it to the center and fill the rest of the design, then slide your strip and on the same strip make four or five more petals of the same size

Now do the same for the small petal When you place your petals on a rounded form Put them into the fridge and leave them in until you're ready to make the flower Now get your cake again, because the next step is to spread the caramel mirror glaze on top Before transferring my cake onto my serving platter, I placed four white strips of parchment over my tray

Then I remove the bottom of my springform pan and using my pizza size spatula then gently and carefully place the cake on my serving platter Then take your barely warm mirror glaze and begin pouring onto your cake: take your slightly warm caramel mirror glaze and pour onto your cake by pouring the sauce over a large spoon close to the surface When I'm pouring this mirror glaze on top, I always find that there's a few bare patches, so just scoop up some of the runoff caramel and use that to do any repairs that are needed Sometimes, if it takes you too long to apply the mirror glaze, you may find that it looks patchy or lumpy A good hack to fix this is to heat up your spatula, since it's metal, and gently glide it over the entire surface to even out the rough and less even areas

The heat of the spatula is enough to melt and smooth things out You may have to reheat your spatula to get everything as smooth as you like Now to add the crushed walnuts An easy way to add the crushed roasted walnuts to the base of the cake is to sprinkle the walnuts as close to the bottom perimeter of the cake as you can, then using your parchment Lift and press the walnuts very gently into the caramel mirror glaze You should work fairly quickly because you have to do this while the glaze is still soft and not yet set

Otherwise, the walnuts won't stick very well When you're done, remove the parchment strips by gently pulling them out and down from under the cake Also, clean off any smudges from the cake plate Now for the very last step, to make the flour which will be the final decoration, get your petal trays from the refrigerator Get a square piece of parchment and place a teaspoon of your melted chocolate in the center

You want to make a little mound of chocolate then place five of the medium petals on the outside, but handle them as little as possible, because the heat of your fingers will melt them As you see, one of my petals cracked, and it would have been a really good idea if I had made an extra few But I didn't, so I have to use some of the melted chocolate as a glue Then, to make the inside petals, add another mound of chocolate then arrange your five smaller petals so the middle part of the petal is in between the two spaces of the previous petals The ideal thing, and what Ella does, is to use gold dust too highlight and streak up the petals

This is really lovely, but I didn't have any gold dust All I had was some gold sparkles, so I'm going to use those When my flower was assembled, I let the center chocolate mounds harden completely Use an offset spatula to slide under the flower and gently place it in the center of your cake This looks really lovely and you could stop at these two layers, but because I wanted my flower to be a bit bigger, I made a third flat layer of petals and placed them on top of the cake

Whichever way you choose to decorate this rich and decadent cake, enjoy! Thank you for watching my video, and I hope you come back soon The link for this printable recipe and the links for the chocolate truffle and caramel sauce are all provided in the description below