Keto Steak and Eggs Breakfast

I've made this big huge breakfast fry up and I just couldn't resist filming it to share everything that I've done Okay so because I want to eat my breakfast in a minute or so I'll be really quick, I fried up a steak, I cooked it on both sides about five minutes, let it rest, I cooked up a whole portion of mushrooms, there's some leftover cauliflower mash underneath, you can barely see it, just a little portion and a fried egg and that is one massive breakfast and I've been dabbling with intermittent fasting lately and so this is kind of my breaking my fast after 16 hours and I found I'll have this meal and then maybe a teeny snack much later in the day and maybe another teeny snack and that's it so this tends to be my one massive big meal of the day and then it's just maybe chocolate, a bit of snacking but yeah, I'm happy doing it that way it fuels me for the day, look at that beautiful steak, so there you go thanks for watching I'd love to hear your thoughts on having one massive meal a day, do you do it? Do you intermittent fast? And leave a comment, let me know, remember to leave a like and subscribe for more yummy inspirations and we'll see you again soon bye!