Keto Lifestyle Choices – ACED Magazine

The keto diet and lifestyle choice has taken off in popularity in the last few years, and for good reason for many people. Touted by health experts, bloggers, leading experts in many fields, especially popular in the entrepreneurial world, it’s provided another alternative for living a more focused lifestyle in terms of food consumption.

There’s not yet a lot of scientific research around the reason, but there’s a much lower alcohol tolerance for those on the keto diet. A night on the town for people not on the keto diet will feel and recover as normal, however, those on the keto diet will experience a much lower tolerance of alcohol consumption, resulting in getting intoxicated at a much faster rate than previously experienced prior to the keto diet change. Some precautionary measures can be put into place for a much better night out on the town if you’re on the keto diet, such as:

  1. Alternate drinking water and alcoholic beverages throughout your time out. This is also an advisable ratio to reduce alcohol blood levels for anyone, thus reducing the stress on the body to process the alcohol in a rapid manner, but it’s especially helpful for those following a keto lifestyle protocol
  2. Eat a proper meal. While this is also advisable for those not following the ketogenic diet and protocol, this is also especially true for those that are following it and want to go for a few drinks. Having a full tummy enables the body to process the alcohol in a more balanced flow, rather than being overwhelmed with the ingest of a few drinks. Of course, pacing yourself with eating a balanced meal and alternating water between alcoholic beverages is like having double coverage for ensuring you’ll be able to hang out a little while longer without getting intoxicated and needing to excuse yourself early. Keto alcohol tolerance is something that’s perplexed many, but is not unsolvable. With a bit extra effort up front and throughout your time of drinking, you can continue enjoying having a few drinks with your friends and co-workers.
  3. Consider lower alcohol content beverages. Instead of going full fledge shots for the night, perhaps drinking a couple of glasses of wine or beer is a better path while you’re following a ketogenic lifestyle. Changing your drink options, especially when compounded with the above precautionary measures can certainly make for a more pleasant evening and smoother recovery time the next day (or two!). If you do take it a little too extreme, recovering from alcohol consumption can also be aided with taking vitamins and supplements as well, such as potassium, salts, and anti-hangover supplements.

With all things in life, prevention is worth a tremendous value more than all of the reactionary measures possible. Not bringing about a problem to begin with isn’t quite as fun and adventurous, nor educational. Putting a strategy and plan in place, especially if you’re on a carbohydrate restricted diet, will ensure you have a good time and an easy next day without pain and discomfort.